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La Jolla, CA Indian Fusion Wedding by Brooke Aliceon Photography


Garfield, NJ Pakistani Wedding by Park Street Weddings

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Alpharetta, GA Indian Fusion Wedding by Jamie Howell Photography

After the beautiful ceremony filled to the brim with everything we love about Sikh and Hindu weddings, it was time to celebrate such an important milestone with a party for the books fully planned by Crimson Bleu Events! Guests and newlyweds moved to the reception hall of The Hotel at Avalon Autograph Collection to kick start the party, and just by knowing that Volcanik Entertainment was in charge of the beats, you already knew the bash was going to be just amazing. Lucky for us, Jamie Howell Photography was there capturing all the details so be sure today's gallery has it all! Don't forget to check on Maharani Deepa's makeup look by Makeup by Anita and her fashion choices also! Her gorgeous white classic gown just left everyone in awe for sure! We are so loving this couple's energy, we know you are going to love it as well so head down the second installment of today's feature and get enchanted!

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More to come, don't go anywhere!

DJ: Volcanik Entertainment | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Anita | Planning & Design: Crimson Bleu Events | Photography: Jamie Howell Photography | Ceremony Venue: The Hotel at Avalon Autograph Collection | Reception Venue: The Hotel at Avalon Autograph Collection | Floral & Decor: Myar Decor | Catering: Thali | Baraat Dhol: Adeash Aj Lakraj & Saa Ghar | Cake & Treats: Cake Envy | Cinematography: Jamie Howell Photography | Mehndi Artist: Bridal Allure by Aarti Amin

Reston, VA Indian Wedding by Photographick Studios

Welcome back, darlings! Rinkey & Atur's love story continues, and we have all the details surrounding their wedding reception party! Events by C designed and executed a night to remember, transforming the halls of the Hyatt Regency Reston into a perfect scenario for Rinkey & Atur to celebrate this life milestone! There were elegance and glamour all over the place, matching the unique decor crafted by Yaadein Weddings. DynastyAV was called in to set the musical mood for this gala, and what a great decision it was! The DJ put everyone on their feet and enliven every moment of the evening playing the hits of the moment! If you wanted to take a break from all the dancing to catch your breath, you could do so while tasting the delicious dishes Rangoli cooked for this event! In between dancing and sweet treats from Amphora Bakery, all the guests had the time of their lives! They all wanted to keep a memory of the day, and thanks to the talented team from Photographick Studios, they all did! This fantastic photographic studio snapped shots from every angle to portray the most memorable scenes of the gala. If you want to check them out, make sure to visit today's gallery! It is a visual delight!

