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Atlanta, GA Engagement Photoshoot by Hakim's Studio


Columbia, SC Punjabi Sikh Wedding by Hakim's Studio

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Princeton, NJ Engagement Photoshoot by PhotosMadeEz

Happy Thursday, Maharanis! The weekend is approaching fast, and there is no better way to start getting ready than taking a look at Kripa & Devesh's stunning engagement photoshoot. Today's photoshoot is one we couldn't wait to share with you as there are endless amounts of inspiring ideas brimming from this fantastic event. This couple's wedding engagement photoshoot incorporated traditional flair and a mesmerizing setting, resulting in a cornucopia of Indian traditions intermixed with classic architecture. And in case you were wondering who was the mastermind behind such fabulous shots, it was none other than PhotosMadeEz. And we have to say that his photographic studio managed to surprise us with the artistic nature of their pictures. The way they managed to capture the different colors, the emotions, and the love of this young couple is impressive. If you want to take a closer look at all the beauty surrounding this photoshoot, you cannot miss the gallery we have prepared for today. You will love every bit of it. It's a love story worthy of a fairy tale!

photo #323355
photo #323341
photo #323367
photo #323353
photo #323340
photo #323351
photo #323366
photo #323358
photo #323362
photo #323365
photo #323356

See you tomorrow for the last feature of the week!

Photography: PhotosMadeEz

Franklin Square, NY Indian Wedding by Events Capture

Happy Thursday, beautiful Maharanis! We are excited to share the charming and magical details surrounding Atisha & Travis's love story because we know you are going to love this wedding celebration as much as we did! So, without further preamble, let's get right into it! Today, more than ever, love is in the air with this romantic and delightful outdoor ceremony hosted at the gardens of the Sand Castle. Right off the bat, we have to say that this was the perfect place for this beautiful young couple to join their lives in holy matrimony! To enhance this venue's beauty even further, Stylish Events took care of the spectacular decor that we all loved so much. For her big day, Atisha walked down the aisle looking drop-dead gorgeous thanks to the exquisite makeup selection by Simple Beauty by Preeti, the sleek hairstyle by Fiza Mansoor, and the fabulous Mehndi designed by Mehndikalogie. No wonder why Raja Travis couldn't take his eyes off of her. The lovely interactions between Atisha & Travis created magical and romantic scenes beautifully captured by the lens of Events Capture. Thanks to this talented team, we have an insight into this life-changing event and a compilation of memories that you can check on the awesome gallery that we have prepared for you today. And if you thought that the ceremony was all there was to admire, wait until you take a look at the spectacular reception party animated by DJ RAJ Entertainment & Event Lighting. So, take your pen and notebook, and get ready to take your inspiration to the next level with today's love story!

photo #303307
photo #303235
photo #303218
photo #303230
photo #303316
photo #303250
photo #303255
photo #303267
photo #303259
photo #303266
photo #303272
photo #303282
photo #303291
photo #303290
photo #303351

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We met in pharmacy school at St. John’s. We were friends for a few years which led us to become closer and finally we started dating during my last year of pharmacy school. I knew he was the one when we had just started dating and he asked me to come over to watch Kal Ho Naa Ho. Haha just kidding, but he definitely got points for wanting to watch Indian movies with me  It was a series of small moments over time that made me realize he was the one 

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
He proposed in Switzerland! He was originally going to propose at Jungfrau also called the Top of Europe as it is the highest point in Europe. When we got there he saw it was slippery and freezing so he decided to hold off and propose at a different part of the trip. One night we went on a random walk in Lauterbrunnen and ended up walking on a trail that led us behind a waterfall. He was like wow this is the perfect spot, but he realized he didn’t have the ring. He was pretty upset he missed out on that spot. So then he finally proposed on the last day of our trip on one of the many bridges in Zurich during sunset. It was a beautiful spot to propose and I loved it!

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I knew I wanted a traditional red lehnga. My mom actually went to India to buy everything for me and I chose my outfits over FaceTime! Thank god my mom has good taste! I’m always going to be thankful that my mom took on the stressful job of wedding shopping for me.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
My favorite part of the wedding planning was working together with Travis because I realized what a good team we were :)

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Remember to take a moment to look around on your wedding day and just take it all in.

That is all for today, ladies. See you tomorrow for more!

