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Madera, CA Sikh Wedding by Bogdan Weddings


Yorba Linda, CA Indian Wedding by One Society Films

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Carlsbad, CA Indian Wedding by Samson Productions

Welcome, sweeties! Today, we dive into the lovely tale of Simeen & Dahnish's wedding—a spectacle that unfolded at the luxurious Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa. Imagine a venue where Events By Nazzy masterfully orchestrated every detail. Each corner of the venue bloomed with the vibrant, fragrant arrangements from Chez Rose Floral Designs. Simeen was the epitome of beauty thanks to the exquisite artistry of Peace Love Sakina, who crafted her hair and makeup into a masterpiece, and Simply Heavenly Designs, who adorned her hands with intricate mehndi patterns that told their own stories. Her smile, a mirror to her soul, was as sweet as the delectable creations from Cute Cakes Bakery & Cafe. As the beats from Dhamaka Entertainment filled the air, the couple and their guests danced into the night, each step a mark of their joyful journey together. Capturing every moment of laughter, every tear of joy, and the undeniable magic was the talented team at Samson Productions. Their work stood out, weaving the day's emotions into a visual narrative they will treasure forever. 

wedding stage,colorful traditional attire,holding hands,smiling couple,vibrant decor,ornate setting,festive mood,cultural celebration,happy moment,decorative backdrop.
couple sitting,colorful decor,wedding ceremony,traditional setting,vibrant colors,cultural attire,celebration,festive atmosphere,decorative elements,indoor setting.
bride's hands,henna designs,floral jewelry,vibrant colors,rich embroidery,wedding attire,detailed artwork,cultural traditions,bridal accessories,indian wedding.
couple seated,ornate chairs,vibrant attire,floral backdrop,traditional dress,wedding ceremony,colorful setting,festive mood,cultural wear,joyful moment.
suburban stroll,couple walking,hand-in-hand,casual moment,yellow kurta,orange saree,relaxed atmosphere,outdoor setting,smiling couple,peaceful walk.
solo bride,red lehenga,detailed attire,indoor portrait,traditional wear,elegant pose,bridal beauty,cultural attire,exquisite embroidery,wedding day.
romantic moment,garden setting,traditional wedding attire,groom kissing bride,red lehenga,beige sherwani,lush greenery,intimate kiss,love story,outdoor romance.
couple portrait,garden setting,smiling faces,greenery,blooming flowers,traditional attire,red lehenga,beige sherwani,joyful couple,outdoor wedding.
wedding couple,floral arch,hanging lanterns,beige sherwani,red lehenga,outdoor wedding,scenic backdrop,lush landscape,elegant decor,traditional attire.
a majestic indoor shot of the couple dancing under ornate architectural details and soft lighting,creating a regal and romantic atmosphere.
intimate embrace,vineyard romance,serene moment,sunset light,bride and groom,peaceful setting,outdoor love,tender connection,tranquil scene,couple's solitude.
bride and groom,grand hall,sophisticated architecture,elegant attire,couple portrait,indoor setting,modern decor,romantic moment,cultural dress,luxurious backdrop.

Until we meet again, may every page in your life's book be as beautifully written as this wedding.

Cinematography: Samson Productions | Photography: Samson Productions | Venue: Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa | Planning & Design: Events By Nazzy | Floral & Decor: Chez Rose Floral Designs | Hair & Makeup: Peace Love Sakina | DJ: Dhamaka Entertainment | Cake & Treats: Cute Cakes Bakery & Cafe | Mehndi Artist: Simply Heavenly Designs

Aberdeen Township, NJ Indian Wedding by House of Talent Studio

Step into the enchanting world of Bhavini & Krishna's wedding, a celebration at the Dewan Banquet for the ceremony and, later, The Addison Park for an unforgettable reception. From the outset, Bhavini, radiant in her meticulously draped sari and exquisite makeup by Shiza Ahmed Makeup, epitomized the quintessential South Asian bride. Aria Events, tasked with planning and design, orchestrated a seamless and sophisticated ambiance that was inviting and awe-inspiring. Their meticulous attention to detail combined romance and luxury, creating a surreal atmosphere straight out of a fairy tale. Wedding Design and Decor transformed the venues into a garden of earthly delights with lush floral arrangements. Every moment was captured in timeless photographs by House Of Talent Studio, whose lens artfully caught the magic of their wedding day from joyous laughter during the Mehndi, applied by Henna by Tanvi, to the intimate glances exchanged under the floral canopies. Premier Entertainment lifted all spirits, ensuring the dance floor remained energetic. 

