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Linda, CA Indian Wedding by Shivalry Photography


Charlotte, NC Indian Wedding by Bhowmik Dave

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Princeton, NJ Gujarati Wedding by Dk Photofilms

Hello, darlings! We are happy to share Seema & Pavil's love story in today's feature. They had a wonderful wedding day, with lots of laughter and love, surrounded by the people they love the most, and the morning kicked off early, with a very excited baraat party accompanying the groom. First impressions are unforgettable, and this is what guests said about Pavil arrival in a Baraat horse from Equishare Baraat Horses, Rickshaws, and Carriages. At the same time, the bride could see the incredible procession from the bridal suit from the imposing Hyatt Regency Princeton, where the guests participated in the charming and intimate wedding ceremony that united Seema & Pavil in marriage. This elegant venue, with exceptional service and catering, made their wedding memorable! And all we have to say is that this love-dripping ceremony was beautiful. It was a unique ceremony since a priest and priestess, a husband-wife duo, performed the wedding ceremony. The incredible planning and decor by Penguin Events set the mood for this ceremony, making it ultra special. Maharani Seema donned a lengha styled by Color Me Rouge, an expert in pleats and placement of Dupatta or Saree while keeping comfort in mind. But that is not all! The incredible and well-done makeup by Color Me Rouge made her look glamorous, vibrant, mesmerizing, and stunning. She took her bridal look to the next level with the artistic Mehndi by Vanita Kalsariya, which added an extra touch of beauty and traditional flair to the overall look. One of the most memorable parts of the wedding was the jewelry. Pavil's father is Dia Jewels Inc.'s jeweler, and he designed the bride's rings, evening jewelry, and mangalsutra. It made wearing those pieces feel special! For the reception, Seema wore a white dress from Paisley Bridal. Hawaii inspired the cake and sunset decoration from Cramer BakeryDJ Darsh Entertainment made everyone dance with friends and family; guests enjoyed the fantastic music, and the dance floor was packed until the night's end. They decided to bring Dk Photofilms on board, which was a great decision! They went above and beyond, capturing shots from every angle, resulting in a set of visual masterpieces we cannot stop seeing! Visit today's gallery to delight yourself with the fantastic photos captured during this celebration. Enjoy! 

photo #365231
photo #365398
photo #365226
photo #365234
photo #365235
photo #365228
photo #365244
photo #365242
photo #365241
photo #365308
photo #365229

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
The proposal was beautiful: We went on vacation in Maui, and just towards the end of our trip, he surprised me with the proposal as we were taking a walk on cliffs overlooking the ocean.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The food and music were fantastic; our guests generally had a great time, and we heard very positive things about that in particular.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
Our reception decor was based on summer sunset colors (a connection to our proposal story). One unique piece of the decor was the centerpieces: We alternated tables with beautiful floral arrangements with tables of vases filled with oranges.

Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
One of the most special parts of our wedding was the jewelry. My husband’s father is a jeweler (DiaJewels Inc.), and they designed my rings and evening jewelry, as well as my mangalsutra. It definitely made wearing those pieces feel special. We also truly could not have done it without our coordinator Penguin Events; they made everything (even amid inevitable day-of crises) run so smoothly!

My loves, that's it for this entry. Remember that we have inspiring stories every day. I will see you!

Hair & Makeup: Color Me Rouge | Venues: Hyatt Regency Princeton | Baraat: Equishare Baraat Horses, Rickshaws and Carriages | Draping/Styling: Color Me Rouge | Planning & Design: Penguin Events | Floral & Decor: Penguin Events | Catering: Moghul Caterers | DJ: DJ Darsh Entertainment | Bridal Fashions: Paisley Bridal | Bridal Jewelry: Dia Jewels Inc. | Cake & Treats: Crame'rs Bakery | Cinematography: Dk Photofilms | Registry: Zola | Tuxedos: The Suit Spot | Catering: Vatan | Photography: Dk Photofilms | Mehndi Artist: Vanita Kalsariya

