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Atlanta, GA Engagement Photoshoot by Hakim's Studio


Columbia, SC Punjabi Sikh Wedding by Hakim's Studio

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Atlanta, GA Engagement Photoshoot by Hakim's Studio

Happy Thursday, Maharanis! Are you ready for a new love story? We know you are! So get yourself comfortable, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and get ready to enjoy all the glamour surrounding Huma & Shahzain's engagement photoshoot! Today, we'll be taking a look at how an everlasting love story begins, so get ready to be charmed! The natural parks surrounding Atlanta, GA, became the perfect scenario to portray the love and happiness of this beautiful young couple right after taking that big step that marked the beginning of their love story. Huma's traditional attire combined with Shahzain's trendy outfit made these lovebirds look elegant and fashionably, and we cannot stress how good they look together! Just taking a peek at the shots captured by Hakim's Studio, you get to feel the same emotions they were feeling at that moment. The happiness, the excitement, and the love that this two radiate are so pure and true that you can feel how it pops from the screen and brightens up your day! If you want to be part of this love story, you cannot miss today's gallery. It overflows with beautiful shots that you will love! So make sure to check it out.

photo #323902
photo #323911
photo #323906
photo #323930
photo #323912
photo #323913
photo #323920
photo #323922
photo #323919

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Photography: Hakim's Studio

Frenchtown, NJ Indian Wedding by Surya Garigipati Photography & Films

Happy Tuesday, darlings! We are excited to bring you an insight into Sravya & Raj's wedding celebration because it is a cornucopia of beauty, emotions, and flair you don't want to miss. So let's not wait any longer, and check it out together. Thoroughly planned and designed by Planories, this celebration was not just elegant but truly faithful to traditional Hindu weddings. Every small detail contributed to making this event not only classy but exquisite. The exceptional decor put together by Royal Vivah Decor set the mood for this solemn and memorable event, and we are lost in amazement over so much beauty! Hands down, this was a fantastic way to start an everlasting love story, and we are thankful that it got beautifully captured by Surya Garigipati Photography & Films LLC. They did such an outstanding job! Just looking at the pictures makes you feel like if you were at the Razberries Wedding Banquet, where the event took place. After the wedding ceremony, everyone celebrated the newlyweds with a fabulous reception party animated by Amit Kapoor! Everyone had the time of their life dancing and enjoying the delicious food prepared by Benares Catering and the mouth-melting cake baked by Chez Alice. If you were wondering who was the mastermind behind Sravya's swoon-worthy look, it was none other than Color Me Rouge. The makeup and hairstyle designed for this Maharani made her look like a princess, and we cannot stress how much we loved it! If you want to unveil all the fantastic shots captured during this celebration, don't miss today's jaw-dropping gallery. It will take your breath away, and you'll get tons of inspiring ideas to plan your wedding!

photo #323857
photo #323885
photo #323896
photo #323865
photo #324064
photo #324070
photo #324072
photo #324082
photo #324110
photo #324135
photo #324114
photo #324150
photo #324128

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Hair & Makeup: Color Me Rouge | Photography: Surya Garigipati Photography & Films LLC | Cinematography: Surya Garigipati Photography & Films LLC | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Razberries Wedding Banquet | Floral & Decor: Royal Vivah Decor | Catering: Benares Catering | DJ: Amit Kapoor | Cake & Treats: Chez Alice | Event Designer: Planories

Princeton, NJ Engagement Photoshoot by PhotosMadeEz

Happy Thursday, Maharanis! The weekend is approaching fast, and there is no better way to start getting ready than taking a look at Kripa & Devesh's stunning engagement photoshoot. Today's photoshoot is one we couldn't wait to share with you as there are endless amounts of inspiring ideas brimming from this fantastic event. This couple's wedding engagement photoshoot incorporated traditional flair and a mesmerizing setting, resulting in a cornucopia of Indian traditions intermixed with classic architecture. And in case you were wondering who was the mastermind behind such fabulous shots, it was none other than PhotosMadeEz. And we have to say that his photographic studio managed to surprise us with the artistic nature of their pictures. The way they managed to capture the different colors, the emotions, and the love of this young couple is impressive. If you want to take a closer look at all the beauty surrounding this photoshoot, you cannot miss the gallery we have prepared for today. You will love every bit of it. It's a love story worthy of a fairy tale!

