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Long Island, NY Indian Wedding by Priyanca Rao

Sweeties welcome back to a new entry to your favorite blog! Today's protagonists are Apurva & Nikhil. So, let me tell you how everything started with this lovely couple! From the moment they met, Apurva knew Nikhil was the one for her. Chandai Events flawlessly coordinated every detail of the day. Their attention to detail and excellent communication skills kept everything running smoothly, immersing the couple in the celebration. From the stunning floral decor by Elegant Affairs to the breathtaking venue at Land's End Waterfront CateringFlawless Beauty by Pauline's hair and makeup made Apurva shine on her special day. The couple's love for each other was palpable, and Urmil Dalal expertly documented every moment on film. After the ceremony, they had an epic reception filled with dancing, delicious food from Moghul Caterers, and heartfelt speeches. The lighting by Gala Productions created a romantic ambiance, while Raj Dauff's dhol playing added excitement to the festivities. Priyanca Rao's talent and passion for capturing moments in their true essence shone through in Apurva & Nikhil's wedding photos. Her ability to capture candid moments and raw emotions uniquely and creatively was remarkable. She made the couple feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing them to be themselves in front of the camera, resulting in stunning and genuine photographs. Her ability to tell a story through her lens sets her apart. Go, and check out the gallery and immerse yourself in this enchanting love story. You will have no reason to regret it!

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photo #370878
photo #370884
photo #370896
photo #370840
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photo #370904

How did you meet your Groom, and when did you know he was "the one"?
I met Nikhil (Nik) at one of my best friend's weddings. Both of us are major foodies, so it's fitting that our mutual love of food is what prompted our initial meeting. Nik was wandering around, looking for a fork, and he happened to look my way. I smiled at him, and our connection was magnetic. We flirted and exchanged numbers. Needless to say - he forgot all about that fork.

I knew he was the "one" by our second date. There was a major blizzard, but that didn't keep us from meeting up. He picked me up at Penn Station and delivered me a pair of warm socks (mine were soaked and frozen) as I trekked my way to meet him. We found ourselves snowed in at a cozy bar with a grand total of 2 customers. We talked all night over some amazing food and drinks. He is so charming, witty, and handsome he knocked my socks off...literally and figuratively. There was no turning back.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
We had been dating for 2 years. We were driving up to Cape Cod for the weekend when he randomly asked, "So when I decide to propose...how should I approach your parents?". My heart sank. Not only had he not bought a ring, but he hadn't even THOUGHT about it. I gave a simple answer, and our weekend continued, albeit grumpily from my end! He brought me to a quiet beach before a nice dinner the next evening and got down on one knee behind me while I was looking at the ocean. I turned around and saw him grinning from ear to ear, not to mention that rock! His goal was to throw me off and completely surprise me with his proposal; well, he succeeded.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
The element of nature has always been important to us when it came out to picking our wedding venue, and we especially wanted to be married off of the coast. We found this gorgeous venue on the eastern Long Island shore and thus began the desire to incorporate nature-themed colors. I concentrated our attention on natural flora colors like sage, deep greens, corals, gold, and various shades of pink, ranging from the blush pink roses to the hot pink blouse I wore for my ceremony. The colors complimented the beautiful ocean and sand backdrop.

As for the outfits, I wanted to represent my Maharashtrian roots by wearing a traditional Marathi sari and jewelry for the ceremony.  During the reception, I wanted to stand out and wear something, not many others had worn before. I was inspired by designers like Gaurav Gupta and had my reception outfit designed and tailored for me by Magic Mirror in Mumbai.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The food tasting was SO much fun! We spent the night trying countless dishes, trying to keep track of our likes and dislikes, but all the food tasted so good that we very quickly lost. By the end of the evening, we both needed to nap off the food coma prior to driving home! Moghul Catering was absolutely fantastic, and our guests were impressed.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The energy! Our friends and family brought nothing but positive vibes and a monumental level of energy throughout the entire experience. All of our friends kept telling us, "The love was so palpable that night!" From beginning to end, it was a constant party. We are really blessed to have some amazing people in our lives. I think the DJ really brought the floor together too.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
As per Marathi tradition, the bride is brought out by her maternal uncles to the groom. Well, I have 7 of those, so they actually carried me in a traditional Dholi to the Mandap. I came out to Taylor Swift's instrumental of "Love Story," carried by my family. I felt like a princess coming out.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry so much. A wedding is a celebration of two people loving and committing to each other for the rest of their lives! Sometimes, planning can get overwhelming, and that can be forgotten. Don't feel pressured, and do what's best for both of you. The day will shine because of the love you two will bring to it.

