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Cherry Hill, NJ Indian Fusion Wedding by Fine Art Productions


Downers Grove, IL Indian Wedding by Diego Stuart Films

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Cherry Hill, NJ Indian Fusion Wedding by Fine Art Productions

Good morning, ladies! We are glad to be back with a new love story that we are sure you will love! This time, we will take you on a visual journey through Sejal & Ravi's fusion wedding by taking a look at the fabulous shots captured by Fine Art Productions. Thoroughly planned by Wedding Elegance NYC, today's real-life fairytale has all the things we love and so much more, so get ready to be amazed! This time around, we'll be joining our two lovebirds at the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza to be part of the different wedding ceremonies and events that united their lives in marriage. Right from the start, we have to say that this celebration was an ode to perfection and extravaganza. But there is no surprise here, as the talented crew from Mandaps by Dhoom took care of the mesmerizing decor that left everyone speechless. The elegance and beauty surrounding this celebration reflected in the looks of our gorgeous Maharani Sejal. She looked ravishing dressed in her stunning attires by Maharani Fashions, very well complemented with the flawless hairstyle and makeup designed by DipBeauty.MUA, and the spectacular Mehndi by Henna by Jinal. But that is not all! She crowned her fantastic look, wearing dazzling pieces of jewelry from Diva Creations' collection, that made her look like a princess! After the ceremonies, all the guests had a great time dancing to the beats of Powerhouse DJs and tasting the delicious plates prepared by Gagan Palace, right before taking a bite at the sweet cake baked by Classic Cakes. If you loved today's wedding, don't forget to visit this spectacular gallery to relive all the moments surrounding this inspiring event. It is worth the while!

photo #304399
photo #304414
photo #304398
photo #304376
photo #304404
photo #304581
photo #304382
photo #304412
photo #304458
photo #304373
photo #304582
photo #304426
photo #304422
photo #304411
photo #304444

That is all for today, darlings! We have more to come, so make sure to join us tomorrow.

Planning & Design: Wedding Elegance NYC | Hair & Makeup: DipBeauty.MUA | Mehndi Artists: Henna by Jinal | DJ: Powerhouse DJs | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza | Floral & Decor: Mandaps by Dhoom | Catering: Gagan Palace | Bridal Fashions: Maharani Fashions | Bridal Jewelry: Diva Creations | Cake & Treats: Classic Cakes | Cinematography: Fine Art Productions | Photo Booth: Mini Booths | Wedding Signs: Raji George | Photography: Fine Art Productions

Atlanta, GA Styled Shoot by Ember Studio

Happy Tuesday, ladies! We are glad you could join us today because we have an awe-inspiring styled photoshoot that will surely take your breath away. So, get ready to enjoy it! This time, we are heading off to The Carlyle to take a look at a styled photoshoot overflowing with beauty, finery, and tons of inspiring ideas. If you love fashion and always be at the forefront with the latest trends, this photoshoot, planned by Amina Events, is right for you as it is a cornucopia of elegance and graceful looks! Beauty by Ami elevated the beauty glamorizing the lovely models with a swoon-worthy makeup and hairstyle, and Anokhi Ada complemented the look with fashionable attires that we all loved so much! As you might have noticed, all vendors involved are significant players in the fashion game. And having a fantastic team like this one,  there is nothing but utter perfection to be expected, and this time was no exception. Everything was impressive beyond words! To match so much beauty and flair, Krupa Bhatia conceptualized this entire event, creating a minimalist, yet on-point scenery, featuring traditional fabrics and lovely floral arrangements. Ladies, if you can't get enough of the amazing shots captured by Ember Studio, make sure to visit this gallery. And make sure to take your pen and notebook because you'll want to take some notes to start designing your dreamy bridal look!

photo #304349
photo #304300
photo #304312
photo #304322
photo #304303
photo #304321
photo #304327
photo #304318
photo #304344
photo #304340
photo #304341
photo #304350

What a visual delight, isn't it, ladies? We have inspiring stories every day, so make sure to join us tomorrow for more!

Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Ami | Model: Karishma Amin | Model: Shrimi | Model: Megha Soor | Venue: The Carlyle | Planner of Stylized Shoot: Amina Events | Wardrobe/Styling: Anokhi Ada | Creative Director: Krupa Bhatia | Photography: Ember Studio

Mahwah, NJ Indian Wedding by Ami Video & Jay Arora Photography

Happy Thursday, darlings! We're excited you could join us today because we were dying to share with you all the fabulous details surrounding Sandhya & Nitin's outdoor wedding ceremony held at the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel. The big day started with a romantic and fun-loving first look photoshoot that we are sure will take your breath away! After the photoshoot, it was time to proceed with the wedding ceremony thoroughly planned and designed by the acclaimed team from Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner. Hands down, their fantastic work took this ceremony to the next level! The impressive Mandap, the delicate placement of the ornaments, and the overall decor crafted by Abhishek Decorators were amazing beyond words. They created the perfect backdrop for Sandhya & Nitin to tie the knot in the company of their family and closest friends. Our gorgeous Maharani Sandhya walked down the aisle, looking like a vision of beauty thanks to Makeup by Anita, who took care of her fabulous makeup and hairstyle, and Mehndikalogie, who designed the spectacular Mehndi that everyone loved. To immortalize this long-awaited event, Ami Video and Jay Arora Photography worked their magic and captured jaw-dropping shots that will leave you sighing! The best of all is that we have compiled them all in today's full gallery. It is mindblowing, and we are sure it will get your inspiration going!

