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Canton, MI Indian Wedding by Sky Films and Productions


Princeton, NJ, Indian Wedding by Unique Visions Studio

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Montgomery, TX Indian Wedding by Morga Productions

In the enchanting embrace of Margaritaville Lake Resort Lake Conroe, under a canopy of dazzling skies and amidst the serene waters, the story of Reema & Pratik unfolded into a beautiful chapter of forever. This idyllic venue, known for its breathtaking views and impeccable service, was a testament to their love. They planned a boat send-off on the lake, where they shared a special moment with champagne and some light munchies in the middle of the lake. This allowed them to take in the moment and enjoy each other for a few minutes before returning to their guests. Three Sixty Events meticulously planned and designed every detail to create an elegant tapestry. The air was perfumed with the exquisite floral arrangements by Mandap CreationsBlush and Glow meticulously crafted Reema's glow while her hands told stories of tradition and love, adorned with intricate designs by Mehndi by Manali. The rhythmic beats by DJ Vinny enveloped the night in an aura of celebration, making every moment unforgettable. After the ceremony, they chose a walk-off song. They danced their way off the mandap while their friends and family danced to the non-traditional Vidaai with the couple. Capturing the essence of these timeless memories was Morga Productions, whose lens flawlessly encapsulated the love, laughter, and tears of joy that filled the day. Enjoy it!

photo #406829
photo #406781
photo #406772
photo #406767
photo #406770
photo #406757
photo #406736
photo #406645
photo #406704
photo #406746
photo #406665
photo #406706
photo #406828

We invite you to lose yourself in the romance of our unforgettable features! Happy Valentine's Day!

Venues: Margaritaville Lake Resort Lake Conroe - Houston | Planning & Design: Three Sixty Events | Floral & Decor: Mandap Creations | Hair & Makeup: Blush and Glow | DJ: DJ Vinny | Cinematography: Morga Productions | Mehndi Artist: Mehndi by Manali | Photography: Morga Productions

Raleigh, NC Indian Wedding by Carolina Elite Events

Hello, darlings! Priyanka & Priyank's wedding was a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style. Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley's luxurious ballrooms, adorned with opulent chandeliers and plush carpeting, offered an ambiance of regal charm ideally suited to the grandeur of the occasion. Pramukh Mandapam's floral and decor mirrored the couple's blossoming love. Uthsaav's meticulous planning and design ensured the ceremony was seamless, weaving the couple's dreams into tangible threads of reality. Priyanka's visage is aglow with KK Weddings Luxury Makeup and Hair's artistry, and her silhouette is a dazzling cascade of Sipani Jewelry's finest craftsmanship. Neena Jain's intricate mehndi designs told ancient love tales in every curl and dot. Every beat of the heart was set to the rhythm of Carolina Elite Events' music, urging the guests to their feet, their spirits uplifted in celebration. Azitra's catering tantalized the palate, creating a feast as much a journey as a meal. From the very first announcement on Uttara Shah's elegantly crafted invitations to the final snapshot of joy captured by Carolina Elite Events' photography, the wedding was an anthology of moments, each one to be cherished and remembered. Enjoy today's gallery!

photo #395795
photo #395816
photo #395762
photo #395808
photo #395783
photo #395763
photo #395773
photo #395766
photo #395955
photo #395818
photo #395802
photo #395789

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
I met Priyank (the groom) on the dating app Dil Mil. I knew he was the one when he met my family for the first time and it felt like he had been a part of the family forever. Everyone felt so comfortable with each other and that really made me feel like he was the perfect match for me.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.

We started with getting a wedding planner and the planner was very helpful in pointing us to all of the vendors we needed to speak with. Would strongly recommend getting a wedding planner, they make sure you think about all the things you wouldn’t even imagine thinking about.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?