Thanks for being with us today, and don't forget to be back for our daily and lovely updates here! 

Photography: Priyanca Rao Photography | Coordinator: Chandai Events | Ceremony Venue: Land's End Waterfront Catering | Floral & Decor: Elegant Affairs | Catering: Moghul Caterers | Cinematography: Urmil Dalal | Lighting: Gala Productions | Dhol Player: Raj Dauff | Hair & Makeup: Flawless Beauty by Pauline

Minneapolis, MN Fusion Wedding by Matt Lien Photography

Good morning, ladies! We have a beautiful day ahead of us, so let's get started with some romance. Ankitha & Preston's wedding was an unforgettable event at Quincy HallAroona Events, the event planner and designer, transformed the space into a romantic oasis filled with lush flowers and decor from Forget Me NotAroona Events played an instrumental role in bringing Ankitha & Preston's vision to life. They executed every aspect of the wedding flawlessly. Their attention to detail and expertise in the field ensured the couple could enjoy their special day without any worries. The result was a wedding that was not only visually stunning but also reflected the couple's personalities and love story. Ankitha looked stunning in her bridal fashions from Aroona Events. The intricate detailing and use of traditional fabrics and embroidery created a timeless and elegant look with her hair and makeup done by Everthine Beauty & Co and Mehndi by Gracious Henna. The couple danced the night away to music by DJ Chris with a grand lighting scheme by Aroona Events while the guest enjoyed a delicious cake by Hey There Cupcake! and catering by Crave Catering. The entire day was captured beautifully by Matt Lien Photography. From the intimate moments during the pre-wedding ceremonies to the grandeur of the reception, every detail of Ankitha & Preston's wedding was thoughtfully executed. The day was filled with love, laughter, and joy as the couple exchanged vows and celebrated their union with family and friends. Please take advantage of every snap of this lovely union in our complete galleryYou will feel part of this love story. We are sure you will enjoy them!

photo #372799
photo #370779
photo #370687
photo #370801
photo #370818
photo #372797
photo #370752
photo #370748
photo #370711
photo #370712
photo #370713
photo #370694
photo #370690
photo #372796

How did you meet your Groom, and when did you know he was "the one"?
17 years before our wedding day, I met my husband on the playground in elementary school. I was swinging on the swings, and some boy pushed me off, sending me tumbling to the ground. I slowly got up, and all of a sudden, another boy was helping to brush the wood chips off of my back. The boy said, "I like your hair!" and ran off. Little did I know I would marry that boy 17 years later.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
My husband and I spent a lot of time in Duluth, Minnesota, when we were first dating. If you know anything about Duluth, it's that there is a beautiful lift bridge on the banks of Lake Superior connecting downtown Duluth to Park Point. On Park Point, there is a sand bar that has a long stretch of beach along Lake Superior. We used to walk a lot on that beach and take in the sun and the waves. One of these walks was the first time that we told each other we loved each other. Years later, in March of 2020, on a vacation trip to Duluth, Preston took me again to this beach. As we were walking together, I noticed a path of red roses along the ground. At the end of the path was the exact location Preston told me he loved me. He dropped to one knee, and the rest is history.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part of the planning process was creating a fusion wedding. My husband and I come from different cultures and backgrounds, but we found that our traditions were rooted in the same values of love, commitment, passion, and family that we've shared ever since meeting each other. This fusion of traditions can be seen in our attire, ceremonies, and decor. Finding ways to incorporate our different but ultimately harmonious traditions was the highlight of planning our wedding.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Our Sangeet is something I will never forget. We had a series of performances from friends and family, culminating in a large Bollywood dance routine that was some of the most fun I have ever had. It was so special to see the people I love laughing, smiling, and dancing like crazy. However, even more memorable, if that is even possible, was my husband, at the last second, totally surprising me, walking to the front of the stage with his guitar in hand. He began to sing this beautiful song called "Love Someone." His voice and that song constantly replay in my head.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Do your best to focus on everything at the moment during your wedding. You've had months and months to plan your perfect day. Don't waste that time worrying about what could of have been or plans that changed. Focus on you, your partner, and all the beauty that is your wedding night. Nothing else matters at that moment!