Rochester Hills, MI Indian Wedding by Sky Films & Productions

Good morning, Maharanis! I hope you are ready to start this Tuesday on the right foot because Ashna & Kais' wedding celebration will brighten your day and melt your heart with tenderness and joy. Having an interfaith, Hindu/Muslim, and interracial, Tunisian/Indian wedding was not easy. However, such a level of perfection and beauty is no casualty. To make this dreamy celebration come to life, our lovebirds had a fantastic lineup of wedding vendors working tirelessly to design a wedding beyond spectacular. Marigold Wedding Planners worked their magic to execute this event flawlessly. They also crafted breathtaking backdrops that set the mood for the different ceremonies and wedding events hosted at the striking SVBF North. Their passion is to simplify the wedding planning process for our couples. And oh boy, how they succeed! For the reception at Meadow Brook Hall, everyone celebrated this life milestone by dancing to the beats of the incredible Sky Films and Productions. They were able to keep the crowd on their feet the entire night. The mixture of Hindi, Arabic, and English songs was perfectly spaced out and allowed everyone to participate and enjoy the night. Although we've talked about all the beauty, amazingness, and elegance surrounding this wedding celebration, we haven't forgotten about the star of the night: our gorgeous Ashna! She nailed the ultimate bridal look thanks to Megha + Jigar's outfits and Krishna Salon & Spa hair and makeup. And let's not forget about the superb Mehndi by Radhe Henna, which added an extra touch of traditional flair. When a video and photos are captured right, they can describe your special day without you saying a word, which is what Sky Films and Productions did for this couple. The pictures from all four events were impeccable! Don't miss the jaw-dropping gallery that we have prepared.

