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Costa Mujeres, MX Indian Wedding by Ptaufiq Photography


Bluemont, VA Indian Wedding by Diego Stuart Films

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Punta Mita, MX Fusion Wedding by Gareth Davies Photography

Dear Maharanis, love was in the air as we witnessed the charming union of Digisha & Ronak at the picturesque Dreams Bahia Mita. Under the expert guidance of Eunice Bravo, this wedding was meticulously planned and designed to perfection. The breathtaking floral decor by Ale Magana Art and Flowers transformed the venue into a romantic paradise. Digisha was a vision in her bridal attire. Paola Amaral Makeup worked its magic to enhance the bride's beauty, and Mehndhi by Masu created an intricate mehndi design, a beautiful ode to tradition. And what's a celebration without music? The incredible DJ Sunny P Events had everyone on their feet, dancing the night away with electrifying beats. Indian Destination Wedding, Inc. was the hero of this South Asian extravaganza since they made the process seamless for the couple and their guests. Their attention to detail was truly remarkable! Every moment of their inspiring love story was beautifully immortalized through the expert lens of Gareth Davies Photography, capturing candid moments, stolen glances, and joyous tears with stunning clarity. View the magical world of this wedding through our photo gallery. Enjoy!

photo #396891
photo #396906
photo #396945
photo #396911
photo #396946
photo #396936
photo #396972
photo #396961
photo #396924
photo #396916

I hope you enjoyed today's feature as much as I did! Keep coming back for more love stories!

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding | DJ: DJ Sunny P | Venues: Dreams Bahia Mita | Planning & Design: Eunice Bravo | Floral & Decor: Ale Magana Art and Flowers | Hair & Makeup: Paola Amaral Makeup | DJ: Beats by Jay NJ | Cinematography: Ruiz Films | Mehndi Artist: Mehndhi by Masu | Photographer: Gareth Davies Photography | Rentals: Mayte Romero | Rentals: Monosuono Producciones | Rentals: Del Cabo Events | AV Equipment: Weddings by Encore | AV Equipment: Chris Mujica | Bridal Fashions: Silai the Label | Bridal Fashions: Seema Gujral | Bridal Fashions: Sari Palace | On-Site Team: Paula Reynoso | Coconuts: Coketo Coco

Scottsdale, AZ Indian Wedding by Santiago Almada Photography

The day was painted with hues of romance and tradition amidst the enchanting environs of the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa At Gainey Ranch, Shelina & Deep nuptials were nothing short of a fairytale. Shelina's entrance, an ethereal vision crafted by the skilled hands of Makiaj Beauty, had everyone's breath held in anticipation. With every step she took, the air shimmered, resonating with the delicate intricacies of her mehndi, the artwork of Henna by Purvi, as though her hands told stories of old-world romances and future promises. As the couple exchanged their wedding vows, a fragrant breeze wafted, carrying the intoxicating aroma of the beautiful floral arrangements by Flowers by Dora. The meticulous planning and design of Weddings by Shy ensured that every detail was present. As the day transitioned into a luminous evening, the dulcet tunes played by DJ Sohbash beckoned everyone to the dance floor. The delightful spread presented by Om Bistro tantalized the tastebuds, each dish telling tales of culinary prowess and passion. Every moment and every emotion was captured flawlessly by Santiago Almada Photography, turning fleeting instants into everlasting memories. For couples looking to etch their moments in the sands of time, Santiago offers pictures and stories that will be cherished for generations. Enjoy the gallery!

photo #395432
photo #395350
photo #395348
photo #395349
photo #395395
photo #395391
photo #395393
photo #395419
photo #395420
photo #395423
photo #395431

Until next time, sweeties, keep believing in love stories as magical as this one. Come back for more!

