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Ivyland, PA Indian Wedding by WSS Weddings


Riviera Maya, MX Indian Wedding by Ismael Gonzalez Filmmaker

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Rockleigh, NJ Fusion Wedding by Pandya Photography

In today's fairytale, Deanna illuminated the sangeet venue, Hilton Pearl River Hotelwith her radiant smile as she embarked on her journey to a dream celebration. Amidst the enchantment, the ceremony and reception venue, The Rockleigh, stood as a testament to their union, adding an extra layer of magic to their unforgettable day. Its spacious ballrooms, with opulent decor and state-of-the-art lighting, transported guests into a world of enchantment. The meticulous planning and design by Events Cherished and the decor by Wedding Design transformed the venue into a magical wonderland, setting the stage for a day of romance. Looks by Jassi's blended tradition with contemporary beauty trends resulted in a look that was both timeless and modern, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the bride and the fusion of cultures that the wedding celebrated. Pandya Photography, the masterful storytellers behind the lens, captured every emotion and tender moment, etching them into timeless photographs. Relieve the magic of this feature.

photo #404270
photo #404259
photo #404220
photo #404186
photo #404158
photo #404214
photo #404219
photo #404169
photo #404199
photo #404268

This wedding was a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, a romantic symphony of love. 

Draping/Styling: Looks by Jassi | Hair & Makeup: Looks by Jassi | Venues: The Rockleigh | Sangeet Venue: Hilton Pearl River Hotel | Planning & Design: Events Cherished | Floral & Decor: Wedding Design | Catering: Bukhara Grill | Mehndi Artist: Nensi’s Henna Creations | Photography: Pandya Photography

Wilmington, DE Engagement by Studio Nine Photography

Welcome to the story of Rachana & Sagar as they embark on their journey of love and commitment. Blending luxury and natural beauty, the Chase Center on the Riverfront provided an unforgettable setting that resonated with their journey and aspirations. Aria Events transformed the engagement with impeccable taste and attention to detail, blending traditional elements with contemporary flair to create a culturally rich and modern ambiance. The air was filled with the sweet fragrance of blooms, thanks to the exquisite Floral & Decor by Partyland Sajawat. Rachana, radiant as a morning star, was a vision in her bridal attire from Annu's Creation, her beauty further accentuated by the skillful artistry of Erica Portal from Portal2Beauty. The echoes of joyous beats and rhythms by M4U Events created an immersive sensory experience that lifted the spirits of everyone present and left a lasting impression on the memorable engagement. As the guests indulged in the delectable feast prepared by Chowpatty, each flavor seemed to tell a story of love and unity. The day was not perfect; it was a chapter out of a fairy tale captured brilliantly by Studio Nine Photography. Enjoy today story!

photo #399759
photo #399761
photo #399611
photo #399620
photo #399619
photo #399592
photo #399760
photo #399609
photo #399762
photo #399755

Until next time, sweeties, stay enchanted, and may the magic of love always be with you.

Venues: Chase Center on the Riverfront | Lighting: M4U Events | DJ: M4U Events | Planning & Design: Aria Events | Floral & Decor: Partyland Sajawat | Hair & Makeup: Erica Portal from Portal2Beauty | Bridal Fashions: Annu's Creation | Catering / Cake & Treats: Chowpatty | Photo Booth: Lavish Life 360 | Photography & Cinematography: Studio Nine Photography

Houston, TX Indian Wedding by Ama by Aisha

Dear loves, immerse in the captivating tale of Kaajol & Pruthul's wedding. The Westin Galleria Houston, a venue synonymous with luxury and elegance, with its opulent chandeliers and sophisticated décor, created an atmosphere of awe and excitement. It became a cornerstone where love was celebrated in its most beautiful form. Prashe Decor's enchanting floral decor turned the venue into a paradise. Kaajol's beauty was enhanced by the exquisite artistry of Hilda & Co. and the elegant draping and styling by Monalisha Salon & Spa. As she walked down the aisle, every step was a beat in the rhythm of their love story, set against a backdrop that The Storybook Event so meticulously planned and designed. M4U Events showcased their exceptional talent and delivered a personalized and exhilarating musical experience by blending traditional and contemporary tunes and reading the crowd's emotions with a keen sense of timing. A unique highlight was the live painting by Rendered Moments, creating a real-time masterpiece encapsulating this union's essence. Ama by Aisha's photograph is a timeless masterpiece that evokes the emotions of their special day. The joy and love they shared are frozen in time, making a cherished memory. Enjoy it!

photo #395922
photo #395952
photo #395874
photo #395891
photo #395880
photo #395863
photo #395866
photo #395820
photo #395836
photo #395834
photo #395824
photo #395950

We hope you enjoy today's feature, darlings. Cheers to love and the endless possibilities it brings!

