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Pearl River, NY Indian Wedding by Ishan Fotografi


Atlanta, GA Indian Fusion Wedding by Hakim's Studio

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Indian Wedding by Lightyear Studio

My beloved Maharanis, get ready to be dazzled by Anandi & Rushi's wedding. The sweethearts will take us to Punta Cana, where they had a magical celebration full of romance and lavishness. So grab your passport, and let's get started! Our protagonists had the time of their lives while celebrating their union, entrusting Shaadi Destinations to guide them through it all. This remarkable team has all the experience and commitment to make all your wishes a reality while counting on their knowledge to plan an unblemished destination wedding. Additionally, the lovebirds had all fronts covered with Pearls Event & Co. in charge of planning and designing their grand event and M4U Events on the DJ cabin, ready to keep everyone dancing. With The Royal Collection's invaluable work for the invitations and stationery, our couple knew from the beginning that their wedding would be one to remember! Anandi & Rushi chose Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana for their revelry, enveloping all the guests with this venue's natural and luxurious charm. Our Maharani stood out the most among all the extravagance with her gorgeous garments from Shilpa Gandhi Studio. Anandi's choice for the color scheme looked divine! She chose soft and bold tones for her traditional attire and a sparkly confection for the reception. Her graceful look was completed with delicate makeup done by the one and only Flawless Beauty by Pauline. This skillful artist highlighted the bride's enchanting features flawlessly. Anandi looked like a queen with her handsome soulmate by her side. This sweet couple had a splendid celebration full of love and joy that Lightyear Studio captured for them to cherish the sweet memoirs. Every shot conveys a warm sentiment that makes Anandi & Rushi's story even more compelling. I am sure you will love this brilliant gallery we have available for you, Maharanis. So wait no more and get your dose of romance!

photo #344085
photo #344084
photo #344018
photo #344019
photo #344023
photo #344024
photo #344028
photo #344029
photo #344031
photo #344033
photo #344030
photo #344036
photo #344041
photo #344044
photo #344047
photo #344050
photo #344067
photo #344072
photo #344091
photo #344096
photo #344073

My loves, remember you can always come back whenever you need some inspiration!

Hair & Makeup: Flawless Beauty by Pauline | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: The Royal Collection | Travel Concierge: Shaadi Destinations | DJ: M4U Events | Sangeet Venue: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana | Ceremony Venue: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana | Reception Venue: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana | Planning & Design: Pearls Event & Co. | Bridal Fashions: Shilpa Gandhi Studio | Cinematography: Lightyear Studio | Photography: Lightyear Studio

Playa Mujeres, MX Indian Fusion Wedding by Killer Creations Photography

Darlings, I am excited to take you on a trip to Cancun to catch a glimpse at Krupa & Gaurav's deluxe wedding celebration! Our lovebirds got all the attention a newlywed couple could wish for, courtesy of Indian Destination Wedding. This visionary team has all the experience in South Asian weddings to offer their clients and their expertise in the Caribbean and Mexican area to plan a grand event. With their assistance, our couple found the ideal place for their wedding at Planet Hollywood Cancun, perfect for them and their loved ones to relish in the warm weather of the alluring beach while enjoying their catering services, too. With their faultless music set, Naveen Productions completed the fanciful scenery, surrounding everyone with delightful paradisiac harmonies and even a photo booth for everyone to take home a small reminder of this celebration. Now, Ladies, it is time to glorify the divine bride! Our Maharani looked just as singular with her attire from Panache by Sharmeen. I was speechless when I saw how graceful and luxurious she was! The fantastic mehndi art Neeta Desai Sherma did for her was a work of art, and so was Rema Neirma's makeup work that brought all of Krupa's seamless traits to shine! Of course, the dashing groom was brilliant, too, with his polished garments from Rajwadi. Together, Krupa & Gaurav were a sight to behold. The sweethearts had an unforgettable revelry that Killer Creations Photography and Cinematography framed forever in a picturesque set of photos. Their enchanting work with the camera wholly captured Krupa & Gaurav's love, and for all of my beloved Maharanis, we have a magnificent gallery for you to be inspired by! 

photo #344408
photo #344353
photo #344352
photo #344368
photo #344369
photo #344411
photo #344364
photo #344386
photo #344404
photo #344405
photo #344390
photo #344356
photo #344406
photo #344360
photo #344375
photo #344409
photo #344340
photo #344407

Let loose your imagination, ladies. I will see you soon with more dreamy stories!