What a lovely wedding! Leave us a comment with your impressions. See you tomorrow for more!

Planning & Design: Aroona Events | Event Designer: Aroona Events | Bridal Fashions: Aroona Events | Lighting: Aroona Events | Sangeet Venue: Muse Event Center | Ceremony Venue: Quincy Hall | Reception Venue: Quincy Hall | Floral & Decor: Forget Me Not | Hair & Makeup: Everthine Beauty & Co | Catering: Crave Catering | DJ: Dj Chris | Cake & Treats: Hey there Cupcake! | Cinematography: Max Brindamour | Mehndi Artist: Gracious Henna | Photographer: Matt Lien photography

Cedar Grove, NJ Fusion Wedding by Ishan Fotografi

Good morning, lovely Maharanis! We are happy to share the story of Vaishalie & Alex's romantic wedding. The ceremony was held at the stunning The Grove NJ venue, decorated with gorgeous floral arrangements by JR Florals. Vaishalie looked breathtaking in her traditional red and gold lehenga, styled perfectly by Cinderella BridezThe day began with Vaishalie getting ready with her bridesmaids while Alex prepared himself for the big day with his groomsmen. The couple shared an emotional first look, captured beautifully by Ishan Fotografi. The talented photography team is known for capturing the moment's essence in every shot. This team prides itself on delivering a personalized experience to each couple they work with, ensuring that every wedding detail is captured beautifully. Their use of light and color creates a timeless and stunning look that will leave you breathless. This sweet couple was fortunate to have them as a part of their special day, and the resulting images are a testament to their incredible talent. As the sun set, the couple exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony, surrounded by their loved ones. Dave Riboul captured every moment on film, ensuring the couple could relive their special day for years. The reception was nothing short of a fairytale, with a stunning cake from Palermo's Bakery and an incredible performance by Sound Society Band. Vaishalie & Alex shared their first dance as husband and wife, and it was clear that their love for each other was truly magical. As the night ended, the couple departed amidst a sea of sparklers, beginning their journey as husband and wife. We invite you to view the full gallery and enjoy each magical moment. Their love radiated as brilliantly as the sparklers that illuminated their magical evening. You'll love it!

photo #372413
photo #367115
photo #367117
photo #367123
photo #367034
photo #367122
photo #367130
photo #372411
photo #367035
photo #372408
photo #367053
photo #367059
photo #367041
photo #372410
photo #367096

Dears, today's magic is over, but you can be updated with us every day for more stories like this! 

Photography: Ishan Fotografi | Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers | Ceremony Venue: The Grove NJ | Reception Venue: The Grove NJ | Floral & Decor: JR Florals | Hair & Makeup: Cinderella Bridez | DJ: Sound Society Band | Cake & Treats: Palermo's Bakery | Cinematography: Dave Riboul