photo #304072
photo #304074
photo #304092
photo #304104
photo #304106
photo #304084
photo #304194
photo #304125
photo #304130
photo #304132
photo #304133
photo #304135
photo #304149
photo #304195
photo #304142
photo #304121
How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Nitin and I met through a dating website called “The League.” While I was somewhat skeptical that I would meet “the one” through a dating website, I thought it was worth a shot. Unfortunately, Nitin had been told by his sister to not look too overeager, and it took him a month to ask me out! I kept thinking “I’m done with this guy if he doesn’t ask me on a date” but then he would say something funny or cute, and I had to give him a little more time. After a few months of going on dates, we went to the movies to watch a Bollywood film, and we were cracking each other up in line for the snacks. I thought “if we can have this much fun just waiting on line for a movie, we can have fun anywhere.”
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Through a combination of deduction, seeing a Google Chrome tab open on his phone and a girls trip that got cancelled, I figured out that Nitin was going to propose to me on our “dating anniversary” at the Upper East Side restaurant Daniel. Nitin knew that I had a dream wedding ring picked out but he got a pair of earrings to propose with so that I could design my ring, so I knew something was up when I spotted the earrings on his phone. Daniel being the romantic spot that it is, and on a special date had my mind thinking we were getting engaged there, so I would mention in the days leading up to the date “I know you’re proposing to me with earrings at Daniel on Friday night.” What I didn’t know was that he managed a few surprises in that. First, he had my friend take me out before the dinner and convince me that because I had guessed the proposal, he cancelled the plan and was just taking me to anniversary dinner. He then planned for a bunch of our close friends to be on the roof of my apartment for a surprise engagement night party. Once at the restaurant, the wine and food were flowing and he got down on one knee while the waiter took photos…and didn’t propose! He told me that since I figured out the plan, and that he wanted it to be a surprise, he was not going to propose just yet. He gave me the earrings as an anniversary gift, and I thought “OK, it’s not tonight but it will be soon.” I then noticed Nitin looking around, and I jokingly said “are you looking for my Mom?” because I had told Nitin before that after getting engaged, I always wanted my Mom to be there. Nitin told me that my parents were not in the city, as they had another party to go to. Once I heard that, I started crying. Nitin of course got a little worried that I was crying so much, and he told me the waiters were taking us to a lounge area to have champagne and dessert for our anniversary. Tearfully, I followed Nitin into the lounge where I found our parents and our siblings who toasted us. Before I knew it, Nitin was on his knees for the second time, this time with a ring, and he said “I told you that I wouldn’t make you wait long. Sandhya, will you marry me.” And not to ruin the suspense, but I said yes!
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Planning a wedding, especially an Indian wedding, is never really easy. In 2020, with the global pandemic, it added a new level to how trying the whole process could be! There were many late nights of calls, analyzing contracts, and just wondering if we could even have the wedding at all. As New Jersey state restrictions limited the number of people indoors, we had to move the ceremony outdoors and limit the number of guests, which meant 3 weeks before the date we had to move to an entirely new venue! I was very lucky to have our good family friend and wedding planning superstar Urvashi Mishra by my side during the whole experience, as she helped me walk through the whole replanning. For the sake of safety, we postponed the reception and other events to our 1 year anniversary next year, so in a way the wedding festivities have not ended yet! Finally, when the day actually came, the venue, hair and makeup, and décor all looked more incredible than we could have ever imagined. It was like being in a dream, and Nitin and I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be married in the midst of such beauty. None of it would have been possible without Urvashi and our other wonderful vendors: Abhishek Decorators, DNS Event Solutions, Ami Photography, Jay Arora Photography, the Sheraton Mahwah and so many more. 
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
My first plan was to wear mom’s wedding lehenga, which we took to India in early 2020. The plan was for it to be repolished and tailored by our tailor in Delhi, and to buy a deep rose gold lehenga for my reception. However, when we came back to the States and were shipped the clothes we had made in India, my reception lehenga arrived but in the wrong color! Blush pink instead of deep rose gold! But something totally unexpected happened – I fell in love with the pink lehenga once I saw it. In fact, I loved it so much that I made the reception lehenga my wedding lehenga (an easy choice since the reception was postponed for 1 year due to COVID). I did also manage to get the wonderful emotional significance of wearing something from my mom’s wedding, though. For one of the pre-wedding events, my Mom gave me a lehenga that she had made out of a sari her Dad gifted her at her own wedding. In the end, it all worked out amazingly and I couldn’t be happier.
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
One of the parts of wedding planning I do miss is the trip I took with my Mom and Nitin to India at the start of the year. The shopping in Delhi filled our days, and especially was amazing for me to spend so much time with my Grandmother – she was on her feet with us all day, and probably had more energy than all of us at when we got back to our hotel at the end of each day! Nitin and I also got to visit his Grandmother and family in Bangalore which was fun because we were attending his cousin’s wedding there. It was beautiful to see an Indian wedding in India as I was planning my Indian wedding in America. The trip is extra special in my memory because neither of our Grandmothers in India were able to attend our ceremony in person due to the pandemic, so we will always cherish the memories of our trip, and look forward to visiting them again in India when we can.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
After the wedding, I heard from so many of the guests that they loved the ceremony, and they cited all sorts of different things. Some loved the custom protective face masks we provided our guests, designed by me and hand crafted in India just for our event. Many told me they loved the detailed program which I designed with my sister in law to explain all the different rituals and their significance, allowing our friends and family to follow along and understand each step of the way. Others loved the individual servings of Indian ice cream we provided during a break in the ceremony when I changed clothes from my lehenga to my sari. But above all the logistics, what our guests and I loved most were the beautiful vows Nitin wrote.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The first thing that comes to mind is the vows. They were a chance for us to share how incredible the moment was and how deeply in love we were feeling – the emotions were heightened, and I could feel all the love in the air.
We also held a small party for family and close friends on the Friday before the ceremony, where I surprised Nitin by doing a choreographed dance medley to several of our favorite Bollywood hits. Watching his eyes light up and seeing him sway and mouth the words, I could tell he was shocked, overjoyed, and so excited. He couldn’t help himself and even came on the floor in the middle of the performance get in on the fun!
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
The first thing I’d say is: there’s no such thing as standard or normal or wedding etiquette anymore. You can’t be ruled by what you think you’re supposed to do, or what some people might expect. The most important thing when you look back on your wedding is to know that you put together an event that lines up with what you, your husband, and your families really want and what makes you happy. Also if you can I’d strongly recommend having someone who is a dedicated “day of” coordinator. There will be so much going through your head on the wedding day, having someone who is focused on all the little things so that you can think about and feel the big things lets you enjoy the day more. And if you hire an amazing wedding planner like Urvashi everything will be taken care of before you even have to ask, and the day will feel like it’s supposed to feel: like magic.

