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Glencove, NY Sikh Wedding by Vaaho Photography


Atlanta, GA Indian Wedding by Hakim's Studio

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Hicksville, NY Indian Fusion Wedding by Never There Yet Photography

Good morning, Ladies! We are here to give you the daily shoot of inspiration by taking you on a visual journey through Ishan & Sunny's big wedding festivities. For this first installment, we will unveil the beauty surrounding these lovebirds' sangeet celebration. This time we will take you to the grand Antun's by Minar, the ideal venue chosen by our lovebirds to celebrate before the big day. This place was perfectly decored by the talented crew from Florista Decor, who took the beauty of this venue to a higher level, designing an Evergreen theme celebration that everyone enjoyed. Our lovely duo entered the hall dancing nonstop, wearing an elegant and traditional attire designed by Pashmina, and let me tell you that everyone loved them, especially how Ishan stole the night with her royalty presence. Oh boy! The hairstyle and makeup design that Beauty by Tamanna created for her gave her a ravishing look that left everyone speechless. Something to remark is the excellent environment that everyone felt during the Sangeet. DJ USA turned the party on with their phenomenal beats making everyone dance during the whole night. If you want to relive this magical moment, make sure to visit today's gallery presented thanks to Never There Yet Photography, who captured fabulous shots to immortalize this Sangeet! And we are sure it will take your breath away!

photo #283448
photo #283449
photo #283450
photo #283458
photo #283460
photo #283844
photo #283463
photo #283459
photo #283453
photo #283455

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Sunny and I had known each other for over a decade by the time we actually met. We were friends on social media for years but never met. We would send each other messages on Facebook and subtly flirt, but it never went anywhere. The number of mutual friends between us grew yet timing was never quite there yet. After a string of many failed relationships on both our parts, the stars aligned. I Direct Messaged Sunny on Instagram after he posted a song by Zayn Malik on his story (so original right?) and he replied back instantly. We eventually made plans to grab drinks. The first moment I laid eyes on this elusive man, I felt a surge of emotions I've never experienced ever before. We both gravitated towards one another and played a game of pool (he lost!) that night. The rest of the night was spent laughing uncontrollably and jamming out to 90's R&B while stealing glances secretly. We both went home that night knowing this was special, and from that night onward we were inseparable!

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
The way Sunny proposed to me was nothing short of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Valentine’s Day  was approaching and Sunny had asked me to take the day off from work. I obliged with excitement and started shopping for a nice dress. The morning came and Sunny was at my doorstep by noon with a bouquet of roses. He asked me to fix his collar and looked dapper than usual. We got in his car and he pulls out a scarf and put it over my eyes as a blindfold. As the anticipation built up, I asked him several times where we are going and if the blindfold was necessary. He stayed quiet and held my hand. As we exited the car, my blindfold was still on but he led my down a busy street full of bustling cars and fast walking pedestrians. We made our way up a flight of stairs and walked further and further than I’ve ever walked it seemed. He opened the blindfold and got on his knees. We were in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, surrounded by ecstatic strangers and a photographer. In front of what felt like the entire world, Sunny asked me to marry him and of course I said YES!

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
We dove right into planning. He proposed in February and we got married in October, we had about 8 months and we utilized it to the max. My overall experience with vendors were good! Wedding planning is always filled with a few hiccups but that goes without saying, ultimately we had the time of our lives on our big night.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I always knew I wanted to wear the traditional red bridal outfit. Being a Bengali marrying a Punjabi, I wanted to make sure I incorporated hints on my heritage in my outfit. The Bangladeshi flag has red and green, and I decided to do an all red/gold lehenga with my green jewelry to represent my culture.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part of the planning process would have to be just going to check out venues, cake/food tasting, and generally being treated like royalty. My husband loved every second of it, until it came time to pay!