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How did you meet your Groom, and when did you know he was "the one"?
Kais had recently moved from Washington D.C. in the Summer of 2010. Walking around the hallways of our high school at the start of the school year, we ran into each other multiple times. We would always see each other at lunch, sitting at two different tables, glancing and smiling. I never really made any small talk. Months passed, and we reached October 2010. My brother was having a birthday party. Bored out of her mind, I was sitting/talking to the boys while enjoying pizza and cake. In comes Kais, ready to pick up his brother, who coincidently was at the party. In true Indian fashion, my mom asked, “Offer him some food.” Our first words to one another ended up being, “Would you like some pizza or cake?”. This brief encounter led to more talking at school and a blossoming friendship.
Our friendship grew over the years, and we became a part of each other’s constant friend group. From celebrating proms, graduations, birthdays, and so much more, we became inseparable. In October 2013, coincidentally, at another one of my brother's birthday parties (which happened to be on my actual 20th birthday), things changed forever. I received a call around 12:30 pm from Kais asking if I wanted to study. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a countdown to my birthday from the very beginning of the month EVERY YEAR. I answered the call and yelled, “I DON’T STUDY ON MY BIRTHDAY”; and hung up. Kais called back, pretending as if we didn’t just have that conversation, saying, “Happy 20th Birthday”. After talking for a bit, I went back to enjoying the birthday party and celebrating my birthday later that day at home. To my surprise, the doorbell rang around 6:30 pm that night. It was Kais, with a Grande Mocha Frappuccino in hand, waiting to wish me happy birthday. He came inside and ate some of my birthday cake while watching some tv. During the conversation (randomly), the question was asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?” I think we all know the response!
Our relationship, which was a majority long-distance, flourished throughout the years. Kais went away to college at MSU for 4 years, while Ashna stayed at home attending Wayne State University. At least 1 weekend a month, Ashna would drive up to East Lansing to visit Kais and spend the weekend with all of their friends. The special weekends would always include their signature college date night food; a large pizza and a 2 Liter pop. Kais would then come home for a weekend, allowing both to see each other almost every other week. The relationship grew as the years passed, making memories that would last a lifetime. Times got a lot tougher when Kais took an amazing opportunity to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical School in 2018. As hard as the distance would be, we knew that it was best for his career and that the relationship was strong enough to make it through. Daily phone calls, text messages, video calls, etc., got us through some of the hardest times. Date nights still included having some pizza virtually while watching tv shows or movies. Every time we would meet in person, whether in Alabama or Michigan; for a day or weeks, we made the most of the time we got. Our relationship got stronger during this time. We began to understand that if we could do this and still be happy and in love, we could conquer anything.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kais was able to come home and spend some quality time with family and friends. Everyone who knows anything about medical school knows that during 3rd year, having a little bit of time off is almost unheard of. We decided to make the most of it and spend A LOT of time with one another, making each other and our families part of our “pod.” We would drive around for dates without getting out of the car and have picnics in secluded areas where people could not be seen for miles. Every year, Kais and I had a tradition of going ice skating at Campus Martius Ice Skating Rink in Downtown Detroit. Anyone who knows Kais is aware of how much he hates anything to do with the cold. However, this is one thing he would do for me (Ashna) every year. On February 28, 2021, Kais and I decided to go around on one of our drive-around date days. We drove to Downtown Detroit and saw people skating at the ice rink. Due to COVID, we had not been this year, and I did not know that it was even open to skate. Masks were being enforced at the rink, so in true Ashna fashion, I asked Kais to go. He surprisingly agreed. We walked to the rink, where there was a sign posted that tickets were all sold out for the evening due to limited capacity requirements. Bummed, I began to walk away, upset that we couldn’t go as it was the last day they were open for the year. Kais followed me, yelling, “Where are you going? We have tickets.” I was shocked and super excited as I realized he had planned this out prior to us getting to the rink. We got our skates and began skating around. Kais, not being the best skater, was actually doing a pretty good job keeping himself up; I was impressed. Shortly after taking a couple of rounds, we decided to take a break on the side of the ring. I stopped fully and was looking at the Christmas lights still displayed around the ring while Kais skated up. The next thing I heard was a “thump.” I thought to myself, “Great, here we go again. He fell”. I turned around to help him up, and to my surprise, he was down on one knee ©©© Surprised was an understatement. Time was standing still. Everyone at the ice-skating ring had stopped and was clapping. I turned around, and a group of our friends had gathered, along with our siblings and a bunch more friends present on Facetime from around the country, all there to celebrate our special day. I could not have asked for a more romantic proposal <3
