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Voorhees Township, NJ Indian Fusion Wedding by Studio KSD

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Atlanta, GA Engagement Photoshoot by Hakim's Studio

Thursday is here, and with it comes a lovely Engagement Photoshoot we were dying to share with all of you! Simmi & Harinder are the lovebirds that starred in this session. This young couple decided to immortalize their love through a series of amazing pictures taken by Hakim's Studio, and the final result is pure amazingness! The colorful attires and the way they look into each other's eyes will melt your heart. The way they hold their hands is how pure love looks like. And I absolutely adore this beautiful young couple! Hands down, glamour and emotion, is the best combination to start a new life with your soulmate. Natural colors such as green, raw umber, red ochre, and all the colors present in these images added an extra touch of beauty and flair and defined how majestic this photoshoot turned out! If you can't get enough of it, get ready to enjoy the full array of images in today's spectacular gallery. Trust me; you are going to love every shot, and you'll get tons of inspiring ideas!

photo #323040
photo #323043
photo #323047
photo #323046
photo #323049
photo #323055
photo #323059
photo #323065
photo #323072
photo #323078
photo #323079
photo #323075

More stories are coming your way, so make sure to join us tomorrow for more!

Photography: Hakim's Studio

Austin, TX Indian Wedding by Vek Photo

Happy Tuesdays, Maharanis! We hope you are enjoying the company of your close ones during this quarantine. We are going to get this through together! Today, as always, we are here to give you a daily shot of inspiration. We are pleased to bring to you all details and beauty surrounding Reshma & Marshall's big wedding festivities. To begin this journey, let me take you to the exclusive JW Marriott Austin, the ideal venue chosen by our lovebirds to celebrate their eternal promise of love. Right from the start, we have to say that you will love the detailed and on-point organization of this spectacular wedding. Our friends from SB Events Co. perfectly planned and trimmed every segment of the event down to the smallest detail, delivering nothing but perfection. Simply amazing! Everyone loved the natural beauty from Reshma, our gorgeous Maharani, who stole the show with a royalty look. She trusted the talent from Ms Painted Lady, who made sure to deliver a traditional but glamorous look for her. And let's not forget about the fantastic Mehndi art that Samira's Henna Designs created for our beautiful bride. To turn this gala into an epic party, our friends from DJ Riz Entertainment jumped into the stage and played their fantastic beats, making everyone dance the night away! To relive all of these details, make sure to visit today's gallery. I bet you will be inspired!

photo #294731
photo #294717
photo #294742
photo #294744
photo #294745
photo #294750
photo #294748
photo #294773
photo #294752
photo #294776
photo #294775
photo #294778
photo #294789
photo #294777

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We met at work in October of 2014! On January 15th, 2015 Marshall took me on our first date at Del Frisco's Steakhouse in downtown Dallas. I couldn't have been more nervous! He sensed that, and tried everything to make me feel comfortable. We talked about our past college experiences, funny stories, and he spent the evening trying to ask me every question in the world to try and get to know me better.

Soon after we became inseparable! It was such an exhilarating feeling falling for Marshall. He was so full of energy, love, care and commitment. Our bond created something so unique and I was positive that our relationship cultivated deep within our hearts.

In October 2015, Marshall was promoted and had to move to Columbus, Ohio. As nerve racking as it was, we courageously fought to stay close and build our relationship besides the distance. In this time, we grew to love each other in ways we never knew possible.

I have never been in an interracial relationship before, and Marshall eased my worries by showing so much gratitude and appreciation for my culture. He genuinely took interest, embraced it, and accepted my roots and welcomed them as a part of his life. I was in awe in how easily it was for him to blend with my family, friends, and culture that it became evident that it was impossible for me to go through life without him. I quickly learned, happiness came from within, and Marshall and I were meant to be. I am forever thankful to Marshall for never giving up on us and working so hard to be the amazing man that he is today.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Marshall and I planned a trip to Barcelona and Ibiza in May 2018. On our second day in the beautiful city of Barcelona, we decided to check out "Bunkers Del Carmel" a beautiful site that over looks the entire city. We took the hour long car ride up to the hill, and Marsh and I chatted the entire way, like we always do.

We finally get to the top of the hill, and I see tourists in athletic gear, and I am confused as Marsh and I were more dressed up (we had lunch reservations at a restaurant Picasso frequently visited), but I initially didn't think much of it. We slowly walked up to the top of the hill where there were a few people soaking in the view. As we reached the top, I looked out over the horizon and felt blessed to be there. As I'm doing so, I look over and Marsh turns to me and pulls out a dark blue box - and I KNEW in that moment it was happening! He opens the box (UPSIDE DOWN!) and he get's down on one knee, and I (of course) begin to cry. I excitedly say YES!!!