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
I would say our guests loved the love between Sunny and I. I think it was evident how in love and happy we are. We were smiling ear to ear and just dancing and laughing. A big shout out to our siblings, cousins and close friends for making us both feel so special and loved throughout it all.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Our most special and favorite moment was when we made our entrance as Mr. & Mrs. at the reception. We came out to French Montana's "Unforgettable" and we were thinking of just walking out and waiving. However, when the time came - we just came through those doors dancing nonstop with our dhol guy. We totally didn't stick to the plan but it work out even better!

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
The Sangeet was an "Evergreen" theme, both Sunny and I wore green and our decor was festive and colorful. This was one of our favorite night and we both performed a medley of songs for one another while our family members and friends put on an entire show.

The Reception was themed after a Gatsby style black tie affair. I was dressed in gold from head to do and Sunny was in a dapper white/black tuxedo. We wanted that night to be all about dancing/drinks/food and celebrating love!

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
My words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be would be: Keep your vision clear, and stay headstrong. There will be moments you feel overwhelmed and surrounded by family members and their expectations. Make sure you and your partner are ONE and on the same team at all times. Also, take one day out of the week to not discuss anything wedding related, and go on date night and reconnect with one another!

Stay tune for the marvelous outcome of this love story!

Venues: Crest Hollow Country Club | Floral & Decor: Florista Decor | Cinematography: byDesign Films | Sangeet Venue: Antun's by Minar | Ceremony Venue: Antun's by Minar | Planning & Design: Events by Khadejah | Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Tamanna | Catering: Benares Restaurant & Catering | DJ: DJ USA | Favors: DJ USA | Baraat: Master of Beats | Bridal Fashions (Sangeet Outfit Bride & Groom): Pashmina | Bridal Fashions (Wedding Outfit Bride & Groom): Bombay Bridal | Bridal Fashions (Reception Outfit Bride): Custumise | Bridal Fashions (Reception Outfit Groom): Giorgenti | Bridal Jewelry: Kirnidesigns NY | Cake & Treats: Dortoni Bakery | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Beauty by Tamanna | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Seven Colours Card | Mehndi Artist: Henna For All | Photo Booth: DJ USA | Transportation: ASM Agile MotorSports | Tuxedos: Giorgenti | Photography: Never There Yet Photography

Los Angeles, CA Indian Fusion Wedding by M. Hart Photography

Welcome back, Maharanis! We are glad you could join us today at Evie & Neel's wedding reception. As promised in our previous episode, we have all of the details from this magical event. So let's go back to the grand The Ebell of Los Angeles, and let's enjoy the phenomenal shots captured by the talented crew from M. Hart Photography, who immortalized every intimate and emotive moment of this gala. Speaking of talent, you will love how the room was decorated. The Poppy Studio's team was the mastermind behind the well-crafted centerpieces and mixed flower arrangements that filled every corner of the hall. Just fabulous! Now, take a peek at Evie's look! She burst into the room, wearing a trendy and glamorous lengha after being dolled up by Blushington. And she mesmerized and bewitched everyone with so much beauty reflected on her fantastic look! Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, the chatting, and of course, the phenomenal beats from Riamu Entertainment, who made sure to light up the party with well-selected music, turning this gala into an epic celebration. No wonder why everyone had a blast! You're welcome to relive this closing event in today's gallery!

photo #282426
photo #282471
photo #282406
photo #282469
photo #282407
photo #282477
photo #282468
photo #282478
photo #282416
photo #282482

Inspiration is something that is needed on every dreamed wedding. We asure you that we will increase yours. So visit us tomorrow for more!

DJ: Riamu Entertainment | Planning & Design: The Marigold Company | Baraat: Enchanted Carriages | Ceremony Venue: The Ebell of Los Angeles | Reception Venue: The Ebell of Los Angeles | Floral & Decor: The Poppy Studio | Hair & Makeup: Blushington | Catering: The Ebell of Los Angeles | Cake & Treats (Dessert): Butter End | Cinematography: Shark Pig | Photographer Company Name: M. Hart Photography