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Venues: In terms of finding venues, we wanted something more intimate for the pre-wedding and wedding events versus larger and unique for the reception.
--SVBF Temple (Wedding): We went with the temple setting for the intimate Hindu wedding ceremony as it fits all the criteria we wanted. We wanted a temple that was beautiful for photos and had a more modern aesthetic. They were able to provide the services we requested and were able to make proper accommodations for our wedding. We were also able to try the delicious food prior to and come up with a customized vegetarian menu for the wedding lunch.
--Meadow Brook Hall (Reception): When searching for a reception venue, we wanted to pick a place more unique than just a hotel banquet hall. We needed something that would allow for 200-250 people and be able to serve/provide food from both cultures (whether through them or catering). The most important was a place that had a personality and history of its own. Meadowbrook Hall fit all our criteria and was absolutely beautiful. We were able to go for an initial tour and tasting prior to the big day. They had their own catering service, which was able to provide stations of food for dinner accommodating both our Indian and Arabic cultures, along with Italian dishes, various salads, appetizers, and phenomenal plated desserts. Meadowbrook Hall also provided us with a day of coordinator who was in constant contact with our wedding planner throughout the planning process. We were able to schedule many meetings with the staff in order to have every detail of our reception made perfect.
Planning and Decor
--Marigold Wedding Planners / Decor: When it came to picking a wedding planner/decorator, we needed someone who was able to see our vision, stick to our budget and provide the wedding and reception of our dreams. Marigold Wedding Planners was able to do all this and so much more. They beautifully executed the decor to match but not clash with outfits worn by not just us but also our immediate family. They were just a phone call a way when it came to any wedding/reception-related matters. They did onsite visits with us for both the wedding/reception venues. As well as taking care of all our vendors, creating timelines, and sending them out in order to coordinate day of events. They were prompt to let us know of any changes. However, they were mindful not to stress out the bride. From planning to decor to floral, I could not have asked for a more flawless experience than Tina and Marigold Wedding Planners.
Hair & Makeup
--Krishna Salon & Spa: For hair/makeup services, I went with Krishna Salon and Spa in Farmington Hills, MI. I chose them as I have known Krishna for a large portion of my life, and she has been serving my family for many years. I trusted her to do my hair/makeup as she is not only good at what she does, she knows what I like and what would look good on me at a more personal level. She was able to take my more minimalistic makeup approach and make it wedding glam. She was able to highlight my natural features without muting it behind loads of makeup. During the hair/makeup trial, she took her time trying out multiple hairstyles and makeup combinations to make sure I was happy with the final product. The overall wedding and reception look turned out to be exactly what I had envisioned.
--Sky Films and Productions: For photography, videography, and DJ purposes, Sky Films and Productions was an easy choice to make. We wanted someone who was offering a bundle deal and was able to provide enough coverage for all 3 days of our wedding event. Gagan with Sky Films and Productions was prompt in answering my initial inquiry, and a written-out brochure with packages was sent right away. It was very simple to book them for our wedding weekend, and we were also lucky enough to be able to use them for our engagement photoshoot. We were so pleased with how our engagement photoshoot worked out that we could not wait to see how our wedding went. They did not disappoint. Our pictures from all 4 events, as well as the videography, were impeccable. The drone footage they took gave us beautiful views of our entire wedding and reception venues. Gagan and the team also provided DJ services for our wedding and reception. They were able to keep the crowd on their feet the entire night. The mixture of Hindi, Arabic, and English songs was perfectly spaced out and allowed everyone to participate and enjoy the night.
Outfits: With the COVID Pandemic being in full swing during our wedding planning process, all our wedding-related outfits were bought online. We were able to contact small shops through larger corporates like Etsy, as well as to contact larger designers in order to custom make outfits for the bride, groom, family, and bridal party. Negotiations were mostly done over the phone through Whatsapp.
-Bridal Lehenga: "KalaNiketan"; Mumbai, India
-Reception Lehenga: "Megha and Jigar" custom-made lehenga India
-Grooms Tuxedo: "ISAIA" custom-made tuxedo
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