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding | Photography: Killer Creations Photography and Cinematography | Cinematography: Killer Creations Photography and Cinematography | Sangeet Venue: Planet Hollywood Cancun | Ceremony Venue: Planet Hollywood Cancun | Reception Venue: Planet Hollywood Cancun | Floral & Decor: Floribunda | Hair & Makeup: Rema Neirma | Catering: Planet Hollywood Cancun | DJ: Naveen Productions | Baraat: Drums in Paradise | Bridal Fashions: Panache by Sharmeen | Lighting: Encore Mexico | Mehndi Artist: Neeta Desai Sherma | Photo Booth: Naveen Productions | Groom's Outfit: Rajwadi

Auburn Hills, MI Indian Fusion Wedding by Sean Cook Weddings

Good morning ladies! I hope you are as excited to read a new story as I am to share it with you. Our lovebirds, Krystal & Mike, had an enthralling celebration at the Auburn Hills Marriott Pontiac, a charming place full of life that our couple filled with romance. With the experts from Utsav Planners,Inc. handling the wedding's design, the charming couple could enjoy and live their day to the fullest. A magical aura surrounded every step the pair took, from Mike's Baraat to the wedding ceremony and reception, making their love brighter than ever. All the details had the perfect balance between luxury and delicacy, especially the cake, courtesy of Wisteria Bakehaus and their experienced team. It seemed delightful, dears! Thanks to Christopher & Company's splendidly crafted decor, the setting was undeniably gorgeous. But now, sweeties, get ready to be mesmerized by Krystal's astonishing beauty! Her glorious mehndi art, done by Henna Beauty by Krupa, was breathtaking! She looked flawless and radiant at any given time, especially when her loving brother surprised the family by playing the guitar as Krystal and Mike first danced as a married couple. What an impeccable scene! And it could only be heightened by the atmosphere DJ Ice & Fresh Productions created. These geniuses kept the feeling sky-high throughout the event. As the couple added new memories to their story, Sean Cook Weddings ensured they would last a lifetime, framing all the heartwarming instants. You can enjoy this magnificent event with the gallery I have ready for you. So, sweethearts, wait no more to get your boost of inspiration with this happily ever after!

photo #341903
photo #341844
photo #341902
photo #341845
photo #341846
photo #341904
photo #341760
photo #341762
photo #341856
photo #341860
photo #341800
photo #341768
photo #341771
photo #341777
photo #341889
photo #341894
photo #341905

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Like many modern couples, we met on a dating app. After our first 4-hour date of meeting for a drink and talking all evening, we've been together almost every day since. Even just a month or two into our relationship, it was so clear that we both were imagining every part of our future with each other in it.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Food tasting! We didn't realize how little of an appetite we would have the week of, so we were so glad we could thoroughly enjoy all the delicious food beforehand.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
My favorite thing I heard from so many of our guests was how wonderful it was that both our families and friends were so happy and having so much fun. Mike's family and friends happily embraced every tradition without ever skipping a beat. I had never seen so many non-Indians in Indian clothes and dancing to Indian music in my life, that too with huge smiles on their faces the whole weekend. It was really beautiful and unforgettable!

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Both our families performed a dance together at our Sangeet. It was hilarious, so well done, and so full of love.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Don't sweat the small stuff - nobody remembers any of those little details anyway. Everyone is going to be so excited to celebrate your love!

My loves, that's it for this entry. I'll see for the next story!


Planning & Design: Utsav Planners,Inc. | DJ: DJ Ice & Fresh Productions | Event Designer: Utsav Planners,Inc. | Sangeet Venue: Auburn Hills Marriott Pontiac | Ceremony Venue: The Bharatiya Temple | Reception Venue: Auburn Hills Marriott Pontiac | Floral & Decor: Christopher & Company | Hair & Makeup: Makeup By JHobby | Hair & Makeup: Hair by Aysha | Catering: Punjab Fine Indian Cuisine | Catering: Krishna Catering and Restaurant | Catering: Rangoli | Baraat: Pinecrest Percherons and Carriage Service | Cake & Treats: Wisteria Bakehaus | Cinematography: Midtown Media Co | Mehndi Artist: Henna Beauty by Krupa | Photography: Sean Cook Weddings

