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Livingston, NJ Indian Wedding by House of Talent Studio

Welcome, Maharanis! We are back to amaze you with a lovely romantic story featuring Lisa & Harshal's wedding. The festivities started with the vibrant Baraat, led by the exuberant team of Rags to Rickshaws, and the groom made his way to the magnificent Crystal Plaza Group, the perfect venue for this auspicious union. The opulent halls were transformed into a dreamlike paradise by the talented artisans of Abhishek Decorators. The team from Detailed Affairs poured their heart and soul into curating a celebration that captured the couple's unique love story. Their meticulous attention to detail was evident, from the exquisite table settings to the beautiful lighting that bathed the venue in a soft, ethereal glow. The talented hands of Dawn Gomez and Divya Bhawnani adorned Lisa. Moghul Caterers prepared culinary delights that satisfied the senses and the soul. Premier Entertainment, the masters of melody, took center stage and effortlessly captivated the crowd with their rhythmic beats. The House of Talent Studio, with its exceptional eye for detail, skillfully immortalized each precious moment of their union. Through their lens, they captured the tenderness of their first look, the stolen glances, and the heartfelt embraces, creating a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for generations to come. Check out the gallery of this wedding. 

photo #381266
photo #381318
photo #381496
photo #381351
photo #381388
photo #381356
photo #381488
photo #381497
photo #381305
photo #381297
photo #381295

We hope your hearts be filled with joy and magic of their special day until we meet again, darlings!

Photography: House of Talent Studio | Cinematography: House of Talent Studio | Planning & Design: Detailed Affairs Team | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Crystal Plaza Group | Accommodations: The Westin Governor Morris | Floral & Decor: Abhishek Decorators | Bride & Family Hair & Makeup: Dawn Gomez | Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Gina Ammlung | Bride / Mother / Sister Makeup: Divya Bhawnani | Bridesmaids Makeup: Tenzin | Catering: Moghul Caterers | DJ: Premier Entertainment | Baraat: Rags to Rickshaws | Pandit: Rakesh Pathak | Cake & Treats: Fancy Cakes

Blue Ridge, GA Engagement by Hakim's Studio

Good Morning, Maharanis! The weekend is approaching fast, and there is no better way to prepare for it than to take a look at the captivating shots captured during Nausheen & Amyn's engagement photoshoot. Believe us; this is one for the books! Today's photoshoot is so unique that we couldn't wait to share with you as there are endless amounts of inspiring ideas brimming from this fantastic event. Nausheen & Amyn found the perfect spot for this photoshoot, and the result is beyond amazing! We love how every single shot immortalized this young couple's sweet and spontaneous moments in such a beautiful way. The images are so fantastic that you will feel how the love of these two radiates and gets passed on to you, drawing a smile on your face. The geniuses behind such magnificent shots? No other than the highly acclaimed team from Hakim's Studio. Once again, this photographic studio managed to surprise us with the artistic nature of their shots, and you can tell that they have a lot of talent by the way they transform a natural setting into a perfect canvas for a romantic photoshoot! And we can't stop thinking about how lucky Nausheen & Amyn are to have crossed their ways. There is no doubt that they are soulmates meant to live a real-life fairytale. If you want to see more of this lovely couple, head into our full gallery. We have compiled a selection of shots for your enjoyment, so don't miss it out!

photo #321890
photo #321900
photo #321901
photo #321894
photo #321926
photo #321912
photo #321907
photo #321909
photo #321921
photo #321914
photo #321927

That is all for today, darlings! See you tomorrow for more.

Photography: Hakim's Studio

Chicago, IL Engagement Session by Hakim's Studio

Happy Tuesday, beauty queens! We hope your day has been up to a great start! Ours is going absolutely magnificent because we have you here, and we were dying to share a new story with you! If you are like us and you never get enough of these beautiful celebrations of love, today's romantic session will take your breath away! This time, we'll be heading down to Chicago, IL, to take a peep at how an everlasting love story begins by taking you on a romantic journey through Ali & Marriam's engagement photoshoot. So wait no more and get ready to enjoy the visual masterpieces captured by Hakim's Studio. Through each of these fabulous shots, you can feel the emotions Ali & Marriam experienced at that moment, and we are in utter amazement as this is a talent available just to a handful of experienced photographers, so big kudos to Akbar Hakim for these fantastic shots. The happiness, the excitement, and the love that this two radiate are so pure and true that you can feel how it gets passed on to you and makes your heart smile! If you can't get enough of this lovely photoshoot, head into our full gallery for more. Every single shot is a cornucopia of beauty and inspiring ideas that we are sure you will love. So make sure to check them out!

photo #321752
photo #321845
photo #321754
photo #321762
photo #321766
photo #321767
photo #321764
photo #321771
photo #321846
photo #321779
photo #321787
photo #321784

What a lovely story! We need a moment to catch our breath, but make sure to join us tomorrow for more.