Venues: The Westin Galleria Houston | DJ: M4U Events | Planning & Design: The Storybook Event | Floral & Decor: Prashe Decor | Photographer: Ama by Aisha | Hair & Makeup: Hilda & Co | Catering: Chowpatty Catering | Audio Equipment Rental: Karma DJs | Cinematography: Epique Cinema | Draping/Styling: Monalisha Salon & Spa | DJ: Vandan Patel | Live Painter: Rendered Moments

Raleigh, NC Indian Wedding by Carolina Elite Events

Hello, darlings! Priyanka & Priyank's wedding was a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style. Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley's luxurious ballrooms, adorned with opulent chandeliers and plush carpeting, offered an ambiance of regal charm ideally suited to the grandeur of the occasion. Pramukh Mandapam's floral and decor mirrored the couple's blossoming love. Uthsaav's meticulous planning and design ensured the ceremony was seamless, weaving the couple's dreams into tangible threads of reality. Priyanka's visage is aglow with KK Weddings Luxury Makeup and Hair's artistry, and her silhouette is a dazzling cascade of Sipani Jewelry's finest craftsmanship. Neena Jain's intricate mehndi designs told ancient love tales in every curl and dot. Every beat of the heart was set to the rhythm of Carolina Elite Events' music, urging the guests to their feet, their spirits uplifted in celebration. Azitra's catering tantalized the palate, creating a feast as much a journey as a meal. From the very first announcement on Uttara Shah's elegantly crafted invitations to the final snapshot of joy captured by Carolina Elite Events' photography, the wedding was an anthology of moments, each one to be cherished and remembered. Enjoy today's gallery!

photo #395795
photo #395816
photo #395762
photo #395808
photo #395783
photo #395763
photo #395773
photo #395766
photo #395955
photo #395818
photo #395802
photo #395789

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
I met Priyank (the groom) on the dating app Dil Mil. I knew he was the one when he met my family for the first time and it felt like he had been a part of the family forever. Everyone felt so comfortable with each other and that really made me feel like he was the perfect match for me.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.

We started with getting a wedding planner and the planner was very helpful in pointing us to all of the vendors we needed to speak with. Would strongly recommend getting a wedding planner, they make sure you think about all the things you wouldn’t even imagine thinking about.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?

Priyank and I made sure to go up to each and every one of guests to give them a moment of our time and thank them for coming. Our guests really appreciated this because a lot of them had mentioned that they have been to many weddings where they don’t even get to speak to the bride and groom.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Priyank surprised me with a flash mob at our Mehendi event. All of a sudden I see him and some of our friends and family entering the Mehendi venue in a choreographed dance number and I was so surprised and happy that I started crying tears of joy.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

Enjoy your big day. You’ve planned for so long, so whatever stress/worries you may have leading up to your big day, put them to the side and just be in the moment and enjoy each and every part of your big day.

Witness the love, laughter, and breathtaking moments of South Asian weddings. Come back for more!

Venues: Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley | Planning & Design: Uthsaav | Floral & Decor: Pramukh Mandapam | Hair & Makeup: KK Weddings Luxury Makeup and Hair | Catering: Azitra | DJ: Carolina Elite Events | Baraat: Carolina Elite Events | Bollywood Performers & Instructors: Naresh Kathak | Bridal Jewelry: Sipani Jewelry | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Rita's Beauty Salon | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Uttara Shah | Lighting: Carolina Elite Events | Live Music: Carolina Elite Events | Mehndi Artist: Neena Jain | Photo Booth: Carolina Elite Events | Cinematography: Carolina Elite Events | Photography: Carolina Elite Events

Scottsdale, AZ Indian Wedding by Santiago Almada Photography

The day was painted with hues of romance and tradition amidst the enchanting environs of the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa At Gainey Ranch, Shelina & Deep nuptials were nothing short of a fairytale. Shelina's entrance, an ethereal vision crafted by the skilled hands of Makiaj Beauty, had everyone's breath held in anticipation. With every step she took, the air shimmered, resonating with the delicate intricacies of her mehndi, the artwork of Henna by Purvi, as though her hands told stories of old-world romances and future promises. As the couple exchanged their wedding vows, a fragrant breeze wafted, carrying the intoxicating aroma of the beautiful floral arrangements by Flowers by Dora. The meticulous planning and design of Weddings by Shy ensured that every detail was present. As the day transitioned into a luminous evening, the dulcet tunes played by DJ Sohbash beckoned everyone to the dance floor. The delightful spread presented by Om Bistro tantalized the tastebuds, each dish telling tales of culinary prowess and passion. Every moment and every emotion was captured flawlessly by Santiago Almada Photography, turning fleeting instants into everlasting memories. For couples looking to etch their moments in the sands of time, Santiago offers pictures and stories that will be cherished for generations. Enjoy the gallery!

photo #395432
photo #395350
photo #395348
photo #395349
photo #395395
photo #395391
photo #395393
photo #395419
photo #395420
photo #395423
photo #395431

Until next time, sweeties, keep believing in love stories as magical as this one. Come back for more!

Mehndi Artists: Henna by Purvi | Photography: Santiago Almada Photography | Sangeet / Ceremony / Reception Venue / Cake & Treats: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa At Gainey Ranch | Planning & Design: Weddings by Shy | Floral & Decor: Flowers by Dora | Hair & Makeup: Makiaj Beauty | Catering / Cake & Treats: Om Bistro | DJ: DJ Sohbash | Cinematography: Sameer Soorma Studios | Lighting: Sage Productions


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