wedding,bride,bridesmaids,dancing,choreography,red lehenga,peach sarees,joy,celebration,outdoor setting
bridal portrait,dramatic lighting,detailed makeup,traditional jewelry,wedding attire,radiant bride,cultural dress,indoor setting,elegant pose,intricate details.
bride and groom,hand in hand,cobblestone path,greenery,walking together,wedding attire,outdoor setting,loving couple,serene walk,romantic scene.
bride,grand hall,floral decorations,panoramic view,fairy-tale setting,red lehenga,lavish decor,wedding day,elegant ambiance,luxury setting
bride and groom,intimate moment,traditional wedding attire,checkered floor,wedding portrait,cultural dress,loving gaze,indoor setting,elegant decor,marital bliss.
bride,red veil,dramatic lighting,bridal portrait,glowing face,wedding jewelry,elegant pose,cultural attire,indoor setting,artistic shot.
bride and groom,grand chandelier,posing,elegant attire,hand on shoulder,wedding portrait,luxurious setting,indoor elegance,formal pose,cultural attire.
bride and groom,playful step,lifting skirt,walking together,wedding attire,garden setting,joyful moment,elegant motion,romantic stroll,outdoor wedding.
mehendi designs,bridal hands,heart shape,red bangles,indian wedding,close-up shot,intricate henna,wedding rings,traditional attire,love symbol.
bride and groom,loving look,hand-holding,wedding attire,lavish room,elegant backdrop,romantic moment,cultural dress,intimate setting,marital connection.

This magical day was a union of hearts and a beautiful testament to the joy love can inspire.

Photography: House of Talent Studio | Cinematography: House of Talent Studio | Planning & Design: Aria Events | Ceremony Venue: Dewan Banquet | Reception Venue: The Addison Park | Floral & Decor: Wedding Desing and Decor | DJ: Premier Entertainment | Mehndi Artist: Henna by Tanvi | Photo Booth: Dreams PhotoBooths | Rentals: Regal Luxotics | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Shiza Ahmed Makeup | Hair & Makeup: Shiza Ahmed Makeup

Plano, TX Indian Wedding by Peter Nguyen Studio

Let's delve into Natasha & Jonathan's enchanting wedding day. Held at the majestic Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West, this venue transformed into a breathtaking paradise, where modern elegance met classic charm, offering a spectacularly picturesque backdrop. Events by Hala orchestrated every detail, ensuring that the day unfolded seamlessly. The guests were mesmerized by the lush floral arrangements created by Birch Event Design. Natasha, a vision in her exquisitely crafted Manish Malhotra gown, radiated grace, complemented by the intricate designs of Sheetal's Henna Designs Dallas and the flawless touch of Ms Painted Lady's hair and makeup artistry. Renowned caterer Gaurav Anand treated guests to a diverse and delightful gastronomic journey. DJ Riz Entertainment set the evening alight, spinning tracks with everyone dancing till the wee hours. The beats pulsed through the venue's heart, echoing the vibrant energy of a love that was meant to be celebrated. The talented Peter Nguyen Studio immortalized the night's incredible moments, whose lens captured the essence of their joy, the warmth of their smiles. Enjoy!

photo #413553
photo #413564
photo #413559
photo #413514
photo #413510
photo #413516
photo #413534
photo #413546
photo #413563
photo #413548

Darlings, experience the romance and beauty and find inspiration for your dream wedding.

DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | Venues: Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West | Planning & Design: Events by Hala | Floral & Decor: Birch Event Design | Hair & Makeup: Ms Painted Lady | Catering: Gaurav Anand | Bridal Fashions: Manish Malhotra | Mehndi Artist: Sheetal's Henna Designs Dallas | Photography: Peter Nguyen Studio

Houston, TX Sikh Wedding Aventography Photo & Video Studios

Welcome to the mesmerizing tale of Kiran & Ajit's wedding. Their celebration began with the Sangeet at Chateau Crystale, an evening filled with music, dance, and laughter, setting the tone for the festivities. The Sikh Center opened its doors to a ceremony that was nothing short of magical. Kiran & Ajit exchanged vows under a canopy of divine decor by Divine Decor, creating a moment so serene that time stood still. The reception at ULH Event Center was a testament to their enduring love. Henna Vative's mehndi art adorned Kiran's hands with patterns as intricate and profound as the journey of love they embarked upon, while DBI's music filled the air with melodies that echoed the couple's happiness. Aventography Photo & Video Studios, renowned for their ability to capture the essence of each moment with a blend of creativity and authenticity, brought their story to life through their lens. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, their photography and cinematography went beyond mere documentation, encapsulating the unforgettable moments of the day in a way that each photograph and video invites viewers to relive this union's joy and beauty. 

photo #413032
photo #413031
photo #413030
photo #413023
photo #413025
photo #413054
photo #413014
photo #413017
photo #413013
photo #413053

Join us tomorrow to relive sweet moments, incredible details, and emotions. See you soon, loves!

Photography: Aventography Photo & Video Studios | Cinematography: Aventography Photo & Video Studios | Sangeet Venue: Chateau Crystale | Ceremony Venue: The Sikh Center | Reception Venue: ULH Event Center | Floral & Decor: Divine Decor | DJs: DBI | Mehndi Artists: Henna Vative

Matamoras, PA Gujarati Wedding by Kaptured by Krunal

Today, we're unfurling the vibrant tapestry of Shena & Daxesh's wedding. The Best Western Hotel & Resort set the stage for their ceremony, each corner whispering tales of romance. Shena seemed to glide thanks to the masterful artistry of Lauren Berlingeri Makeup, her beauty accentuated by the intricate patterns from Hennafly that adorned her hands like delicate lace. Captis Events by Shena ensured that every planning and design detail was steeped in personal meaning and grandeur. The floral arrangements by Mandap Milap set a magical scene, transforming the venue into a dreamscape. But what truly captured their day's essence was the Kaptured by Krunal lens. More than just photographers and cinematographers, they were the storytellers who froze moments in time, turning them into a mosaic of memories. Each photograph was a testament to their craft, encapsulating emotions and details with such clarity that they'll be transported back to those precious moments every time they gazed upon them. Relieve and enjoy the magic of this wedding.

photo #402874
photo #402869
photo #402861
photo #402813
photo #402819
photo #402830
photo #402816
photo #402820
photo #402873
photo #402814
photo #402812

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
In May 2021, I received a connection request on a dating website. At first, I didn't answer the connection - she hadn't heard of Daxesh and wanted to find a mutual friend who might be able to vouch for him. After some time, a friend was able to confirm that Daxesh ('Dax' for short) was a great guy, very likable and well-known. Shena took the leap and, on the second connection request, clicked ‘accept.’ One connection request and the rest is history.

I knew Dax was the one after our first date. After a long few months of texting and talking over FaceTime, we decided to meet up in Washington, DC. Our first date consisted of two things we love dearly - Art and Food! After attending the Van Gogh immersive experience, we headed over to a restaurant for lunch. After our first date, I remember walking away feeling safe, feeling like I could be myself around him, and knowing that this guy would make me laugh and smile for the rest of my life…I just knew he was the one!

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
R. We were planning a cabin staycation at Cloudland State Park in November 2022. As the date came near, Dax saw an opportunity to execute the surprise - and I know at certain points that week I got on his nerves with my Type A, planner personality. He had hired a photographer and dusted off his drone skills. As we went outside to look at the mountain scenery in the morning, Dax swept the drone up and smoothly landed on one knee as I turned around. It was absolutely perfect! You can see the video on my Instagram!

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Many know, and for those who don’t, I currently work in the corporate world, but I also am at the beginning of my journey to start my side business as an event planner. Saying that, you can imagine the crazy Type A personality I had when planning our own wedding. Leading up to our wedding, Dax and I worked hard to break down each detail and be on the same page. This really helped when talking to all our vendors and families. The effort put into the planning in the months leading up to the wedding definitely paid off during the week of the wedding!