Marsh had hired a photographer to capture the moment and I felt so incredibly loved. We took photo's at the proposal site and at the Barcelona Cathedral. At night, we had a separate photoshoot at the Magic Fountains and a dinner reservations at Pepito - a romantic restaurant in downtown.
My heart was so full of love as our families and friends showered us with support and excitement. Marsh made me feel like a princess on May 3rd, 2018. I will never forget the feeling in my heart knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Planning a wedding is no joke! Planning an interracial and interfaith wedding comes with a different set of challenges, but also welcomes the idea of creating a fusion of two cultures that bring to light a union of love and compassion. During the process, Marshall and I wanted to make decisions together and respect both families opinions.

The JW Marriott stands tall in downtown Austin, and even though we had visited over 8+ venues, the JW always took our breath away. The beautiful tall ceilings and warm welcome when you walked in, felt a sense of joy and excitement to be there. I've seen the work of all my vendors, and knew that each of them were the perfect fit to my vision. From hair and make up to decor and music - each vendor carefully took their time to understand what I was looking for and bring to life the ideas in my head. My wedding planner was the icing on top! 

Our goal was to truly give our guests the "fusion" wedding experience. We wanted to incorporate traditional Indian customs with an american flare. We chose to have 3 different types of cuisines (Mexican, Italian, and Indian) to ensure our guests had a variety of flavors over the weekend. The Baraat was a 90's hip hop vs. Bollywood and dhol beat dance off - combining Indian culture with my husbands love for hip hop. We also made sure the dancefloor on both nights gave everyone a reason to come up and break a sweat!

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part of the process for me was having the opportunity to travel to India for my wedding shopping.

Initially I was not sure if I would be able to travel so far as I had just started a new job, and the seasons in India were either extreme heat or monsoon - both not ideal! None the less we decided to brave the heat in June 2019. To me, going to India was not just about buying outfits, jewelry or invitations for the wedding. It was so much more than than that. It was about the experience I had with my mom and Dad trying on different outfits and laughing at the ones I didn't look good in or being excited for the ones that did. It was about the joy of my family members in India getting to bless me before the wedding. Feeling the love despite our interracial union. The excitement of describing my day to Marshall who was so intrigued about my time there. That trip was the most special part of the entire process.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The feedback that I hear the most about our wedding is that people could genuinely feel the love between us. They heard and felt our voices in our vows, speeches, and pictures. The hardest part of wedding planning, is to remember why you're doing this. Things can get difficult and stressful, but when the weekend came - I didn't care if a groomsmen's outfit got lost by an airline (Yes, that happened!), I just wanted to share the experience of getting married to my best friend in front of all of the people who have played such key roles in our lives growing up.

Our priest was very adamant of wanting the guests to learn about the Hindu marriage and what each step stood for. Often times, at weddings we don't get an opportunity to learn why we say and do what we do on the mandap. Guests mentioned that they really enjoyed learning about the meaning behind the actions.

 We also had 9FT tall LED Robots come to our reception! That was fun and unique for them to experience!

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
My favorite moment of the entire wedding weekend was my mothers speech. I still tear up thinking about it today. She spoke from her heart, and as she held back her tears, she said she wanted both of us to remember one thing: collect moments not things. She then asked the entire audience to light up their flashlights on their phones and wave them for us. She said, "remember this moment, this is your moment - take it in". It was absolutely beautiful.

My mother put her entire heart into planning this wedding, and I am so grateful for her (and my dad & sister's) dedication to making our dreams come true. As brides, we often forget that this is such a profound and emotional moment for our parents too and we owe them all the love in the world for going above and beyond for us.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
The most important thing to remember is do not get caught up in the image of your wedding. i.e. making sure every picture looks perfect, that the decor/lighting/positioning of chairs are perfectly positioned. We're all guilty of a couple bridezilla moments, but remember to make sure your bridal party, family, and friends feel the love from you and your fiance. Your wedding doesn't have to be in a grandiose location, with the most lavish decor - people don't remember those things, but they do remember how you made them feel during your wedding process and the weekend of. Remember to show compassion to your partner, your parents/in-laws and bridal party. Even when things get stressful - take deep breaths and know they are also doing their best. However, make sure the elements of your wedding is truly what you want and stand-up for the aspects that you envision being a part of your special day.

Lastly, soak up all of the weekend events. It goes back way too quickly, in a blink of an eye it is over! Laugh a lot, cry happy tears, dance a little extra, and make sure to have the time of your life!

We have more prepared for you, so make sure to join us tomorrow. You will not regret it! 

DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | Mehndi Artists: Samira's Henna Designs | DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | Planning & Design: SB Events Co | Sangeet Venue: JW Marriott Austin | Ceremony Venue: JW Marriott Austin | Reception Venue: JW Marriott Austin | Floral & Decor: Raofactor | Hair & Makeup: Ms Painted Lady | Catering (Reception): Sangam | Catering (Sangeet & Ceremony): JW Marriott | Cake & Treats: Sugar Mama's | Cinematography: Aria Cinema Films | Live Music: Robots | Photography: Vek Photo

Cedar Grove, NJ Indian Wedding by Jason Rhee Photography

Welcome back, ladies! As we promised, we are here to bring you the beautiful Nikkah ceremony and Walima of Zahra & Zohab's! On this final installment, we are taking you to The Grove NJ. A magical and perfectly selected venue, where the traditional ceremony and reception was hosted. The talent from Jason Rhee Photography was present, capturing every single detail and transforming them into a beautiful gallery. Just perfect! What began with a fabulous proposal; today, we could see it became a dream come true with a "Yes, I do." At the end of the ceremonies, all guests attended the fantastic celebration; and let me tell you that you could feel the love that filled every corner of that place. We can assure you that the phenomenal talent of All Event Decorators made it possible. It's just splendid! Every single ornament, flower, and customed designed centerpiece gave a luxury vibe to each table. Maharani, Zahra glowed in a phenomenal and traditional red and gold Anarkali and flawless makeup and hairstyle, all thanks to the Style by Susmita's crew. Visit our gallery today to relive these fantastic moments!

photo #278363
photo #278359
photo #278392
photo #278305
photo #278369
photo #278371
photo #278387
photo #278375
photo #278389
photo #278372
photo #278386

Oh yes, we have more for you. Come back tomorrow and you will be delighted with another love story!

Venues: The Grove NJ | Photography: Jason Rhee Photography | Sangeet Venue: Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson | Floral & Decor: All Event Decorators | Hair & Makeup: Style by Susmita

Cedar Grove, NJ Indian Wedding by Jason Rhee Photography

Good Morning, Maharanis! It is so good to be back with more love stories. If you are in the persuit of inspiration, you came to the right place at the right moment as today we have something special just for you. We are presenting the beauty that surrounded the wedding of Zahra & Zohab and I'm pretty sure you will love it.  To begin this lovely journey,  we will be heading down to the phenomenal Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson, where a marvelous Sangeet festivity ignaurated the wedding spree! Everyone was amazed by the kaleidoscopic decoration our friends from All Event Decorators created. So vibrant, such cheerful and what a wonderful talent displayed! Maharani Zhara was dolled up by Style by Susmita who's magical touch gave her and impecable look to twirl on the dance floor. What a beauty! Family and friends gathered, enjoyed delicious food and amazing choreographies that created and unforgettable night for our lovebirds. We are glad to have the fabulous photos from our friends from Jason Rhee Photography to bring back to life this great night!

photo #278317
photo #278322
photo #278313
photo #278347
photo #278323
photo #278309
photo #278325
photo #278399

We have more for you. Come back for the final  moments of this magical celebration. 

Venues: The Grove NJ | Photography: Jason Rhee Photography | Sangeet Venue: Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson | Floral & Decor: All Event Decorators | Hair & Makeup: Style by Susmita

Irving, TX Indian Wedding by Epique Cinema

We are glad that you are back! In this opportunity, we will show you the final event of Shaily & Deep's beautiful wedding festivities, and you, my lovely maharanis, will love it! We must begin telling you that Shaily, our maharani from today, stole every single sigh from everyone just with her presence. A stunning mix between the style of Makeup and Hair by Pooja, the bridal fashion from Gauri, the fantastic mehndi art from Samira's Henna Designs, and of course, the glamorous jewelry from Bharat Jewels were the perfect combination for an ideal look. The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas hosted the reception of this fantastic wedding. Divine Décor of Dallas perfectly decorated every single space of this great venue and created a magical environment. They flaunted their creativity with a heavenly vibe at the dance floor, well-mixed ornaments, and perfect centerpieces that presented a luxury scene. Such talent! This was an unforgettable party, filled with fantastic lights and music from DJ Riz Entertainment, who made sure to create a memorable night. Everyone danced, laughed, and enjoyed every single part of this incredible event. We are lucky to have all of the captures from Epique Cinema. So make sure to visit our gallery of every moment of that unbelievable day! 

photo #276373
photo #276405
photo #276369
photo #276384
photo #276371
photo #276368
photo #276382
photo #276385
photo #276379
photo #276386
photo #276376

Don't forget to come back for more inspiration!

DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | Mehndi Artists: Samira's Henna Designs | DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment | Cinematographer: Epique Cinema | Photographer: Epique Cinema | Sangeet Venue: Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas | Floral and Decor: Divine Décor of Dallas | Hair and Makeup: Makeup and Hair by Pooja | Reception and Sangeet Catering: Peacock Elite | Ceremony Catering: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir - Dallas | Bridal Fashion: Gauri | Bridal Jewelry: Bharat Jewels | Cake & Treats: Frosted Art Bakery & Studio | Dessert Table: Peacock Elite | Draping and Styling: Makeup and Hair by Pooja | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Rageeni Recards | Photo Booth: Epique Cinema | Transportation: Highland Park Carriages


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