Priyank and I made sure to go up to each and every one of guests to give them a moment of our time and thank them for coming. Our guests really appreciated this because a lot of them had mentioned that they have been to many weddings where they don’t even get to speak to the bride and groom.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Priyank surprised me with a flash mob at our Mehendi event. All of a sudden I see him and some of our friends and family entering the Mehendi venue in a choreographed dance number and I was so surprised and happy that I started crying tears of joy.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

Enjoy your big day. You’ve planned for so long, so whatever stress/worries you may have leading up to your big day, put them to the side and just be in the moment and enjoy each and every part of your big day.

Witness the love, laughter, and breathtaking moments of South Asian weddings. Come back for more!

Venues: Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley | Planning & Design: Uthsaav | Floral & Decor: Pramukh Mandapam | Hair & Makeup: KK Weddings Luxury Makeup and Hair | Catering: Azitra | DJ: Carolina Elite Events | Baraat: Carolina Elite Events | Bollywood Performers & Instructors: Naresh Kathak | Bridal Jewelry: Sipani Jewelry | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Rita's Beauty Salon | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Uttara Shah | Lighting: Carolina Elite Events | Live Music: Carolina Elite Events | Mehndi Artist: Neena Jain | Photo Booth: Carolina Elite Events | Cinematography: Carolina Elite Events | Photography: Carolina Elite Events

Quintana Roo, MX Indian Wedding by Wedding By SP

In the heart of the riveting Riviera Maya, Dreams Natura Resort & Spa unveiled itself as the quintessential sanctuary for Mallika and Badal's ethereal union. Enveloped by the lush embrace of nature, the resort emerged as a symphony of elegance, where luxury and the serene whispers of the earth converged into a harmonious dance. Beloved Wedding Planners, synonymous with elegance, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail, wove an enchanting tapestry, leaving all spellbound. Vedika Creations', the planning support team, helped paint a masterpiece of tender affection and imperial elegance. Natural Flowers adorned the venue with blossoms that swayed harmoniously. The elegant sanctuary orchestrated by Zuñiga Deco Cancun was incredible. Mallika looked stunning with the help of AC Hair & Makeup Masters and Loto Mehndi's delicate Mehndi designs. The aromatic whispers of the splendid array of dishes by Patravali Indian Cuisine tantalized the senses while DJ Rishi Rex kept the dancefloor on fire with the melodic tunes. Shaadi Destinations encapsulated the essence of their journey, offering a means of transport. Every glance exchanged between the couple, encapsulated eternally by Wedding By SP, conveyed a love story written through time, a tribute celebrating an amour as timeless as the celestial skies. Check it out!

photo #394040
photo #394080
photo #394096
photo #394086
photo #394052
photo #394085
photo #394090
photo #394094
photo #394027
photo #394097

Witness the love, laughter, and breathtaking moments of South Asian weddings. Come back for more!

Venues: Dreams Natura Resort & Spa | Planning & Design: Beloved Wedding Planners | Floral & Decor: Natural Flowers | Hair & Makeup: AC Hair&Makeup Masters | Catering: Patravali Indian Cuisine | DJ: DJ Rishi Rex | Mehndi Artist: Loto Mehndi | Transportation: Shaadi Destinations | Travel Concierge: Shaadi Destinations | Planning Support: Vedika Creations | MC: MC Ashis | Furniture: Zuñiga Deco Cancun | Travel: Shaadi Destinations | Photography: Wedding By SP