For my bridal lehenga, I wanted something more traditional. Being a Gujarati wedding, traditionally you would wear something red. I began my search on various websites and landed on the store 'Kalaniketan", which had many traditional lehengas available. When running it by my mom, she told me that she and my grandma had both previously shopped at the store, for other occasions, including some of their wedding outfits. I thought it would be nice to buy my bridal lehenga from there and keep the tradition within the family. I found a lehenga that I loved, which was red and pink with gold embroidery work and accents. It was absolutely stunning and completely hand stitched. It was the dress I always pictured myself wearing. Felt like a princess on my wedding day.
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
The most enjoyable part for me of the planning process was seeing everything coming together. Growing up watching Bollywood movies, you always kind of have a standard to which you want your wedding to be held. In my case, I had a rough idea of what I wanted and needed to implement that the best I could with a set budget. Marigold Planners, along with my mother and sister, really helped in making this process much easier. They were there for the support and ideas, as well as to help make conscious decisions whenever needed. Individually deciding on decor, flowers, lighting, etc., was hard when you didn't have the final picture. Planning outfits for us, as well as our family and friends that doesn't clash with the decor; was a milestone in itself. However, when it all came together, the final product was the dream I had envisioned. Everything was to a tee and looked like it was all supposed to be put together the way it was presented. Seeing this made every fight, disagreement, and shed tear worth it.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
FOOD! We had a total of 4 events (haldi, sangeet/mehndi, wedding, and reception. For my family, food is the most important thing when it comes to an event. We always want our guests to be able to enjoy good food, no matter what the occasion. In this case, it was important for us to have a variety of different food at each event but not repeat the type of food or specific entree more than once. We decided on food themes for each event that correlated with the type of event as well as the people attending.
For our intimate Haldi ceremony we stuck to a catered traditional Gujarati food menu, including different curries, rice, roti, etc., as well as more Gujarati staples of khandvi, dhokla, and undhiyu.
For our Sangeet/Mehendi night, we wanted to cater more to the demographic. So more people who were not Indian and who ate meat. We decided to go with a full Indian catered menu comprising more traditionally known dishes. These included chicken tikka masala, chili chicken, gobi manchurian, chili paneer, various vegetable curries, dals, rice, naans, etc.
The Wedding Ceremony was held at the temple, meaning all the food had to be vegetarian. The food was all-encompassed with the temple and was cooked by volunteer chefs in the kitchen. the spread consisted of both North and South Indian food and definitely had the homemade touch.
The Reception was the largest event that we had, with over 200 people in attendance. We needed to make sure to include dishes from both India and Tunisia, as well as making sure not to step over cultural and religious boundaries. With that being said, we had no red meat and no alcohol at our reception. For our signature drink, we went with a mocktail mojito. For appetizers, we had Thai curry samosa, spinach with lemon-zest and feta in phyllo, tandoori chicken satay with raita, and horn island gulf shrimp. For dinner, we decided on a station-style setting where everyone could go station-to-station and get the food type they would like to eat. We had 4 stations comprising a salad station ( 4 different types of salad), an Indian station, an Arabic station, and an Italian pasta station. People enjoyed this so much as they were able to go and choose from over 20 different dishes from all over the world. They were able to go at there own pace and were able to try things they may have never thought to try before. Plated dessert was then given at each seat comprising of wedding cake, chocolate torte, crème brûlée, and NY cheesecake.
By the end of the wedding celebrations and till this day, people come up to us and admire the food and how much they ate at our wedding. People enjoyed themselves to the fullest, which was our main goal when it came to the food and arrangements.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
There were many special moments that replay in my mind from our wedding. Starting from the first dance, daddy-daughter dance, various family/friend speeches, dances, etc. All these moments, as well as just having all our loved ones around, really did make this week extra special for both of us. However, in terms of my most special moment from the wedding week, it would definitely be Our First Look. I had not seen Kais's sherwani prior to the wedding day, so when we arrived for our first look and I opened my eyes, I was stunned. He looked like a real MAHARAJA. Everything from the sherwani, jewelry, shoes, and the turban was just mind-blowing. Walking up to him, I could not keep thinking about how much we had overcome throughout our relationship and how we finally made it to this day. The tears in our eyes summed up exactly how we felt at that moment.
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Relax, and don't lash out at your loved ones. It may not always seem like it, but they are on your side.
Our magical journey is over today, but don't forget to be back for more inspirational stories here! 