Mehndi Artists: Henna by Purvi | Photography: Santiago Almada Photography | Sangeet / Ceremony / Reception Venue / Cake & Treats: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa At Gainey Ranch | Planning & Design: Weddings by Shy | Floral & Decor: Flowers by Dora | Hair & Makeup: Makiaj Beauty | Catering / Cake & Treats: Om Bistro | DJ: DJ Sohbash | Cinematography: Sameer Soorma Studios | Lighting: Sage Productions

Bluemont, VA Fusion Wedding by Ishan Fotografi

Thanmayi & Depak's nuptials unfolded in the elegant View at Bluemont, surrounded by lush landscapes that converged into a paradise. Diego Stuart's masterful cinematography captured every smile and glance shared under the tender, amber glow of the sun. It was a dance of light and shadows echoing the eternal dance of two souls in love. Darcey Generazio's adept planning and design brought celestial allure to every detail. Petal N' Bloom's flowers and decor created a tapestry of colors that infused romance into the atmosphere. Thanmayi was clad in stunning creations by Mokshaa, making her the queen of Deepak's heart. Beauty by Oni's expertise in hair and makeup transformed her into a celestial being, radiating grace under the starry night sky. DJ Kabir's music from Desi Beatzs Entertainment filled the air with promises and dreams of matrimony. Ishan Fotografi captured ethereal moments, where the weave of tradition and profound intimacy portrayed a painting of love. Each photograph testifies to a bond that transcends time. Every frame is a sonnet, and every smile is a verse in this poetic rendition of love. Explore the gallery for more details. Enjoy!

photo #392510
photo #392486
photo #392506
photo #392602
photo #392497
photo #392499
photo #392596
photo #392528
photo #392599
photo #392604

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!

Picture this: The glimmering NYC skyline, a mesmerizing sunset, and a rooftop filled with my best friends. Absolute perfection! And oh, those butterflies? 100% real! Even though I had a hunch it was coming, the effort Depak put in was heart-melting. He didn't just book any spot; he got an NYC rooftop, ensuring every detail was on point. And can we talk about the ring? The dreamy sapphire and diamond combo I'd always wished for!

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?

Shoutout to my mother-in-law - Mala Kumar for being the ultimate wedding fashion guru! My vision was a beige-pink South Indian Kanjivaram saree, which we magically found in Chennai. And for the lehenga, I wanted to go all in - a royal blue stunner with silver work. I wanted a bolder color for the reception vs. the ceremony. It was the perfect contrast to the morning hues. The quest was for countless months, endless facetime sessions with different clothing store owners, and many late-night chats because of the time zones.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Our mission was to find THAT ONE venue where our loved ones would be spellbound! Everyone helped to find the perfect venue including both our families and friends. From chic wedding halls and plush hotels to enchanting vineyards and rustic barns, our weekends were packed with back-to-back venue tours. The moment I stepped into our chosen venue - The View at Bluemont, it was Love at first sight, thanks to the breathtaking view! We immediately stopped searching after that tour.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?

Our guests were head over heels for our mountain-top venue in the picturesque valleys of Bluemont, Virginia. All the guests appreciated the finer details of all our customizations, such as handheld fans with our names on them, a table seating arrangement chart with our picture hidden under all the names, an audio guestbook, and a wedding newspaper (this was the biggest hit!)

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?

With Depak hailing from Sri Lanka and me, from South India, our wedding was a vibrant cultural fiesta! Despite our cultural differences, all the family members embraced each other's customs and beliefs, which made it more memorable. From the NYC skyline making a cameo in my bridal mehendi to the hilarious moment when Depak’s friends tore his kurta post-haldi (his shocked face: priceless!), it was a rollercoaster of emotions. The playful garland duel, the electrifying baraat with dhol and ghana – every moment was cinematic. And Depak's dance? Who knew he had those moves hidden up his sleeve? But one thing remained consistent - my ear-to-ear grin, which was pretty much permanent!

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

Just have lots of fun.

Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)

Mehendi included – the NYC skyline, our first date spot – Dominic Ansel bakery, Pikachu, Elephants – depaks favorites, and our favorite show – Ted lasso.

We opted for traditional temple jewelry for the ceremony and a beautiful diamond set for the reception.

The venue was first founded by my father-in-law from Sri Lanka. He found it online and after looking at the venue it was so difficult to say no. It was majestic.

All the pre-wedding events were done by my aunt - Neelima Gogineni at her home. She put in tremendous effort in getting the backdrops and doing a trial run with all of them before the actual event.