Miami, FL Indian Wedding by Sona Photography

Sweeties, gather around and let me whisk you away into the ethereal tale of Kantha & Krishna's enchanting wedding at the Lasso the Moon. Each detail and moment was breathed into life by the magical touch of Cristi G EventsEvents by Nicky lent their floral artistry, weaving blossoms, and dreams into a garland of affection and Lavish Event Design spun décor that whispered tales of royal courts. Kiss This Makeup LLC, with brushes that unveiled Kantha's intrinsic allure. The artful inscriptions of Henna by Sumaiya Waheed spun the yarn of their impending conjugal symphony. As nightfall kissed the skies, stars bore witness to the reception at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami. A gathering so sumptuous, every flavor and aroma crafted by Saffron Caterers sang ballads of a confluence where cultures and souls met. Thanks to the soul-stirring rhythms by Awaaz Entertainment, every step was harmony. A silent sonnet was captured each moment, not just in lenses but in the soulful artistry of Sona Photography. Each portrait of Kantha is imbued with an ethereal glow, capturing the essence of her soulful connection with Krishna. Each frame is a narrative; each snapshot is a ballad, echoing the timeless romance of this sweet couple. Check out the lovely gallery!

photo #390747
photo #390721
photo #390645
photo #390644
photo #390746
photo #390797
photo #390627
photo #390609
photo #390610
photo #390796

Darlings, keep an eye out for our upcoming posts. Until then, happy wedding planning, my friends!

Photography: Sona Photography | Ceremony Venue: Lasso the Moon | Sangeet & Reception Venue: JW Marriott Marquis Miami | Planning & Design: Cristi G Events | Decor: A Lavish Event Design | Floral: Events by Nicky | Hair & Makeup: Kiss This Makeup LLC | Catering: Saffron Caterers | DJ: Awaaz Entertainment | Cinematography: Cutting Desk Productions | Lighting: W Event Design | Mehndi Artist: Henna by Sumaiya Waheed | Rentals: Contempo Linen & Event Rentals | Rentals: Apple Event Productions | Transportation: OneLimo Alliance Inc. | Seating Charts: IBlame Art

City of Industry, CA Indian Wedding by Lin and Jirsa Photography

Greetings, Maharanis! Let us take you on a romantic journey of Priya & Ronak's wedding, a celebration of love and unity that left everyone in awe. The wedding began with the Baraat, where Ronak made his grand entrance, accompanied by the electrifying beats of 3D Sounds. The ceremony was at Pacific Palms Resort, a stunning venue that provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's special day. Dharmasetu Dasa led the ceremony, beautifully narrated the couple's love story, and conducted the rituals. Shilpa Patel Events was responsible for planning and design, and they outdid themselves. Our lovebirds wanted to go as traditional Gujarati as possible with the aesthetics; therefore, Tip Top Event Designs wowed them with vibrant umbrellas, street food-style stalls, and mehndi and gift stations. Our Maharani made the signs by tweaking colorful Canva templates and printing them on foam boards. Design By Shivani was responsible for creating Priya's stunning wedding attire. Beauty by Lishma left no stone unturned when it comes to bridal styling. Priya looked gorgeous in her bridal attire, with the draping and styling perfectly done. Beauty by Lishma truly exceeded all expectations regarding Priya's hair, makeup, and mehndi. Her skillful makeup application created a flawless and radiant look for the bride, highlighting her natural beauty and enhancing her features. The mehndi designs were intricate and stunning, adding elegance and beauty to the bride's look. Her attention to detail and creativity was evident in every aspect of the bride's styling, and it is clear that she is a master of her craft. The Tangled-inspired reception was just as stunning, with lanterns, lights, the single gold sun on the cake from The Cake Korner, a fantastic DJ from 3D Sounds, and incredible food by Jay Bharat and Mantra. The event was a remarkable testament to the power of love and unity. We invite you to look at this lovely wedding gallery that Lin and Jirsa Photography captured in all its beauty. It is a true reflection of love, joy, and happiness! Enjoy it!

photo #372869
photo #372856
photo #372838
photo #372849
photo #372857
photo #372858
photo #372844
photo #372896
photo #372877
photo #372879
photo #372897
photo #372890
photo #372898

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
I love Halloween (including bats), Tangled, and anything related to Japan. On a trip to Austin, Texas, Ronak took me to the Congress Bridge to watch the bat emergency at dusk, but they never came out because it was too cold! Then we walked over to Butler Metro Park, where I spotted a lantern floating into the sky. "What is that," I asked, squinting, "let's follow it!" Many more lanterns were set up on a dock overlooking a pond by Ronak's friend. At the end of the dock, Ronak got down on one knee and proposed a beautiful custom rose-gold teardrop lab diamond ring with a halo! We then ended the night at the Japanese restaurant Uchi. The proposal was the imperfectly perfect blend of all my favorite things!