DJ: Sky Films and Productions | Planning & Design: Marigold Wedding Planners | Floral & Decor: Marigold Wedding Planners | Event Designer: Marigold Wedding Planners | Photography: Sky Films and Productions | Baraat: Sky Films and Productions | Cinematography: Sky Films and Productions | Photo Booths: Sky Films and Productions | Live Music: Sky Films and Productions | Lighting: Marigold Wedding Planners | Sangeet Venue: Island Lake of Novi | Ceremony Venue: SVBF North | Reception Venue: Meadow Brook Hall | Hair & Makeup: Krishna Salon & Spa | Catering: Punjab Sweets | Bridal Fashions: Megha and Jigar | Bridal Jewelry: Ram Creations | Cake & Treats: Sweet Dreams Bakery | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Krishna Salon & Spa | Favors: Indian Wedding Card | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Indian Wedding Card | Mehndi Artist: Radhe Henna | Rentals: Crate & Barrel | Tuxedos: Isaia Napoli

Chicago, IL Indian Wedding by Alfaaz Photography

Get ready to enjoy because we're taking you on a love journey through Chandni & Paras' wedding, celebrated at the imposing Chicago Marriott Schaumburg! During COVID chaos, to say this couple had a stress-free, magical big fat wedding is an anomaly! But, this wedding was filled with the perfect combination of Hindu and Jain traditions with a mix of modern entertainment. This lovely couple trusted JD Eventz for the wedding to take care of the planning and execution and Dream Occasions to take care of the decor. And what a great decision it was, as they delivered nothing but perfection! There was so much beauty all over the place, but nothing compared to Chandni's gorgeous look with the incredible outfit by no other than the great Custumise. The lovely details on this Maharni's lengha are every bride's dream, and she bursts into the scene looking like a princess. Her hairstyle and makeup were designed by Makeup by Sonu Patel and SKM Artistry, whereas Henna Tattoo Chicago designed the artistic Mehndi. After the ceremony, Holly Bolly Unlimited live music, and Shakti Queen Beats choreography enlivened an intimate reception party. Everyone danced the night away, creating endless memories that will be reminiscing over and over with their loved ones for decades to come! Chandni & Paras' main goal was to have a wedding that all family and friends could attend without worrying about a random task, and with all the help of these fantastic vendors, not only did they reach this goal, but managed to have a very timely Indian wedding, which is unheard of. Luckily for us, Alfaaz Photography was there to capture every moment of this lovely celebration. If you want to look at this amazing celebration, head into our gallery for more!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
On June 21, 2016, we matched on a dating site.  After three days of chatting, Chandni was impressed.  So, as any diligent attorney would do, Chandni added Paras on Facebook for investigatory purposes.  Impressed by her courage, Paras asked Chandni out on a date.
On June 28, 2016, we had our first date.  Paras spent many hours planning and organizing the perfect first date.  It was a nice summer day, so the date had to have a good balance of being outdoor and indoor with a good conversing environment.  Thinking he was stood up, Paras sat at the table at Raised rooftop alone for eighteen minutes.  Turned out, Chandni was (and still is) bad at following Google maps.  After eating some small plates and appetizers at Raised rooftop, we walked across the Chicago Riverwalk for dinner reservations at Davanti Enoteca.  This was Chandni's first time at this restaurant, so naturally, Paras ordered a large variety of dishes for her to try, but Chandni barely had five bites because she was "nervous."  After giving our untouched food to the homeless, we made our way to Three Dots and a Dash for post-dinner drinks.  After we realized that one of us was too full to eat or drink anything and the other was too "nervous," we decided to walk around and enjoy the weather.
Throughout the date, we shared many laughs and interesting conversations.  In particular, for every one thing Chandni would learn about Paras, Paras would learn fives things about her.  For anyone that knows both of our personalities, this is a great balance.  Jokes aside, the date lasted thirteen hours on a random Tuesday.  The rest is history.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Each year for Chandni's birthday, Paras would surprise her with a birthday trip, and so, it would be the perfect time to pop the question without Chandni being suspicious.  Before executing a plan, there were a few important considerations that Paras had to account for that Chandni was adamant on: (1) she did not want to be proposed to without our families there; (2) she was always insistent on having the perfect manicure on the day she is proposed to; and (3) no hot air balloon rides.
Chandni had just started a new job, so the first task was to secretly figure out potential dates that would work with her work schedule.  After narrowing down a few dates, Paras checked with all the family members to check for any conflicts.  And there we have it - August 31, 2019 was the chosen date!  Although this date worked with everyone's schedule, it was difficult planning because Chandni's birthday was still two weeks away.  Paras had to work with Chandni's work to make her believe that the last weekend in August was the only weekend that would work for her to take off.  Although Chandni did not like the idea of celebrating her "birthday" two weeks early, she soon came around to the idea after she was informed about a potential trip.  The selected destination was San Diego, California because both of us absolutely love San Diego and California has always been Chandni's favorite State.  After the location was decided, the actually planning began!
The Dress:  About seven weeks before the proposal date, Paras bought Chandni a dress as a gift for an unrelated celebration.  During those seven weeks, Paras asked Chandni to wear the dress to various events multiple times just to throw her off.  Of course, she would respond by saying she is not wearing such a nice dress to random events and places.  With a few white lies and the power of persuasion, Paras managed to get Chandni to wear the dress on the special day!
The Flights:  Paras worked with each family member to schedule departures and arrivals to make sure the proposal goes smoothly.  Paras and Chandni landed in San Diego Friday afternoon.  Knowing that Chandni's parents would not be flying out until Saturday afternoon, Paras arranged a FaceTime call between Chandni and her mom Saturday morning so she could see that her parents were still at home.  Just another trick to clear out any suspicions.  By Saturday afternoon, all the family members had made their way to San Diego.
