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Edison, NJ Indian Wedding by Virdee Films Photo & Cinema


Tuscany, Italy Fusion Wedding by The Wedding Filmmakers

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Edison, NJ Indian Wedding by Virdee Films Photo & Cinema

In a picturesque setting reminiscent of a fairy tale, Angel & Ankit celebrated their love at the mesmerizing Lake Chateau Banquets. With the magic touches from Makeup by Hena, Angel gleamed with elegance, her beauty amplified with every detail. Ankit was the epitome of dapper charm, thanks to the meticulous turban service by New York Turban Tying Service, a reflection of our rich traditions and modern flair combined. Sahil Wedding Planner seamlessly and impeccably orchestrated this union with flair and precision. The atmosphere was filled with melodies and beats from DJ 1E Entertainment. Taj Catering served experiences through the exquisite flavors, leaving the guests in awe. The most important person who really made this wedding look nice and big was Virdee Films Photo & Cinema. They truly outshined at this wedding, capturing fleeting moments and translating them into eternal memories. Each frame they curated not only encapsulated the sheer joy and emotion of the day. The cinematic captures elegantly wove together the essence of the day, taking anyone who viewed them on a beautiful journey back to the couple's most cherished moments. 

photo #391749
photo #391826
photo #391859
photo #391748
photo #391762
photo #391810
photo #391833
photo #391845
photo #391855
photo #391858

How did you meet your Groom, and when did you know he was "the one"?
We met at the hotel where we used to work together. Ankit was always loving and caring right from the first day, and to be honest, I knew right from the beginning HE WAS THE ONE.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
We were out on 19th Aug to Times Square. He told me to get ready as he hired some photographers to take our pictures. I had no idea of anything. When I was at Times Square, I suddenly saw on a large screen at Time, “Angel, will you marry me?” and 3 pics of us together. I was having goosebumps as I didn't know what was going on. I was totally surprised. In a few seconds, I got back to my senses and said YES to my love.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair and makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Planning a wedding was really hectic as we did in less than 4 weeks. The proposal was on 19th Aug 2022, and the wedding was on 27th Sept 2022. We decided around 29th Aug that we were going get married in Sept
My husband did most of the running work from finding Vendors, Wedding Planner, and Venues. I went at the last on most things to finalize and to see them. Decorations we both selected together after going through some samples

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Do you have a favorite color in mind?
I selected Wedding lengha from NAZARANA in Edison. I went to Nazrana Boutique first and found my lehnga, but my husband insisted on checking other places too, and I did, but for some reason, I was stuck to the one I chose at first and bought it. Which was a very good decision as everyone loved that attire

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Shopping was the most hectic and fun part because it was the first time you got a real Licence to shop, and you could buy anything from jewelry to Bridal dresses and make-up, and no one could say no coz you were the BRIDE.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Guests particularly loved how I and my husband had bonded together. Pretty much each and every one of them said that we were made for each other, and I loved that part most, apart from that they loved the Food which was from the Taj caterer and also our performances.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
7 pheras and Varmala ceremony. That was the most memorable moment for me. From childhood, we dream that it will happen one day, and when it happens, and the person is really the love of your life you wanted, there is no better feeling than that. I still rewind and watch them every now and then.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
Decor we kept very simple but elegant. We wanted to have a light Pink color, and it went really well with our attire.
Dances were the most lively part of our reception. Our reception highlights when we put it on social media, it got so many views and plays. All the performances were very good, and the speeches made were memorable.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Words of wisdom for brides-to-be is “ Give everything in your relation to make it work.” There is no He/she but only we.

Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
I can keep going on and on, but the most and most important person who really made this wedding look nice and big was “VIRDEE FILMS.” I have never seen such professionalism, but on top of that, being such a humble person and accepting each and every request from Bride, groom, and family is remarkable. Everyone loved our pre-wedding videos on the wedding day. And Wedding and reception highlights are played every time our relatives come home. So special special, special thanks to Virdee films. Thanks

We hope you enjoy today's feature, darlings. Cheers to love and the endless possibilities it brings!