DJ: DJ RAJ Entertainment & Event Lighting | Floral & Decor: Stylish Events | Hair & Makeup: Simple Beauty by Preeti | Mehndi Artists: Mehndikalogie | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sand Castle | Hair: Fiza Mansoor | Baraat (Horse): Ponies Will Travel | Cinematography: Events Capture | Pandit: Harish Sharma | Photography: Events Capture

Haiku, HI Sikh Fusion Wedding by Anna Kim Photography

Happy Thursday, beautiful ladies! We are delighted to bring you an insight into Kiran & Grant's wedding ceremony celebrated in Haiku, HI. This time, we will take you to the elegant and spectacular Haiku Mill so we can all be part of this solemn and enchanting event that united these two lovebirds in marriage. Our gorgeous Maharani lit the room throughout the entire wedding festivities as she donned soft colored attires that praised her innate beauty and made her look like a goddess! Her elegance and full fashionable look also reflected on the classy and glamorous hairstyle, and makeup designed by Maui Make up Artistry. Definitely, a well-balanced combination of tradition, elegance, and beauty at its finest! And talking about well-balanced combinations, let's take a look at the marvelous and almost heavenly decor crafted by Darren Keala. It was superb! Every small detail contributed to making this event not just classy but delightfully exquisite. And all of this could not have been possible without Mira Savara Events, who took care of the planning and design of this entire wedding bash, delivering nothing but utter perfection. Hands down, these lovely due saw right in front of their eyes, how their long-awaited dream wedding came to life. How amazing is that! Thanks to the outstanding and remarkable talent of Anna Kim Photography, we can enjoy this event and feel just like if we were there. So, wait no more, and get ready to dive into this jaw-dropping gallery that we are sure you are going to love. Not to mention that you will get tons of inspiring ideas from it!

photo #301611
photo #301585
photo #301587
photo #301601
photo #301592
photo #301593
photo #301603
photo #301614
photo #301818
photo #301629
photo #301628
photo #301632
photo #301636
How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Brought together by a personal matchmaker, Grant & I first crossed paths at the Claremont Hotel, Berkeley. We gabbed over cocktails & delicious eats for hours, closing the joint down. Our shared sense of humor and outlook on life unraveled so naturally, as though we had known each other all along. We left each other's company knowing in our hearts we would be together always.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
A romantic at heart, Grant wished to incorporate details in my life that he knew I held close to my heart. Knowing how passionate I was as an educator, he felt that nothing would best the setting of proposing to me in my classroom while involving my students and my principal who also had become a close friend of mine over the years.
After asking my father for his blessing, Grant put forth his plan on May 31st - my parents' anniversary - by arriving to school during the afternoon recess. While I heard the pandemonium garner momentum outside of the classroom, Grant was "stealthily" handing out roses to each student, who had become quite acclimated with him the past few months, dubbing us "Granjeet" as a "matrimony" of our names - Grant & Kiranjeet - while also mischievously writing cliched poetry and love notes on our behalf addressed to one another. 
Once the bell rang, each student sauntered in to the classroom, desperately attempting to stifle their excitement, to present a rose to me with Grant finally handing me a rose himself, proclaiming his love and desire for us to be together every day for the remainder of our lives. As he knelt down to ask for my hand, my students finally let loose their giggles and gasps of gleeful anticipation, and when I responded with "yes", the screams, shrieks, and rapture were beyond containment. Plastic champagne glasses flowing with sparkling apple cider ensued, and, true to form, what a unique unforgettable shared experience Grant created for my students to participate in such a special, heartfelt moment!
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
Once we immediately fell in love with Haiku Mill, cosmic forces collided with Sabyasachi's 2017 Udaipur Collection. The lehengha's green & yellow hues on raw silk complimented the lush gardens of Haiku Mill fluidly as though the cloth itself was a natural extension of the organic vines and branches found throughout the grounds. Noticeably visible was the mosaic border of the lehengha as it continued as the floral print, becoming more English influenced, a metaphorical nod to our multicultural wedding's blend of customs.
In my mind's eye, I had long envisioned incorporating a rich tone of emerald green for my wedding lehenga, so discovering this particular design and scheme was quintessential kismat. Simply stated, the wedding dress and the stunning venue was a match made in heaven.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
It was our best endeavor to have all of our guests regarded as one OHANA during the course of our shared time in Maui. We heard from a plethora of friends and family how special and close knit they came to feel with how each event integrated both sides together seamlessly, encouraging new relationships and bonds to form and remain established even to this day. From the onset, Grant & I strongly desired for our wedding to allow everyone to feel like a part of the "inner circle of trust."
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
With that ring comes ALOT of "responsibility". How right you are mom!
Never compromise yourself. You're all you've got.     Janice Joplin

