Welcome, darlings! Nisha & Kunal's wedding at the serene Generations Resorts was a spellbinding affair, where every detail echoed their love story, woven meticulously by Tum Hi Ho Events. Nisha looked breathtaking, her beauty enhanced by the artistic touch of Alex Corbanezi Hair & Makeup & Co, and the intricate designs by Loto Mehndi adorned her hands, symbolizing the richness of traditions. The Lost Strings Co. played mesmerizing melodies that floated through the air. Luxe Event Entertainment ensured that the beats of their DJ set the rhythm of joy, and Drums in Paradise added an exhilarating pulse to the celebration. Gareth Davies Photography captured every tender look and joyous moment throughout this magical day, creating a visual symphony of memories. Crucial to the seamless experience was Vacationeeze, the travel concierge, who coordinated the logistics with finesse and ensured that every guest felt like royalty from arrival to departure, making the journey to this destination wedding as enchanting as the event itself. Enjoy this extraordinary celebration.

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Sweeties, be inspired by the beauty, joy, and love radiating from every feature we share.

Travel Concierge: Vacationeeze | Venue: Generations Resorts | Planning & Design: Tum Hi Ho Events | Hair & Makeup: Alex Corbanezi Hair & Makeup & Co | DJ: Luxe Event Entertainment | Cinematography: Ruiz Films | Entertainment: Drums in Paradise | Live Music: The Lost Strings Co. | Mehndi Artist: Loto Mehndi | Photography: Gareth Davies Photography