photo #323355
photo #323341
photo #323367
photo #323353
photo #323340
photo #323351
photo #323366
photo #323358
photo #323362
photo #323365
photo #323356

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Photography: PhotosMadeEz

Township, NJ Indian Fusion Wedding by Studio KSD

Happy Tuesday, Maharanis! Today, we are excited to share the romantic and lovely fusion wedding of Riana & Alec with you. And believe us, this is a celebration of love that you will enjoy as it includes all the things we love: elegance, tradition, joy, breathtaking views, and above all, lots of bliss. So, get ready to start this journey! As soon as we glanced at Riana & Alec's big wedding bash, we knew this was one story that we wanted to share with you. The floral arrangements and soft-colored linens Partyland Sajawat wrapped around the room set the mood for the solemn wedding ceremony that united these two lovebirds in marriage. It was such a gorgeous combination of tradition and modern flair that all guests adored! So big kudos to Xquisit Events for the perfect planning and execution of this wedding. And talking about flair, we cannot forget the fantastic look of our lovely Riana! She looked like royalty throughout the different ceremonies after been pampered by Cinderella Bridez. On the fashion department, Falguni Shane Peacock India, Studio East6, Morilee by Madeline Gardner, and Castle Couture worked their magic to make this Maharai look flawless. But that is not all! The sparkling jewelry from RJS&Company Ltd. and the artist Mehndi by Brooklyn Henna Co tied everything up, creating a dreamy look that still has us sighing! Ladies, if you can't get enough of this lovely couple, you can't miss the fabulous gallery we have prepared, thanks to Studio KSD! So many ideas for your special day are coming up. So, make sure to check it out; you'll love it so much!

photo #323696
photo #323695
photo #323846
photo #323702
photo #323704
photo #323728
photo #323741
photo #323737
photo #323746
photo #323747
photo #323848
photo #323752
photo #323753
photo #323777
photo #323771
photo #323791