Have an awesome day, ladies! And make sure to join us tomorrow for more.
Planning & Design: Mira Savara Events | Event Designer: Mira Savara Events | Sangeet & Reception Venue: Andaz Maui At Wailea Resort | Ceremony Venue: Haiku Mill | Floral & Decor: Darren Keala | Hair & Makeup: Maui Make up Artistry | Catering: Monsoon India | DJ: Maui Tunes Entertainment & Production | Baraat: Malinder Tooray | Cake & Treats: Sugar Beach Events | Cinematography: Ohana Films | Favors: Darren Keala | Lighting: Accel Rentals | Live Music: Shea Derrick | Hawaiian Entertainment: Manu Tea Nui E | Porsche Car: Maui Roadsters | Wedding Stationery: Papyrus - Danville | Calligraphy: Papineau Calligraphy | Silk Tunic (Batna & Mehendi): Maggie Coulombe Maui | Evil Eye Pendant in Diamond & Enamel (Batna & Mehendi): Kabana | Bridal Jewelry in Turquoise & Pearl (Sangeet): Bhola Jewellers | Turquoise King Ring (Sangeet): Ippolita | Marigold Salwar Kameez With Custom Cut-Out Applique & Phulkari (Sangeet): Nenu Sekhon | Vintage Pompei in Gold Wedge (Sangeet): Louis Vuitton | Lehenga (Anand Karaj): Sabyasachi | Custom Phulkari (Anand Karaj): Nenu Sekhon | Totem Wedge in Gold (Anand Karaj): Yves Saint Laurent | Bridal Jewelry in Ruby - Emerald & Pearl (Anand Karaj): Jagdish Jewellers | Groom's Custom Kalgi in Ruby - Emerald & Pearl (Anand Karaj): Bhola Jewelers | Palm Caftan in Silk (Luau): Elie Saab | Millionaire Sunglasses (Luau): Louis Vuitton | Woven Leather Wedge in Black (Luau): Prada | Sari in Rangoon Red (Reception): Sabyasachi | Jewelry in Kundan (Reception): Bhola Jewelers | Emerald Cut Onyx Ring (Reception): Ippolita | Pumps in Bronze (Reception): Yves Saint Laurent | Photography: Anna Kim Photography

Dana Point, CA Indian Wedding by Lin & Jirsa Photography

Happy Tuesday, ladies! When you see your soulmate standing in front of you about to say, "Yes, I do," you realize that no matter where or what, your long-awaited dream dreamed wedding is about to come true. This is the case of Poorvi & Sudeep, our lovebirds from today. If the name of these lovely couple sounds familiar, it is because we have previously showcased their big wedding celebration in a visual masterpiece created by Avec Lumiere Productions that you can relive here. The beautiful gardens of The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, hosted this beautiful festivity. Our friends from The Marigold Company trimmed and organized every detail of this celebration to perfection and found their best ally in 2Create Designs, who crafted a unique decoration for the different events. Raja Sudeep arrived at the baraat celebration riding a gorgeous white horse from Savannah Rose Carriages. And everything was just spectacular! We were particularly amazed by the natural beauty that our gorgeous Maharani Poorvi showcased during the entire festivities, stealing the show. She trusted her beauty needs to Dolled up by Lulu, who delivered nothing but perfection. What talent! To end this celebration, Fusion Sounds turn the gala into a real party with their phenomenal beats. You can relive this moment by visiting today's breathtaking gallery created by Lin & Jirsa Photography.

photo #288258
photo #288255
photo #288280
photo #290008
photo #288271
photo #288310
photo #288313
photo #288317
photo #288319
photo #288279
photo #288340
photo #288344
photo #288239
photo #288348
photo #290009

Please visit us tomorrow, we have tons of inspiration waiting just for you!