What did your guests particularly love about your wedding?
Welcoming and organized feel: Shilpa Patel Events provided the most organized, smooth-running production with meticulous planning, attentive staff, and plenty of signage to guide all the guests. Our priest Dharmasetu Dasa explained everything from the ceremony in English, which was appreciated by so many of our guests. There was a breakfast and afternoon snack room for refreshments in between events and a welcome bag arranged for everyone staying at the hotel. Guests were engaged and taken care of for the whole weekend.

Personal touches: From my mom's dance with her friends at the Garba to my parents coming out on stage at the reception doing the Garba, there were several personal touches that made the wedding so special. One highlight included my last-minute choreographed dance entrance down the aisle with my "mamas" (maternal uncles). Probably the most fun personal touch was Ronak's arrival for the baraat in an open-top rickshaw from LA Rickshaw. Our reception favors were chopsticks in colorful sleeves for our love of ramen - we picked something so non-Indian, but we felt it reflected a part of us very well!

Florals: The very thick, dense flower arrangements framing the mandap courtesy of the very talented Tip Top Event Designs were one of the most impressive that our guests had ever seen. My dad surprised me by okaying in advance the jaw-droppingly beautiful peach floral Ganesh in the background of the mandap that looked like it was floating in midair; I didn't notice it until midway through the ceremony! The floral colors were very distinctly different in the evening, matching the darker theme.

And of course the food! Our food vendors truly brought their best flavors and quality, and the variety of foods was staggering. The traditional Gujarati lunch was the best some guests had ever tasted. The diversity of street food-style stalls from Indian to Mexican at the Garba kept everyone coming back for more. The Punjabi dishes by Mantra at the reception were divine. We even served the famous Cassata Slice Ice Cream by Vadilal during the ceremony and had Indian sweets from Surti Farsan to-go at the end of the night.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
For my Grah Shanti/Vidhi-Pithi and Mehndi, we opted for a homey feel in our family friends' backyard decorated with colorful trinkets and bright backdrops. The morning was simple and laid back, with a light lunch served. The evening was complete with song and dance, an amazing live Dosa Bar, and a tableful of sweets.

I wanted the classic, bright yellow color with the dhoti look for my Pithi. I found a modern version of what I was looking for, designed by Soman Luthria through Kynah, and added floral jewelry and a headpiece handmade in India by a family friend.

I had always wanted to wear Papa Don't Preach by Shubhika, and they had just dropped a new collection at the time I was looking for an Indo-Western look for my mehndi. I especially loved the color combination and the unique cape style.

For the Garba, we wanted to go as traditional Gujarati as possible with the aesthetics. Our decorator wowed with vibrant umbrellas, street food-style stalls, and mehndi and gift stations. I made the signs myself by tweaking existing colorful Canva templates and having them printed on foam boards. We even had one that said, "Patel-Shukla Dukaan" ("Patel-Shukla Shop") for the gift table.

I am in awe of the painstaking work that Kalpana's Creations put into my fully customized Garba choli by hand, complete with puff sleeves and an extra-large skirt circumference. A side braid and choker necklace completed the look. The most fantastic aspect of this outfit was the perfectly matching groom's kurta and vest that tied the entire color scheme and theme together.

