Happy Tuesday, beauty queens! We hope your day has been up to a great start! Ours is going absolutely magnificent because we have you here, and we were dying to share a new story with you! If you are like us and you never get enough of these beautiful celebrations of love, today's romantic session will take your breath away! This time, we'll be heading down to Chicago, IL, to take a peep at how an everlasting love story begins by taking you on a romantic journey through Ali & Marriam's engagement photoshoot. So wait no more and get ready to enjoy the visual masterpieces captured by Hakim's Studio. Through each of these fabulous shots, you can feel the emotions Ali & Marriam experienced at that moment, and we are in utter amazement as this is a talent available just to a handful of experienced photographers, so big kudos to Akbar Hakim for these fantastic shots. The happiness, the excitement, and the love that this two radiate are so pure and true that you can feel how it gets passed on to you and makes your heart smile! If you can't get enough of this lovely photoshoot, head into our full gallery for more. Every single shot is a cornucopia of beauty and inspiring ideas that we are sure you will love. So make sure to check them out!

photo #321752
photo #321845
photo #321754
photo #321762
photo #321766
photo #321767
photo #321764
photo #321771
photo #321846
photo #321779
photo #321787
photo #321784

What a lovely story! We need a moment to catch our breath, but make sure to join us tomorrow for more.

Photography: Hakim's Studio