Our wedding could not have been possible without our amazing vendors! Each one of them took such care in helping us plan out each detail, and when the weekend came, they showed up with their A-game. Each of our vendors was easy to work with and stayed flexible when things changed! Leading up to the event, they worked hard with us to make sure they could achieve our vision (and within budget). My coordination team took all the details I had planned and executed everything perfectly! I think I am one of those rare brides who didn’t stress about if things were getting done because the coordination team was always on top of it, even when there were last-minute changes.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
Call me weird, but I did not want to go with the traditional red. Anyone who knows me well knows that when it comes to Indian outfits, I like to wear stuff that is unique. Dax and I looked for inspiration for months. We finally found a color that we really wanted to incorporate into our outfits - sage green. Walking into Thakur’s, I knew I would have to keep an open mind. We didn’t have much time to get custom-made outfits, so I would have to choose something ready-made. After looking at a few outfits, the lengha, which was brought out last, was the one I fell in love with. It had a sage green color and incorporated the red brick color as well.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I loved the planning process! I believe my favorite part was planning the small details. We really wanted to make sure that our guests enjoyed the weekend. Guests at any event remember two things the most - the food and the experience. Dax and I made sure we thought about those two things in the most detail when planning. We had an in-depth conversation with our caterer to build a menu that was different for each meal. We wanted to make sure there was variety the entire weekend, and being foodies ourselves, it was important to us that our guests enjoyed the food!

For experience, we tried to have meaningful experience-related pieces throughout the entire weekend. We wanted to showcase our favorite things throughout the weekend while adding the element of guest experience. We planned unique event signs (our love for art and design), flower pithi (our love for fun and fresh floral), sparkler exit, baraat dances (our love for music and healthy competition, as we had a dance-off between both families), late night games (our love for board and card games) and much more! I’m so happy we put time into detailing these pieces because it made the weekend much more enjoyable and memorable.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Even today, the two things I hear the most about from our wedding guests are that the food is some of the best food (if not the best) they have had at a wedding in the US and that they have never been to a wedding which has had been as punctual and organized as ours. Everyone had a blast and was able to enjoy the moment!

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Obviously, it is hard to choose just one moment. Of course, the entire weekend revolved around my husband and I, and each of those moments was special. However, there is one special moment that stands out to me. Over the past few years, I have been giving this piece of advice to my friends, family, and bridal clients:

During your wedding, choose a random chunk of time and walk around the venue. Use this as a moment in time to observe and let the emotions soak all in. I chose to do this twice, once on the Wednesday before my wedding and once on the Friday before. These moments will remain so special to me because walking around I saw all the individuals - family and friends - who came together just for Dax and I. Each one of them worked together to help make our weekend possible. These moments showed me that the weekend was about Dax and I, but it was also about the relationships we have forged with each guest who attended. I will be forever grateful for these relationships and remember these moments!

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
When you look back at your wedding and the months leading up to it, you don’t want to be reminded about hating the process. Wedding planning can be stressful, but only if you make it more stressful than needed. There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. Plan your wedding with the method that works best for you and your fiance because it will make the process that much easier. If you wanna get all the easy stuff done first and then work on the large pieces, do that. If you want to plan the little things and have a planner do the large pieces, then hire a partial planner. If you don’t care much about certain things and want to hand them off to family members so they can help, then communicate that and get the help. If you need help from others, get the help. At the end of the day, do what works best for you!

Obviously, Indian weddings have a HUGE family element to them, and for many, that could be the stressful part. However, always remember that communication is key. Keep everyone on the same page on what you and your fiance envision and what the budget is/should be. Also, take the time to understand the different ceremonies and traditions.

Lastly, I have seen a lot of brides recently becoming stressed during wedding planning because they keep thinking about what others will think. Always remember that the weekend is about you and your fiance. Plan the details in a way that showcases your relationship.

Join us in reliving this majestic celebration, where every moment is a story and a testament to love.

Photography: Kaptured by Krunal | Cinematography: Kaptured by Krunal | Ceremony Venue: Best Western Hotel & Resorts | Planning & Design: Captis Events by Shena | Floral & Decor: Mandap Milap | Hair & Makeup: Lauren Berlingeri Makeup | Mehndi Artist: Hennafly


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