Photography: Virdee Films Photo & Cinema | Cinematography: Virdee Films Photo & Cinema | Sangeet / Ceremony / Reception Venue: Lake Chateau Banquets | Planning & Design: Sahil Wedding Planner | Makeup Artist: Makeup by Hena | Catering: Taj Catering | DJ: DJ 1E Entertainment's | Turban: New York Turban Tying Service

Hamburg, NJ Fusion Wedding by Abhi Sarkar Photography

Loves, let's enjoy the enchanting embrace of Manalika & Sai's wedding at the Crystal Springs Resort. The meticulously manicured landscapes offer an ethereal backdrop, making it a dream venue for couples seeking a blend of natural beauty and refined luxury for their special day. Enhancing Manalika's beauty was Jasvinder Kaur, who created a look that whispered timeless sophistication. Saroj Studios brilliantly captured this journey, their cinematography bringing each fleeting emotion and stolen glance alive. For those looking to encapsulate their special day into a cinematic journey, they promise a production that echoes with memories, love, and timeless artistry. Xquisit Events ensured that the ambiance reflected the couple's love story. Moghul Catering treated the guests' taste buds to an exquisite culinary journey. The evening was filled with music and dance, thanks to 07 Event Group, their beats echoing the heartbeat of every soul present. Abhi Sarkar Photography ensured these memories would remain etched in golden frames for eternity. Their mission was to document and enhance their experience, making their wedding an unforgettable journey filled with personalized, fun, and creative moments. Dive into today's gallery.

photo #387332
photo #387190
photo #387201
photo #387204
photo #387260
photo #387241
photo #387270
photo #387294
photo #387333
photo #387273

What a captivating feature, darlings! Come back for more love and wishes for everlasting romance!

Cinematography: Saroj Studios | Venues: Crystal Springs Resort | Photography: Abhi Sarkar Photography | Planning & Design: Xquisit Events | Hair & Makeup: Jasvinder Kaur | Catering: Moghul Catering | DJ: 07 Event Group | Transportation: Monaco Experiences

Riviera Maya, Mexico Fusion Wedding by Gareth Davies Photography

Hello, dears! As the first golden rays of dawn illuminated the sky, the ethereal ambiance of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya was the perfect setting for Sonam & Harshal's wedding. Every detail of the day was meticulously curated, and Sonam stepped out dressed in the dreamiest ensemble from Seema Gujral from Shop Kynah. Her radiant smile, further enhanced by the masterful art of Claudio Alejandro and Gamaliel Alvarez for hair & makeup, truly stole the show. iDo Celebrations led the planning & design, ensuring that every moment was flawlessly executed. The surroundings mirrored a fairy tale, with breathtaking flowers & decor by the geniuses at Zuniga, Etrios, and TulipaniaPatravali presented a culinary journey and added the perfect savory touch to the sweet love in the air. DJ Issac and Rahul spun the decks, weaving a tapestry of beats and melodies with everyone celebrating. Indian Destination Wedding, Inc. ensured every guest felt the warmth of hospitality and comfort throughout their stay, making this destination wedding a delightful experience for all. As the day unfolded, capturing these candid moments, emotions, and memories was Gareth Davies Photography encapsulating the essence of this grand day. Dive into the gallery!

photo #386865
photo #386777
photo #386816
photo #386818
photo #386794
photo #386807
photo #386827
photo #386862
photo #386857
photo #386867

Alright, Maharanis, I hope you enjoyed this story. Keep coming back for more romances and tips!

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding | Sangeet / Ceremony / Reception Venue: Hard Rock Riviera Maya | Planning & Design: IDo Celebrations | Floral & Decor: Zuñiga Deco·Cancún | Floral & Decor: Tulipania | Hair & Makeup: Gamaliel Alvarez | Hair & Makeup: Claudio Alejandro | Catering: Hard Rock Riviera Maya | Catering / Cake & Treats: Patravali | DJ & Baraat: DJ Issac | DJ & Baraat: Rahul | Cinematography: Ruiz Films | Lighting: Mills James | Mehndi Artist: Loto Mendhi | Sonam's Pithi Outfit: Kalki Fashions | Sonam's Pithi Jewelry / Wedding Jewelry / Reception Bangles: Lost Bangle (SF) | Sonam's Welcome Party Outfit: Shona Joy (AUS) | Sonam's Wedding & Reception Outfit: Seema Gujral from Shop Kynah | Harshal's Welcome Party Outfit: Suit Supply | Harshal's Wedding Outfit: Rajoo India | Harshal's Reception Outfit: The Black Tux | Photography: Gareth Davies Photography

Ponte Vedra, FL Indian Wedding by Sona Photography

Hi loves! Today's romantic journey through Sapna & Swapnil's is a wedding bliss. Nestled within the elegant embrace of the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, their wedding unfolded like a dream. With its sweeping views and tranquil ambiance, this picturesque haven was more than just a venue; it was a sanctuary where dreams were woven into reality. Thanks to the meticulous planning and design by the talented team at Big Guava Events, every detail was meticulously curated, orchestrating a seamless symphony of colors, textures, and emotions that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the couple's journey. Nikun Events lent their magic touch to the lovely decor. Beauty Marked worked their artistry, ensuring Sapna glowed with an ethereal radiance that would captivate all hearts. 5th Element Catering curated a feast that delighted every guest. DJ Sangeen from Awaaz Entertainment filled the night with melodies that set hearts dancing to the rhythm of love. Sona Photography, much like its name's meaning of 'gold,' epitomizes the precious essence of Sapna & Swapnil's wedding. Each frame was not just a photograph but a glimpse into the depth of their connection. We invite you to explore the gallery of this magnificent celebration. It is mind-blowing!