photo #264373
photo #264370
photo #264377
photo #264327
photo #264374
photo #264381
photo #264379
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photo #264372
How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We met online on Shaadi.com. I had sent Atur a message through the app saying that I liked his profile and thought we had a lot in common about what we were looking for in a relationship. I sent him my email address for further communication. Atur messaged me back the next day with his phone number and told me to text him instead, and we texted for about a month before finally having a chance to talk to each other on the phone for the first time. That first phone call lasted 2 hours and was very comfortable, fun, and honest, which is what made the match so promising in my eyes. We would talk and text daily after that until finally FaceTiming the end of December, which went well too. We decided to finally meet in person and coordinated a date I could fly to DC: January 12, 2018. Things took off from there!
There were two significant moments I knew Atur was the right guy for me. One was a typical Bollywood movie scene where at my old apartment in Woodbridge, VA, I was sitting down to do my morning prayer and Atur sat down with me and said he wanted to become more spiritual with me. He continues to make a better person by doing the right thing and doing good for others. The second moment was when he came to visit me in April 2017 to help me move out of my apartment and he met my parents for the first time. The connection I felt with him and my family, I knew that this was the guy for me. I felt the same connection with his family in May 2017 when I met them for the first time and it confirmed that I wanted to be part of their family in the future.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Atur's Words:
I was planning on spending Thanksgiving weekend with Rinkey’s family and told her I would fly on Wednesday. But as only her family and mine knew, I secretly arrived Sunday to set-up everything for the proposal. I stayed in a hotel 20 min from her place until Wednesday, while building a functioning mini-replica of the Trevi fountain, setting up partition boards to create a fake wall in her apartment, and arranging all the photos/candles/rose petals/props that I would use to decorate her apartment. After she left for work on Wednesday, I decorated her apartment like an Italian café, put up a fake wall that looked like an Italian storefront, and set out candles and rose petals to set a romantic mood. I hired a photographer to photo/video the entire proposal. Rinkey created a little stress by getting out of work early, which led to some white lies I had to tell her to buy some time, but it worked out in the end! When she arrived, I had her close her eyes, make a wish, and toss a coin in the “Trevi fountain”. When she opened her eyes, I was on one knee with the ring and proposed. She said yes! We then had a mini-photo shoot with the photographer, and then went out to dinner – where she was surprised by our parents and her brother, who we had dinner with and then spent the weekend with to celebrate!
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
We went to India to shop for wedding outfits for me as well as my family. We only had 8 days to do all the shopping and I had no luck finding my wedding dress for the first three days. We went to all the big-name stores as well as designer stores in Ahmedabad and I could not find a dress that fit the image I wanted which was frustrating. I had brought designer ideas to each of the stores and none were able to match what I was visioning. It was on the fourth day after going to countless stores and spending 8 to 10 hours a day shopping and searching where I randomly told my mom that we should go inside of Asopalav on Ashram Road. We had already visited the other Asopalav in India, where I had no luck but I had a gut instinct to visit the one on Ashram Road even though it was not on the list of stores I wanted to check out. We ended up meeting the team that handles Bridal Dresses at which point we met Akash Bhai. Akash Bhai and his crew knew exactly what my vision was and gathered dresses that were not on their initial display. After trying on 3 to 4 dresses, he brought out the final piece which he knew was the dress I would pick and in fact, I did pick that dress. It matched exactly to the pictures I had brought as well as what I visioned. I could not thank Asopalav on Ashram Road enough for helping me through the process.
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I think the most enjoyable part of the planning process was food tasting, cake tasting, and decor meetings. These meetings did not require work and it was a portion of wedding planning where we could relax and take a breather.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Organized and Punctual
Creativity- Wedding program custom made by us with the title "Shaadi Times". Atur hand created all the sections and made it unique to our story and us. Travel theme guestbook table and postcards for wishes/advice
Magician at Reception Cocktail Hour
Father-daughter dance/mother-son dance and incorporating both sets of parents
Variety of food choices
Lassi at wedding
Bangle Bar at Garba
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Being on the Mandap with Atur and taking a moment to reflect on all the work we put towards the wedding and to see how it all came together. Looking out to see all the support and blessings of our family and friends. The first dance that we choreographed. Atur's surprise video presentation at the reception
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Make sure you enjoy the wedding planning process and to take a deep breath at moments that get stressful. Remember that it is one weekend and at the end of the day it's about you and your significant. It's easy to want everything for your wedding but remember to create a budget and focus on what is important for you and your partner. Think about how you want people to remember your wedding and be realistic.  During the wedding weekend, make sure you take a step back, look around, and reflect on your own about each of the events. Look to see how all the hard work paid off. Look at the decor details as well as who you are surrounded by. Take a few minutes during the weekend to notice all the small details and see how they look in the bigger picture. A lot of people gave me this advice and it truly helped me during my wedding weekend to not worry about the small things that don't go as planned but to look at the big picture of all the hard work that came to reality. Just remember to enjoy the weekend and not worry about any small details. Everything will work out and you only get that one weekend to enjoy the time of your life. Good luck :)!
Photography: Photographick Studios | Mehndi Artists: Mehndi With Heena | DJ: DynastyAV | Planning & Design: Events by C | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency Reston | Floral & Decor: Yaadein Weddings | Hair & Makeup: SKS Salon | Catering: Rangoli | Baraat (Horse): Harmons Carriage | Cake & Treats: Amphora Bakery

Buford, GA Indian Wedding by Brian Wagoner Photography

Welcome back, Maharanis! This love journey continues, and we have more details to share with you. This time, we'll be heading to the Legacy Lodge - Lake Lanier Islands Resort to join Yatri & Kapil at their wedding reception party! And oh boy, this was a fantastic event that we are sure you are going to enjoy! Anywhere you laid your eyes on, there was so much elegance and flair all over the place, and the mastermind behind this fantastic backdrop is the talented team from Crimson Bleu Events, who designed and conceptualized this gala. In the musical department, Emcee Koko from WeGoDisco was terrific! He put everyone on their feet with top hits that they all knew by heart! To round a top of the line experience, Cafe Bombay Restaurant and Catering, and the catering team from Lake Lanier Islands Resort prepared delicious plates that everyone loved! This gala was a cornucopia of flair, merriment, delicious food, and love that everyone wanted to keep a good memory of it! Luckily, Brian Wagoner Photography snapped shots from every angle to immortalize the highlights of this event! You can take a look at all the fantastic shots in today's gallery, so make sure to check them out!

photo #264246
photo #264150
photo #264141
photo #264143
photo #264147
photo #264140
photo #264153
photo #264144
photo #264156
photo #264157

Have yourselves a beautiful day, ladies! See you tomorrow! 