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Alec and I met through our best friends, Karen and Anthony. They tried to set us up for over a year before we actually met, but we always made excuses for one reason or another. Alec is in the Air Force based at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, and I was living in Jersey City at the time, very career driven and enjoying life in NYC. We felt too opposite and didn’t think we’d have much in common. Then one night we randomly met at Karen and Anthony’s home. As cliche as it sounds, I walked in, we locked eyes and that was it. We had our first date the very next day and by the end of it, I knew he was “the one”. While we are opposites in many ways, at our core, we share the same values and share a deep love and respect for one another. He’s my person in every way and I thank God every day for bringing him in to my life.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
We started wedding planning right at the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020. It’s so crazy to think now that we planned every aspect of our wedding virtually. Given that we couldn’t do site visits, we initially relied on internet reviews to find a venue near water that fit our aesthetic and vibe. Thankfully, I knew of the perfect venue in my hometown, the Boathouse at Mercer Lake, that checked all of our boxes and we felt very comfortable selecting without seeing in person. Once the venue was locked in, we worked with our wedding planner, Priya from Xquisit Events, to find a decorator, photographer, and hair/makeup. Priya recommended the awesome mother/daughter duo from Partyland Sajawat for wedding decor and we knew from our first phone call that we were in great hands. I didn’t have a decor theme in mind, but rather found some inspo on Pinterest that I guess qualifies as “classic modern”: blush/neutral tones, with foliage and lots of bling. On the day of our wedding, I was blown away at how perfectly they captured what I wanted, but didn’t know how to describe. Next up was our photographer/videographer, Tina from Studio KSD. I really appreciated Tina’s process and the thoughtful questions she asked in our first few phone calls. I felt as though she took to the time to know us as individuals and as a couple so she could capture our essence in the photos and video. (For the record, she and her team nailed it!) And I I must give all the credit to my sister, Reeshelle, for introducing me to our last two main vendors. It was an honor and pleasure to work with Cinderella Bridez again on my big day and of course, DJ Shilpa, who we knew would keep a mixed/ethnically diverse crowed hyped and happy throughout the day. Wedding planning during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart, but I must admit it was made a little less stressful because of how flexible our vendors were. We were lucky enough that all of the dates we selected happened to work with everyone involved and on our final date, everyone was excited to go through with the day as planned.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
As I mentioned previously, almost every aspect of our wedding was planned virtually, including my bridal lengha. I worked with an amazing studio based in Chicago, StudioEast6 to create a custom Falguni Shane Peacock bridal lengha. I loved one of the designs I saw on their website, but had a blush pink color in mind vs. traditional red or white/silver. The StudioEast6 team made the process so easy from color selection, to various modifications of the skirt, blouse, & dupatta to measurements. They sent pictures and videos pre and post production, but I must admit, it was still nerve wrecking to make such an important purchase without ever having seen it in person. When the lengha arrived, I remember feeling extremely nervous, almost sick to my stomach. But once it was on and I saw my family’s reaction, I felt so much better. It was an extremely unique outfit and one that I felt fit my aesthetic of classic, yet modern.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
After 2 rescheduled dates, we were finally able to have our wedding in mid April 2021. Restrictions were beginning to lift slowly, and vaccinations started rolling out. Our wedding was the first gathering most of our guests attended in over a year, so it was a really joyous and momentous occasion. Alec is white, raised Christian, and I’m Trinidadian, raised Hindu and we opted for a semi-traditional Hindu ceremony. We wanted to keep the ceremony to an hour or less and wanted to make sure that our guests understood and appreciated the significance of certain mantras and steps during the puja. Our priests, Pundit Ravi and Acharya Bankim Gossai, did an excellent job navigating the ceremony and we had so many of our guests comment that they’d never been to a Hindu wedding before and loved how touching and sentimental it was. We didn’t opt for a traditional baraat, but instead started with the milni ceremony where the two families meet. It was special for Alec and his family to experience this part of the ceremony, and our guests to witness, since our families were not able to meet prior to our wedding week due to the pandemic. Beyond the two cultures joining, Alec’s military family was also meeting my friends & family for the first time, too. It was just really special to see all these worlds come together with us, and for us.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The moment that constantly replays in my mind is the moment the doors opened and the bridal entrance song began to play (Arziyaan by Devangi Chopra). The lyrics of that song always choke me up, and in that moment, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the faces in the crowd - people I hadn’t seen in over a year, who traveled from near and far (still in a pandemic!) to support us on our wedding day. In that moment, I was overcome with a deep sense of gratitude for our loved ones and it honestly took my breath away. Once I turned the corner and locked eyes with Alec, I felt calm again and so blissfully happy that we were finally able to have our dream wedding. This day was a long time coming and it was truly a relief that we made it through all of the ups and downs of wedding planning and we’d finally get to have our day.

Remember to join us tomorrow for a new love story!

Planning & Design: Xquisit Events | Cinematography: Studio KSD | Photography: Studio KSD | Venue: Boathouse At Mercer Lake | Floral & Decor: Partyland Sajawat | Hair: Cinderella Bridez | Catering: Crave By Landmark | DJ: DJ Shilpa | Bridal Fashions: Falguni Shane Peacock India | Bridal Fashions: Studio East6 | Bridal Fashions: Morilee by Madeline Gardner | Bridal Fashions: Castle Couture | Bridal Jewelry: RJS&Company Ltd. | Cake & Treats: Palmero's Bakery | Mehndi Artist: Brooklyn Henna Co

Atlanta, GA Engagement Photoshoot by Hakim's Studio

Thursday is here, and with it comes a lovely Engagement Photoshoot we were dying to share with all of you! Simmi & Harinder are the lovebirds that starred in this session. This young couple decided to immortalize their love through a series of amazing pictures taken by Hakim's Studio, and the final result is pure amazingness! The colorful attires and the way they look into each other's eyes will melt your heart. The way they hold their hands is how pure love looks like. And I absolutely adore this beautiful young couple! Hands down, glamour and emotion, is the best combination to start a new life with your soulmate. Natural colors such as green, raw umber, red ochre, and all the colors present in these images added an extra touch of beauty and flair and defined how majestic this photoshoot turned out! If you can't get enough of it, get ready to enjoy the full array of images in today's spectacular gallery. Trust me; you are going to love every shot, and you'll get tons of inspiring ideas!

photo #323040
photo #323043
photo #323047
photo #323046
photo #323049
photo #323055
photo #323059
photo #323065
photo #323072
photo #323078
photo #323079
photo #323075

More stories are coming your way, so make sure to join us tomorrow for more!

Photography: Hakim's Studio


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