What a lovely story, isn't it, ladies? Don't forget to join us tomorrow for more!
Floral & Decor: Abhishek Decorators | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Anita | Mehndi Artists: Mehndikalogie | Planning & Design: Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner | Mehndi Venue: The Palisadium | Ceremony Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Hotel | Catering: Moghul Caterers | DJ: DNS Events | Cinematography: Ami Video | Priest: Krishna Bhat Varanasi | Garlands: Vivek Flowers | Tent: Taylor Rental | Photography: Ami Video | Photography: Jay Arora Photography

Ontario, Canada Sikh Fusion Wedding by L'Atelier Lumière International

Happy Tuesday, Maharanis! If you were seeking inspiration to start planning your ultimate dream wedding, you've come to the right place! Today's romantic story features the lovely wedding festivities between Gurlynn & Rahim, and it packs so many beautiful and inspiring ideas that we cannot wait to share with you. So, let's dive into this magical celebration of love through the impressive shots captured by L'Atelier Lumière International Photographie. The big day arrived, and these lovebirds were more than prepared to unite their lives in marriage. They both looked ravishing, but it was our gorgeous Maharani who stole the show. She looked like a princess throughout the entire wedding events thanks to M4Makeup, who took care of beauty needs. In case you were wondering who was in charge of planning and designing this cornucopia of beauty and traditional flair, it was none other than Biji Planners! This fabulous team was the mastermind behind this wedding bash that had not only one but two beautiful wedding ceremonies fully decored by the acclaimed team of Pink Petals. They crafted enchanting decors for all wedding events, creating the perfect backdrops for Gurlynn & Rahim to tie the knot. After the wedding ceremonies officiated at The Country Club, it was time to celebrate the newlyweds in a glamorous reception party hosted at the Embassy Grand Convention Center and fully animated by Empire Entertainment. They owned the stage and took the reception party to the next level playing the latest hits that put everyone to dance! If you want to relive every moment of this romantic wedding, make sure to visit today's gallery. Every shot is a visual masterpiece you don't want to miss, so make sure to check them out!

photo #303793
photo #303946
photo #303818
photo #303831
photo #303833
photo #303875
photo #303942
photo #303943
photo #303945
photo #303944
photo #303947
photo #303911
photo #303864
photo #303907
photo #303909
photo #303914
photo #303921

That is all for today, darlings. See you tomorrow for more!

Photography: L'Atelier Lumière International Photographie | Ceremony Venue: The Country Club | Reception Venue: Embassy Grand Convention Center | Planning & Design: Biji Planners | Floral & Decor: Pink Petals | Hair & Makeup: M4Makeup | DJ: Empire Entertainment | Bridal Fashions: Monga's | Cake & Treats: Fine Cakes by Zehra | Cinematography: Goody Cambay Films | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: RM Invitations | Rentals: Xclusive Designs | Bar & Beverage: Stir N Flair | Bride & Bridesmaids Fashion (Reception): Soltee UK | Entertainment: Bix Co. Blog | Rentals & Decor: Gatsby Event Rentals

Washington, DC Indian Engagement by Maria Fasih Studios

Good morning, beauty queens! Are you ready for a charming and inspiring story? We know you are! So let's get right into it.  We're starting this Thursday a little different than we usually do things around here. Today, we'll be taking a look at how an everlasting love story begins by taking you on a visual journey through Laraib & Danyal's engagement, so get ready to enjoy! The elegant and striking La Vie DC became the perfect scenario to portray this beautiful young couple's love and happiness while our handsome groom popped the big question. Everything was so romantic and beautiful that we have no words to describe how much we loved every detail! By just taking a look at the jaw-dropping images captured by Maria Fasih Studios, you can feel the same emotions our lovely Maharani felt while walking into the room dressed in a sleek red dress that made her look like a princess. The happiness, the excitement, and the love that this two radiate in every shot are so pure and contagious that you can feel how it gets passed on to you and brightens up your day. It is spectacular! And talking about spectcaular, what about that big fat beautiful engagement ring. It is unbelievable! Without any question, Laraib is a lucky bride-to-be as that sparkling ring is a dream come true! Ladies, don miss today's gallery for a full reveal of this real-life fairytale. You will love it!

photo #303541
photo #303531
photo #303540
photo #303545
photo #303549
photo #303555
photo #303774
photo #303565
photo #303571
photo #303575
photo #303580
photo #303581
photo #303773

We are still sighing over this fabulous love story, ladies. If you want to see more inspiring stories, make sure to join us tomorrow for more!

Photography: Maria Fasih Studios | Engagement Venue: La Vie DC


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