Floral & Decor: 2Create Designs | DJ: Fusion Sounds | Hair & Makeup: Dolled up by Lulu | Venues: The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel | Planning & Design: The Marigold Company | Baraat: Savannah Rose Carriages | Cinematographer: Avec Lumiere Productions | Photographer: Lin & Jirsa Photography | Catering: Natraj Catering and Restaurants | Cake & Treats: It's All About The Cake | Live Music: Seaside Strings | Transportation: GoGo Charters

Atlanta, GA Pakistani Wedding by MNK PRO

Good morning, Maharanis! We are beginning a brand new week, and there's nothing better than a fresh start with lots of inspiration. Today we have something special for you as we are double featuring Sanah & Ali's wedding festivities. We will be able to enjoy every single detail of this celebration with a phenomenal photo gallery. And if this is not enough, you can be delighted by the cinematographic masterpiece here, both created by the enormous talent of MNK Pro. To begin this magical journey, let me take you to the exclusive Al Noor Banquet and Catering to admire the pre-wedding ceremonies. If you are wondering who orchestrated this event, we have the right answer for you as Red and Gold Events took our lovebird's vision for their wedding and transformed it into a dream come true. Our gorgeous Maharani dazzled everyone after being glamorized by Glamour Makeup by Ruth Lam and Color Impressions By Saba, creating such a beautiful royal style. And we can't forget to mention the unique Mehndi art created by Forever Beauty by Manisha. This event brought two different families that became one to celebrate the promise of eternal love from their favorites. The phenomenal beats from DJ Jaz- GTB Productions lighted up this party and put everyone to dance the whole night! So don't think twice and visit today's full gallery to relive this celebration. 

photo #286471
photo #288589
photo #286478
photo #286481
photo #286485
photo #286490
photo #286505
photo #286499
photo #286479
photo #286475
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
I found most of my vendors through Facebook and Instagram. Social media is great because you can preview a vendor's work before making a decision. The first thing I did when we set our date was reach out to hair and make up artists and started looking at venues. I was lucky to get the hair and make up artists that I wanted. Finding venues for all three days of our wedding was a bit stressful as venues book up really fast. Thankfully we were able to get venues that we liked and were within our budget. I did feel overwhelmed and looked into getting a wedding planner. I found Nida Khan from Red and Gold Events on Instagram and after our phone consultation I just knew I needed her! She made me feel less stressed and gave me great advice and recommendations for vendors. After talking to Nida I started booking all the other vendors such as catering, photographer, decor, mehndi artist, etc.
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
My family and I went to England to shop for my wedding. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my bridal dress to be red and gold. We had 3 days of shopping planned in three different areas. As we started shopping, I got overwhelmed because there were so many different options. But the very first dress I tried on was the one! Originally I wanted a red dress with gold embroidery but this dress was all gold with a red dupatta and just so beautiful.  When I put the dress on and looked in the mirror I was just like "Wow, I feel like a bride!" My family loved the dress too! We still shopped around for another 2 days but nothing compared to the first dress and in the end the first dress I tried on was the one I bought.
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I enjoyed the whole planning process. From looking for vendors, to meeting with them to discuss details, to shopping for my dresses and jewelry. But I think the most enjoyable part was going for the hair and make up trials!
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
The earlier you start planning the better. Venues and vendors get booked up really fast so if there's certain vendors you know you want you have to make sure you contact them as soon as you can.
Getting a wedding planner/day or coordinator is definitely worth it. Nida and her team from Red & Gold Events really helped take the stress away from me and my family during the wedding events. My parents and sisters were able to enjoy the wedding and mingle with the guests while Nida and her team made sure everything was going as planned.
Be organized. Getting a wedding planning binder or make you own. I made my own wedding binder and this helped me organize the details of all my events. It made it easy to see what has been done and what still needs to be done.

If our first installment inspired you, you will love the upcoming post as we will unveil the phenomenal outcome from this event. 
DJ: DJ Jaz- GTB Productions | Mehndi Artists: Forever Beauty by Manisha | Venues: Atlanta Airport Marriott | Planning & Design: Red and Gold Events | Photography: MNK Pro | Cinematography: MNK Pro | Sangeet Venue: Al Noor Banquet and Catering | Bride's Makeup: Glamour Makeup by Ruth Lam | Bride's Hair: Color Impressions By Saba | Catering: Asma's Cuisine | Baraat (Dholi): Sagar Thakker | Bridal Fashions: RDC London | Bridal Fashions: Nargis Collections (Shaddi) | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Cake & Treats: Inspirations Unlimited | Event Designer: BEST Events SA


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