Catering: Cafe Bombay Restaurant and Catering | Planning & Design: Crimson Bleu Events | Venues: Lanier Islands Resort | Catering: Lanier Islands Resort | Floral & Decor: Jim White Designs | Hair & Makeup (Bride): Beauty by Anh | Hair & Makeup (Family): Darshana Patel | DJ: WeGoDisco | Baraat Horse: Nottingham Horses | Dholi: Dholi P | Cinematography: Brian Wagoner Photography | Mehndi Artist: Bridal Allure by Aarti Amin | Photography: Brian Wagoner Photography

Columbus, OH Indian Wedding by Lin & Jirsa Photography

After a truly heartfelt Indian wedding ceremony, it was time for Radhika & Yashesh to celebrate their new chapter with the people they love the most. The Hilton Columbus at Easton was at its very best to house the gala and the couple couldn't have chosen a better place for it. So exclusive! This time, for cocktails, our couple changed attires and came out looking completely out of this world. Seriously, Maharani fashion just keeps on getting better and better! The bride chose this fuschia toned saree with silver embroidery that just left us in awe. Can you be more stylish than this couple? We know, as well, that Indian couples strive to get the best of the best for their guests. The team from JSM Entertainment was recruited to keep everyone dancing the night away with all the latest Bollywood hits and believe us, the party was really something else. Want to experience it for yourself? Then head down to today's gallery and get enchanted! 

photo #264044
photo #264050
photo #264034
photo #264059
photo #264036
photo #264035
photo #264046
photo #264054
photo #264048
photo #264060

Amazing wasn't it? Remember, more weddings every day, don't miss them!

DJ: JSM Entertainment | Photography: Lin & Jirsa Photography | Sangeet Venue: Swan Lake Event Center | Ceremony Venue: New Albany Country Club | Reception Venue: Hilton Columbus at Easton | Planning & Design: Blissful Weddings and Events | Floral & Decor: Yanni Design Studio | Hair & Makeup: Makiaj Beauty | Catering: Moghul Caterers | Cakes & Treats: The Suisse Shoppe | Wedding Desserts: Baked By Melissa | Wedding Desserts: Magnolia Bakery | Wedding Desserts: Levain Bakery

Columbus, OH Indian Wedding by Lin & Jirsa Photography

Monday is here, ladies, and so are we with another Indian wedding vision! This time, we head down to Columbus, Ohio, to have a glimpse of everything that went on for Radhika & Yashesh's lovely gala. Our friends from Lin & Jirsa Photography were there to capture it all, and as usual, talent at its finest was displayed for today's gallery. So amazing! The celebration had it all, definitely the quintessential Maharani experience! We are so loving this couple's youthful vibrancy and style! Just take a look at the color palette chosen for the ceremonies. Traditional at heart but with that modern twist that we love so much! Maharani Radhika, for the main ceremony, rocked a cream/burgundy toned saree that was just the absolute highlight. Truly a drop-dead gorgeous Indian princess!  So, ladies, join us as we travel to the New Albany Country Club to witness all the glam! See you there!

photo #264028
photo #264063
photo #264029
photo #263898
photo #263988
photo #263992
photo #264011
photo #264008
photo #264001
photo #264005
photo #264026
photo #264024

More coming up, don't miss it! 

DJ: JSM Entertainment | Photography: Lin & Jirsa Photography | Sangeet Venue: Swan Lake Event Center | Ceremony Venue: New Albany Country Club | Reception Venue: Hilton Columbus at Easton | Planning & Design: Blissful Weddings and Events | Floral & Decor: Yanni Design Studio | Hair & Makeup: Makiaj Beauty | Catering: Moghul Caterers | Cakes & Treats: The Suisse Shoppe | Wedding Desserts: Baked By Melissa | Wedding Desserts: Magnolia Bakery | Wedding Desserts: Levain Bakery


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