Witness the love, laughter, and breathtaking moments of South Asian weddings. Come back for more!

Photography: Ishan Fotografi | Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers | Cinematography: Diego Stuart Films | Ceremony & Reception Venue: The View at Bluemont | Planning & Design: Darcey Generazio | Floral & Decor: Petal N' Bloom | Hair & Makeup: Oni | DJ: Kabir from Desi Beatzs Entertainment | Bridal Fashions: Mokshaa | Cake & Treats: Shilla Bakery & Cafe | Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands: Sena Gems

Hamburg, NJ Fusion Wedding by Abhi Sarkar Photography

Loves, let's enjoy the enchanting embrace of Manalika & Sai's wedding at the Crystal Springs Resort. The meticulously manicured landscapes offer an ethereal backdrop, making it a dream venue for couples seeking a blend of natural beauty and refined luxury for their special day. Enhancing Manalika's beauty was Jasvinder Kaur, who created a look that whispered timeless sophistication. Saroj Studios brilliantly captured this journey, their cinematography bringing each fleeting emotion and stolen glance alive. For those looking to encapsulate their special day into a cinematic journey, they promise a production that echoes with memories, love, and timeless artistry. Xquisit Events ensured that the ambiance reflected the couple's love story. Moghul Catering treated the guests' taste buds to an exquisite culinary journey. The evening was filled with music and dance, thanks to 07 Event Group, their beats echoing the heartbeat of every soul present. Abhi Sarkar Photography ensured these memories would remain etched in golden frames for eternity. Their mission was to document and enhance their experience, making their wedding an unforgettable journey filled with personalized, fun, and creative moments. Dive into today's gallery.

photo #387332
photo #387190
photo #387201
photo #387204
photo #387260
photo #387241
photo #387270
photo #387294
photo #387333
photo #387273

What a captivating feature, darlings! Come back for more love and wishes for everlasting romance!

Cinematography: Saroj Studios | Venues: Crystal Springs Resort | Photography: Abhi Sarkar Photography | Planning & Design: Xquisit Events | Hair & Makeup: Jasvinder Kaur | Catering: Moghul Catering | DJ: 07 Event Group | Transportation: Monaco Experiences

Tucson, AZ Fusion Wedding by Santiago Almada Photography

Hi, loves! Today, we share the lovely union of Ekta & Manish. Loews Ventana Canyon Resort was the perfect backdrop for this wedding with its sun-kissed terraces, verdant lawns, and panoramic vistas. This gem combines nature's tranquility and modern sophistication across a picturesque desert landscape. The venue came alive with the impeccable planning and design of Events by Nisar and the incredible floral and decor of Frostings Event Design & Rentals. Ekta looked like a vision with the magical touches of Makiaj Beauty Hair & Makeup. The intricate Mehndi designs by Henna by Purvi narrated the story of her love for Manish with delicate henna strokes. She guarantees a beautiful shade and a safe and delightful experience using only the finest natural henna. The air was thick with emotions, and the Live Music by Lucky Devils Band added to the heartbeats' rhythm. Each note played tugged at the heartstrings, making one delve deeper into an ocean of love. Capturing each ephemeral moment was Santiago Almada Photography. His unique ability to perceive the depth of emotions and the subtleties of intimate moments transforms his photographs into more than just images. They become portals to the very day, echoing the resonance of love. Check out the gallery!

photo #385963
photo #385926
photo #385892
photo #385879
photo #385893
photo #385946
photo #385900
photo #385942
photo #385904
photo #385964

We hope you enjoy today's feature, darlings. Cheers to love and the endless possibilities it brings!

Mehndi Artists: Henna by Purvi | Live Music: Lucky Devils Band | Photography: Santiago Almada Photography | Venues: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort | Planning & Design: Events by Nisar | Floral & Decor: Frostings Event Design & Rentals | Hair & Makeup: Makiaj Hair & Makeup | Catering: CGA Global Culinary Experience | DJ: DJ Mistry | Baraat: KC's Classic Carriage Company | Cinematography: Skypoint Productions


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