Mahwah, NJ Indian Wedding by House of Talent Studio

Hello sweet ladies! Another beautiful wedding story is ahead of us, and I am so glad we can meet again. This time we'll catch a glimpse of the union of Ashna & Anshul. This lovely couple tied the knot in a romantic ceremony at the Sheraton Mahwah HotelAbhishek Decorator decorated the venue beautifully with stunning floral arrangements, adding to the event's elegance. The bride looked gorgeous in her traditional Indian attire and was made even more beautiful by Makeup Anita. She enhanced the beauty that was naturally on the bride. By working with Ashna's features and preferences, she created a stunning and flawless look that complemented Ashna's traditional Indian attire. It's always impressive to see a makeup artist's ability to enhance natural beauty while ensuring the bride still looks like herself. The groom looked dashing in his sherwani as he arrived at the venue on horseback, courtesy of Seaton Hackney Farm Venture. Their commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to their clients is evident in the quality of their services, and their horses are undoubtedly well-cared for and trained to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. They are the best option if you are looking for an unforgettable wedding arrival in absolute style. The ceremony was captured beautifully by House of Talent Studio, which also offered cinematography services for the event. They captured candid moments instead of interfering and drawing attention to themselves during the ceremony or the reception. It's clear that they were an excellent choice for capturing the memories of this beautiful wedding, and their work will undoubtedly be treasured for years to come. Tum Hi Ho Events did a fantastic job with planning and design, ensuring that every detail was perfect. The wedding festivities ended with a night of non-stop enjoyment thanks to Allure DJs' excellent music and Moghul Caterers' traditional food. Remember to check out their full gallery

photo #369566
photo #370025
photo #370027
photo #370038
photo #370039
photo #369569
photo #369958
photo #369961
photo #370056
photo #369570
photo #369582
photo #369565
photo #369601
photo #369607
photo #370019
photo #369564

Maharanis, that is all for today! Come back tomorrow for more romantic stories that we have for you!

Photography: House of Talent Studio | Cinematography: House of Talent Studio | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Anita | Baraat: Equishare Baraat Horses, Rickshaws and Carriages | Sangeet Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Hotel | Ceremony Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Hotel | Reception Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Hotel | Planning & Design: Tum Hi Ho Events | Floral & Decor: Abhishek Decorators | Catering: Moghul Caterers | DJ: Allure DJs

Charlotte, NC Indian Wedding by Bhowmik Dave Films & Photography

Good morning ladies! Today we kick off the last month of the year with a beautiful wedding filled with emotions and bliss! Sonal and Karan's nuptials are just what they dreamed of and more. They meticulously planned and organized a lovely series of functions at the Hilton Charlotte Airport. This exclusive location's splendor served as the setting for a Sangeet festivity, a traditional ceremony, and a glamorous reception night. Floral artwork and decor for all events were in charge of Ketan Shah. Her team created every décor detail, from the intricate reception stage drapery to the romantic ceremony mandap that framed the wedding rituals. The talented Bhowmik Dave Films & Photography captured all these unique details. Their camera registered all this grandeur and created an inspiring photo album so our newlyweds can look back at their happy memories whenever they desire! To mark the beginning of a new life chapter in style, Maharani Sona opted for a series of bridal outfits that displayed stunning motifs and exquisite patterns expertly crafted and designed by Ritu SelectsAsian Divas' glam squad created each makeup look to enchant her Raja, while Henna4Happiness by Minaz created the perfect paisleys and figures of her bridal Mehndi. I love that all her styles were classic while still being glamorous! Karan's attires were equally stylish. This groom channeled his inner Maharaja for his ceremony by wearing stunning outfits in rich red hues for his traditional ceremonies and wore an elegant dinner jacket for the reception. I am sure these looks will inspire you, Maharanis! The pair treated their guests to a reception beyond all expectations with an epic dance party and a delicious feast, thanks to Mr Paanwala and Madz Bakery! Want to see more? Please browse through all the details of this sophisticated and glamorous Indian gala in our complete gallery

photo #358745
photo #358747
photo #358748
photo #358809
photo #358780
photo #358789
photo #358784
photo #358786
photo #358759
photo #358753
photo #358761
photo #358756
photo #358796
photo #358755
photo #358808
photo #358804
photo #358764
photo #358765
photo #358800
photo #358790
photo #358763

Maharanis, I hope this wedding will inspire you to jump aboard the wedding train. Have a wonderful day! 

Photography: Bhowmik Dave Films & Photography | Mehndi Artists: Henna4Happiness by Minaz | Photography: Bhowmik Dave Films & Photography | Sangeet Venue: Hilton Charlotte Airport | Ceremony Venue: Hilton Charlotte Airport | Reception Venue: Hilton Charlotte Airport | Floral & Decor: Ketan Shah | Hair & Makeup: Asian Divas | Catering: Mr Paanwala | DJ: Allure DJs | Bridal Fashions: Ritu Selects | Cake & Treats: Madz Bakery


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