Aberdeen, NJ Indian Wedding by PhotosMadeEz

Before Friday rolls around, I got Aneesha & Shagnik's gorgeous celebration to boost your creativity, Maharanis. I simply cannot get enough of them! The Addison Park venue provided all the elegance and charm our couple was looking for, while M4U Events' unmatchable DJs took over the music to craft a vivid atmosphere. Our couple enjoyed their special day without reservations, thanks to Bravura Brides' work with the event's design behind the scenes. Aneesha & Shagnik just keep proving themselves right with their choices, now with Partyland Sajawat Decorator's lovely decor. The scenery was stunning, flawlessly matching Aneesha's graceful look. Our Maharani charmed everyone with a traditional divine lengha and the delicately shaped mehndi art Henna by Arunika did for her. Shades With Prithvi's artistic makeup perfectly complemented our Maharani's color scheme for her garments, making her the center of attention. The bride had three magnificent attires for the celebration and her sweet smile on display at any given moment, especially whenever the handsome groom, Shagnik, was with her. Their friends and family were delighted with more than the couples' romance, getting the elite cuisine from Buhkhara Grill to savor throughout the evening. A grand event such as this one cannot go on without PhotosMadeEz capturing each earnest moment, and he did splendidly for the lovebirds to have a token of their love immortalized forever. Now, Maharanis, you can enjoy Aneesha & Shagnik's wedding frames in this radiant gallery to spur your imagination. It is a work of art, dears!

photo #343285
photo #343197
photo #343205
photo #343204
photo #343201
photo #343288
photo #343200
photo #343202
photo #343192
photo #343287
photo #343194
photo #343193
photo #343262
photo #343286
photo #343243
photo #343280
photo #343246
photo #343247
photo #343190
photo #343283
photo #343255
photo #343258
photo #343284

Let's get your creativity going, ladies. You can always come back for more!

Photography: PhotosMadeEz | DJ: M4U Events | Sangeet Venue: Ember Restaurant and Banquet | Reception Venue: The Addison Park | Planning & Design: Bravura Brides | Floral & Decor: Partyland Sajawat Decorator | Hair & Makeup: Shades With Prithvi | Catering: Buhkhara Grill | Baraat: Monaco Experiences | Mehndi Artist: Henna by Arunika

Holbrook, NY Indian Fusion Wedding by MnM Photography

My beloved Maharanis, I hope you are having a day full of sunshine and happiness. Today, the love between the gorgeous Janice & Noble, brought us a sweet story. These lovebirds' wedding day was as romantic as it was luxurious. Celebrated at Villa Lombardi's venue, the couple had all the elegance this place has to offer. The scenery is as beautiful as you can imagine, ladies! The artists from House of Dipali outdid themselves with enchanting decor full of classiness. The royal blue and golden tones stood out flawlessly with M4U Events' lighting to complete the magnificent scenario for Janice & Noble. The celebration was extraordinary, with George & Co. Events' team behind the scenes managing every detail for our couple to rejoice with their loved ones. The sweethearts dazzled everyone with their garments, as well. The marvelous bride had Pixzy Dust do her makeup while The Posh Bride was trusted with her hair. And, dears, the result was breathtaking! Janice was a vision in her traditional white dress and red lengha later on. Noble was just as brilliant with his white and black tuxedo for the ceremony. The couple looked charming and graceful at any given moment. With matching sneakers, the pair was ready to celebrate their love with M4U Events in the DJ cabin, making sure everyone had the time of their lives. Of course, this couple couldn't have any other transportation that wasn't White Star Limousine's exclusive services. This event was magical and classy, fulfilled with romance and bliss. All of the heartfelt highlights were captured by MNM Photography for our couple to have a token of their day forever. This team does magic behind the lenses! And for you to bask in, my lovely Maharanis, we have this amazing gallery. You will love it!

photo #343186
photo #343133
photo #343132
photo #343148
photo #343155
photo #343152
photo #343187
photo #343158
photo #343159
photo #343188
photo #343162
photo #343161
photo #343189
photo #343163
photo #343165
photo #343169
photo #343178
photo #343177

Maharanis, remember you can find more stories righ here. I'll see you soon with more romance!

Lighting: M4U Events | Floral & Decor: House of Dipali | DJ: M4U Events | Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of the Snows | Reception Venue: Villa Lombardi's | Planning & Design: George & Co. Events | Hair: The Posh Bride | Catering: Villa Lombardi's | Makeup: Pixzy Dust | Personal Florals: Feriani Floral | Cinematography: MPW Media | Photo Booth: Phototek NYC | Transportation: White Star Limousine | Photography: MNM Photography


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