Charlotte, NC Indian Wedding by Vesic Photography

The heartfelt ceremony at The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte was definitely something for the books! After such a grand gala, it was time to celebrate with the guests, the beginning of Nandita & Abhinav's new chapter together. For a task of that magnitude, the pros were needed to make sure everything looked and felt heavenly. Guess who was in charge of the floral and decor design of the bash? You got it, Carolina Wedding Belle of course! You know everything will be beaming if she is involved, and that was precisely the case with this wedding! Kudos to her! Who also did an amazing job storing all the images for our inspiration and sighing was the team from Vesic Photography! The masters of light, as they call them, truly showed why they are the go-to photographers in North Carolina! Talent at its finest! So, dolls, time to check the second installment of this beautiful gallery coming from Charlotte! Don't miss it!

photo #262589
photo #262595
photo #262591
photo #262598
photo #262593
photo #262597
photo #262594
photo #262596
photo #262605
photo #262590

Amazing wasn't it? Don't go anywhere, more to come!

Photography: Vesic Photography | Floral & Decor: Carolina Wedding Belle | Ceremony Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte | Reception Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte | Planning & Desing: Sangeeta Yadav | Hair & Makeup: Belladev Studio Hair and Makeup Artistry | DJ: Dj Pawan Entertainment & Events | Cinematography: Shamus Films

Charlotte, NC Indian Wedding by Vesic Photography

Welcome back to your Indian wedding inspiration page, ladies! It is Monday and to kick start the week with all the glam in the world, we have an extremely elegant flair coming from Charlotte. Our couple of the day? Nandita & Abhinav. These two lovebirds decided to celebrate the most important day of their lives with all the grandiosity and sophistication that we all love, and of course, Vesic Photography was there to capture it. We are so adoring the color palette chosen as well. The wintery tones totally suited this flair! So on point! The ceremony at The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte was this ode to style and color that we know you are going to be loving as much as we are. So, dolls, want to experience one more time what being a real Maharani feels like? Then head down to our gallery of today and see it for yourself.

photo #262557
photo #262553
photo #262565
photo #262569
photo #262575
photo #262576
photo #262577
photo #262567

Part two coming in no time! Stick around!

Photography: Vesic Photography | Floral & Decor: Carolina Wedding Belle | Ceremony Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte | Reception Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte | Planning & Desing: Sangeeta Yadav | Hair & Makeup: Belladev Studio Hair and Makeup Artistry | DJ: Dj Pawan Entertainment & Events | Cinematography: Shamus Films

Philadelphia, PA South Indian Fusion Wedding by Lightyear Studio

After the beautiful Chinese ceremonies that united Preeti & Jerry for eternity happened, it was time to celebrate such a huge milestone India style! The Belle Voir Manor and The Hilton Philadelphia at Penns Landing were the venues chosen by the newlyweds for the gala and we know about the exclusivity and elegance of them, so it was no secret that the flair was just overflowing with style. So amazing! What was also out of this world was Maharani Preeti's gorgeous indigo saree! Seriously, this wedding transcended in so many ways, one of them being the couple's fashion choices. Those details are what make weddings like this, truly special and unique! Kudos to the couple for such a grand bash and kudos to the team from Lightyear Studio, who as always, delivered a set of images that will be kept in our couple's hearts and memories for eternity! Want to experience part number two of this grand Indian Fusion wedding? Then head down to our gallery of today and get inspired!

photo #261329
photo #261306
photo #261293
photo #261301
photo #261298
photo #261307
photo #261290
photo #261304
photo #261300
photo #261327
photo #261303

More to come, stay with us!

Venues: Hilton Philadelphia at Penns Landing | Planning & Design: Elegant Events Planning & Design | Floral & Decor: Elegant Events Planning & Design | Photography: Lightyear Studio | Chinese Tea Ceremony Venue: Vie by Cescaphe | Indian Chinese Wedding Venue: Belle Voir Manor | Hair & Makeup: Beautiful Brides Philly | Catering: 5ive Chefs Catering | Catering: Sang Kee Peking Duck House | Catering: Moghul Caterers | DJ: DJ Ravi Jackson | Mehndi Artist: Henna by Sushma | Ceremony Transportation: KV Carriage | Transportation: Denise J & J Luxury Transportation


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