I wanted the reception to be Tangled-inspired, just like Ronak's proposal, but with a twist of dark colors so the multitude of smaller lights really stood out. There were subtle themes of Tangled, such as lanterns and the gold sun from the movie on the cake. Then there was the obvious homage - the Tangled scene drink menus. I was inspired to find a unique version of "I See the Light" from the movie; I couldn't believe there was such a beautiful Hindi version, and we played this version while cutting the cake. After a few fun dance performances and speeches in, the party started with the huge LED screen and sparklers (glow sticks and sparklers are a must for bringing the party!). The LED screen had endless displays, including photos of the ceremony earlier in the day.

I went for a non-conventional dark-colored lehenga by Seema Gujral for my reception outfit, but it still shined because of the sequins and complemented the bold color scheme so well. I wore my hair down with striking gold eyeshadow and green and gold jewelry set to match the outfit.

Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
Wedding ceremony decor: We decided on soft peach and green with white and gold accents for the overall color scheme of the ceremony. We had a peach rather than a white canopy to incorporate our palette in a unique way. The florals incorporated just the right amount of green leaves. I designed the programs and signage on Canva and wrote the descriptions and a blend of those provided by the priest and a cousin's previous wedding program. Finishing touches were made by Tip Top, including metal lanterns and decorative pieces.

Wedding ceremony outfit: I found Designs by Shivani by chance on Etsy after I scrolled past this floral lehenga concept that I had seen after months of scouring the internet for a unique wedding outfit. I had initially been dead-set on wearing peach (or green), but after I saw that, I asked myself when I would ever wear red like this again, I might as well feel like a real Indian bride! My mom randomly found the second magenta dupatta in a pile of spare dupattas for sale in a random shop, which was the final piece that tied the whole outfit together! The matching matte red eyeshadow was the perfect finish to the overall red look.

Bridesmaids outfits: After endless searching, I stumbled upon a bridesmaids lehenga design that I finally loved by Nazranaa, NJ, and I swapped the colors for a few pastels that were incorporated into my wedding lehenga. The outfits turned out truly flawless! My favorites to my bridesmaids and moms were Sani lounge sets which were the perfect blend of an Indian design with amazing quality and utility.

Groom sherwani and pagri: Ronak's ceremony sherwani matched the floral theme of my lehenga, and the colors were customized to our peach and green theme while still maintaining the white base for the traditional element. The peach pagri was the perfect complement to the green and gold groomsmen outfits.

Groomsmen outfits: The groomsmen kurtas were customized with Rajoo India. The deep green was a contrast to pastel bridesmaids' outfits while still incorporating the dark green shade of the leaves in the floral arrangements and in the wedding ceremony lehenga.

Loves, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more inspiring weddings from our Maharani brides!

Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Lishma | Mehndi Artists: Beauty by Lishma | Draping/Styling: Beauty by Lishma | Sangeet Venue: Pacific Palms Resort | Reception Venue: Pacific Palms Resort | Ceremony Venue: Pacific Palms Resort | Planning & Design: Shilpa Patel Events | Floral & Decor: Tip Top Event Designs | Catering: Jay Bharat | Catering: Mantra | DJ: 3D Sounds | Baraat: 3D Sounds | Cake & Treats: The Cake Korner | Cinematography: Avec Lumiere Productions | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Etsy | Photo Booth: Jenny Smith & Co. | Pre-wedding Events Decorations: Rippu Event and Decors | Cinematography: LA Rickshaw | Reception Chopstick Favors: Etsy | Priest: Dharmasetu Dasa | Personalized Mint Ceremony Favors: Etsy | Signage and Programs: Canva | Grah Shanti Outfit: Kynah | Mehndi Outfit: Papa Don't Preach by Shubhika | Garba Choli: Kalpana's Creations | Wedding Lehnga: Design By Shivani | Reception Lehnga: Seema Gujral | Bridesmaids Outfits: Nazranaa | Groomsmen Outfits: Rajoo India | Groom Sherwani: Aanchal Designer Gallery USA | Groom Reception Tuxedo: Buy4LessTuxedo | Photography: Lin and Jirsa Photography


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