photo #384519
photo #384360
photo #384348
photo #384371
photo #384446
photo #384411
photo #384395
photo #384460
photo #384506
photo #384498
photo #384521

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We "un-officially" met at Georgia Tech Garba in 2013 (all Swapnil remembers is seeing a very sweaty me post dancing) but, officially met a few weeks later when Swapnil came to Athens for his fall break with his roommates. After a few months of talking, we started dating in January of 2014 and the rest was history. 

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Swapnil proposed on May 8, 2021 at a beautiful winery in Temecula, California. I thought I was going on a weekend trip to Temecula with my friends but, was completely surprised when the "wine tour" turned out to be a proposal on the property. The surprises didn't end there. When Swapnil & I reached the AirBnb in Temecula, I was surprised by friends & family that flew out from the East Coast to celebrate the special day.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
My wedding lengha was inspired by my mom's wedding saree. I was inspired by all of the colors and elements within her saree and wanted to incorporate that into my wedding lengha somehow as a tribute to her. My designer, Tania, did such a beautiful job in designing my wedding lengha - I'll never forget us sitting on the floor of her studio picking colors, embroidery types, and ironing out all the details. I was really so happy with how it turned out!!

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?

I think the most special part of our wedding weekend was seeing all of our loved ones from all facets of life (friends, cousins, grandparents, family, coworkers, etc.) all in one room to celebrate us. I remember feeling so much gratitude and love to be able to celebrate with each and every one of them.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
1. The most enjoyable part of the planning process for me was being able to incorporate mine and Swapnil's personalities into certain details of our wedding weekend. Examples of this were:
2. My lavender Sangeet lengha (inspired by Jacaranda Trees and an ode to my South African Heritage)
3. Swapnil playing the violin (and instrument he's played for over 10 years) at our Sangeet
4. Our "starry night" themed wedding - this stemmed from our names meaning "Dream" but also Swapnil's love for Space

Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed today's story as much as I did. Do not forget to come back for more!

Photography: Sona Photography | Venues: Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa | Planning & Design: Big Guava Events | Decor: Nikun Events | Hair & Makeup: Beauty Marked | Hair & Makeup: Prima’s Beauty Care | Catering: 5Th Element Catering | DJ: Awaaz Entertainment (DJ Sangeen) | Officiant: Mahesh Gor | Cinematography: AZM Cinematography

Livingston, NJ Indian Wedding by House of Talent Studio

Welcome, Maharanis! We are back to amaze you with a lovely romantic story featuring Lisa & Harshal's wedding. The festivities started with the vibrant Baraat, led by the exuberant team of Rags to Rickshaws, and the groom made his way to the magnificent Crystal Plaza Group, the perfect venue for this auspicious union. The opulent halls were transformed into a dreamlike paradise by the talented artisans of Abhishek Decorators. The team from Detailed Affairs poured their heart and soul into curating a celebration that captured the couple's unique love story. Their meticulous attention to detail was evident, from the exquisite table settings to the beautiful lighting that bathed the venue in a soft, ethereal glow. The talented hands of Dawn Gomez and Divya Bhawnani adorned Lisa. Moghul Caterers prepared culinary delights that satisfied the senses and the soul. Premier Entertainment, the masters of melody, took center stage and effortlessly captivated the crowd with their rhythmic beats. The House of Talent Studio, with its exceptional eye for detail, skillfully immortalized each precious moment of their union. Through their lens, they captured the tenderness of their first look, the stolen glances, and the heartfelt embraces, creating a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for generations to come. Check out the gallery of this wedding. 

photo #381266
photo #381318
photo #381496
photo #381351
photo #381388
photo #381356
photo #381488
photo #381497
photo #381305
photo #381297
photo #381295

We hope your hearts be filled with joy and magic of their special day until we meet again, darlings!

Photography: House of Talent Studio | Cinematography: House of Talent Studio | Planning & Design: Detailed Affairs Team | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Crystal Plaza Group | Accommodations: The Westin Governor Morris | Floral & Decor: Abhishek Decorators | Bride & Family Hair & Makeup: Dawn Gomez | Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Gina Ammlung | Bride / Mother / Sister Makeup: Divya Bhawnani | Bridesmaids Makeup: Tenzin | Catering: Moghul Caterers | DJ: Premier Entertainment | Baraat: Rags to Rickshaws | Pandit: Rakesh Pathak | Cake & Treats: Fancy Cakes


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