Photography: Hakim's Studio

Bensalem, PA Indian Fusion Wedding by Studio KSD

Happy Thursday, Maharanis! If you seek inspiration to start planning your dream wedding, you've come to the right place! Today's romantic story follows Mairead & Sagar's journey into their happily ever after. So, let's not wait any longer and get ready to dive into this romantic celebration! The big day arrived, and these lovebirds were more than prepared to unite their lives in marriage. They both looked ravishing, but it was our gorgeous Maharani who stole the show. She looked stunning, thanks to Lori from Anthony Bernard's Salon, who took care of her beauty needs making her look like royalty. If you were wondering who was the mastermind behind the planning and designing of this wedding, it was none other than Angela Millan from Classic Events by Lauren. But that is not all! RJ Best Events took the wedding bash to the next level with traditional fabrics and fabulous floral arrangements.  After the ceremonies, everyone headed over to the Celebrations for a glamorous reception party enlivened by Smith & Harsh from D&S Event Solutions. They owned the stage and took the reception party to the next level playing the latest Bollywood hits that put everyone to dance! If you want to relive every moment of this romantic wedding, make sure to check the spectacular shots captured by Studio KSD. Every single image is a visual masterpiece that you don't want to miss, so make sure to check them out in today's full gallery. It will blow your mind!

photo #321360
photo #321246
photo #321260
photo #321276
photo #321292
photo #321295
photo #321305
photo #321251
photo #321253
photo #321308
photo #321233
photo #321236
photo #321244
photo #321359
photo #321316
photo #321319
photo #321323
photo #321334
photo #321336
photo #321344

We have new weddings every day, so make sure to join us tomorrow for more!

Photography: Studio KSD | Reception Venue: Celebrations | Planning & Design: Angela Millan - Classic Events by Lauren | Floral & Decor: RJ Best Events | Hair & Makeup: Lori - Anthony Bernard's Salon | DJ: Smith & Harsh - D&S Event Solutions

Hillsborough, NJ Indian Fusion Wedding by Live Picture Studios

Maharanis! We are so ready to showcase the fusion wedding of Sabrina and Deelu's wedding, a fusion union that I'm sure will steal your hearts! The expert behind the lovely portraits you are about to see is Live Picture Studios, and we are so glad the team managed to capture all the bliss and joy of the big day. The Christian ceremony took place at Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in New Jersey, hosted the union rites, and provided its breathtaking gardens so the newlyweds and their bridal party could have a classic and fun bridal photoshoot. Speaking about those who helped make their day special, the bridesmaid squad looked effortlessly charming in their pastel teal sarees and subtle pink blouses that perfectly matched with their Pretty Pleats & Petals bouquet. What an adorable team! We can't stop obsessing over Maharani Sabrina's bridal look; she was undeniably mesmerizing with her impeccable white gown and pulled off the look with a Cinderella Bridez's hair and makeup. After the ceremony, these two throw off a romantic backyard wedding reception at the bride's family house backyard. Here, renowned decor team Florista Decor constructed a shiny draped backdrop that was complemented with an Elite Events Dj's firework display. The sparkling fountains and great beats of Elite Events Dj's definitely transformed Sabrina and Deelu's first dance into a WOW first dance. Get inspired by all the great elements, fashion, and big style of this lovely fusion wedding. Take a peek inside our complete gallery now!

photo #318077
photo #318039
photo #318044
photo #318050
photo #318061
photo #318058
photo #318048
photo #318066
photo #318046
photo #318060
photo #318072
photo #318074
photo #318075
photo #318076

You are cordially invited to join us tomorrow and peruse through another charming wedding journey!

Floral & Decor: Florista Decor | DJ: Elite Events Dj's | DJ: Elite Events Dj's | DJ: Elite Events Dj's | Ceremony Venue: Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart | Reception Venue: Bride's Family House Backyard | Hair & Makeup: Cinderella Bridez (Bhargavi & Team) | Wedding Gown: Seng Couture-Designer Martina Liana | Cake & Treats: Lisa Grace Bakes | Draping & Flower Bouquets: Pretty Pleats & Petals | Day of Coordinator: OnTime Events (Davis Abraham & Team) | Photography: Live Picture Studios


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