The Cruise:  The 3-hour cruise was absolutely perfect.  We set sail into the Pacific ocean spending the first hour and twenty minutes chasing the sunset and jamming to a "birthday" playlist that Paras created with all of Chandni's favorite songs.  Once a good sunset location was found, we docked in the middle of the ocean.  As Chandni was facing the water enjoying the view, Paras quickly dropped down on one knee.  As Chandni turned around, Paras popped open the ring box and proposed.  Of course, Chandni did not hear the proposal because she was crying so much, but she did manage to say yes!  The entire proposal was captured by pictures and drone footage, which can be seen below.  After the proposal, Chandni and Paras enjoyed some champagne as they returned to the dock.
The Dock & Dinner:  On the way back to the dock, Chandni was really upset that the family members were not there especially because she saw that her parents were home earlier that day.  Paras, of course, played along.  The waterworks continued once Chandni noticed the family members waiting for us at the dock.  We were greeted with each person holding a decorated poster with a designated letter.  The first sign read "CONGRATS!" and the second sign on the backside read "GAMEOVER!"  We all enjoyed a toast on the dock and took plenty of pictures.  After the celebrations on the dock, we went to our dinner reservations where we all stuffed our face with delicious food.
Accommodations & Transportation:  Paras booked an AirBnB and transportation for the two families to enjoy after the dinner.  The family members were able to gain access to the AirBnB upon arriving to San Diego.  They all spent a considerable amount of time decorating the AirBnB, which was a great surprise when Chandni and Paras walked in for the first time!  And so, the celebrations continued!
The Day-After:  Paras planned for the two families to spend the day together with some quality time.  Paras made shirts for each family member themed after Chandni's all-time favorite show, Friends.  The shirts read, "The One Where Chandni Said Yes!" and "The One Where Paras Asked!"  We all wore the shirts all day as we enjoyed brunch and a mini road trip from San Diego to Los Angeles.
The Finale:  Monday morning, Chandni and Paras head to the airport, and just as Chandni thought there could not be any more surprises, she learned that we were now going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Paras and Chandni enjoyed their first trip as an engaged couple in Mexico with swimming with the dolphins, bargain shopping, street elotes, and many other unforgettable experiences.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
We were very proactive about wedding planning.  To start, we both wanted to be very involved with the decision making and did not want to stress out family members.  So, we actually planned our entire wedding.  We knew we wanted to have the wedding in our hometowns (the Chicagoland area).  We also knew that we wanted to have the wedding at a modern venue that does not have red carpet or weird wallpaper and lights.  It took us about two months of venue shopping and negotiating until we both were extremely happy.
After days and days of research, we found the perfect decorator, photographer, and videographer that matched our personalities very well as well as the excellent attention to detail.  Food was probably the most difficult because both of us and our families are foodies and quite picky.  We tried almost every single indian caterer, but in the end we decided to go with a newer restaurant to the Chicagoland area.  We knew the quality was excellent and they were very talented with the range of cuisines and display.  However, we wanted to spread out some catering and snacks so we also went with some local favorites that we knew would deliver great food (build your own pizza food truck, nothing bundt cakes, south indian, and gujarati).
Unfortunately, due to COVID, we had to postpone our wedding because of restrictions.  Even worse, we had limited weekends to choose from with our venue because so many events were being rescheduled.  We only had two weekends from the rest of the year to choose from, and one of those was over Christmas weekend, so we went with the other weekend, which ended up being Diwali and a great weekend to get family and friends together! Changing the date worked well, but we ended up losing our Videographer because they were already booked for another wedding that weekend.  So we went back to the drawing board and spent endless hours looking at trailers and videos until we found the perfect fit.
Clothes shopping was difficult because we couldn't travel to India.  We did everything virtually and handpicked many of the designs.  Custumise really made the process special for us and the fits were perfect even though we were halfway across the globe.  This was probably the easiest part of the process.  The only stress here was shipping because of COVID-19, but even this worked out!
The overall process took a lot of patience and hardwork and communication, but we kept our spirits up and went with our gut feeling much of the way.  Everything worked out how it was suppose to and we have no regrets.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
Finding the perfect wedding dress came amidst a time of COVID when traveling to India was very difficult. It was during this time that I found Custumise and knew they would be the perfect company to create my dream wedding outfit. I always thought I wanted the famous red and gold lengha that I admired whenever I looked at wedding posts. But I soon then realized I wanted to add a unique flare to my outfit while still staying traditional. I knew I wanted all of the traditional colors such as white, red, green, gold but in a modern yet traditional look. I was able to create the perfect look I dreamt of with the help of my mom and the Custumise team!

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Hands down the most enjoyable part of the planning process was creating our outfits. I never knew how enjoyable it would be to watch a masterpiece be created that is built off of your unique vision. It is not everyday that you get a chance to have every single one of your outfits be personalized! Watching the Custumise team make this vision into reality was simply amazing.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
All the guests complimented the food all weekend long along with our wedding decorations and how fun dancing the night away until 2:00 am at our reception.  Suprisingly, for an Indian wedding, from start to finish, every single celebration and ceremony was on time, which our family and closest friends really appreciated because it left more down time to rest a little!

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
For Paras, the one moment that keeps replaying in his mind is when Chandni performed her solo dance.  She looked majestic and like a true bride.  The song choice, steps, and emotions were perfect to represent our relationship.
For Chandni, the moment that keeps replaying in her mind was the look on Paras' face during our first look. The emotions that genuinely filled his eyes said it all. On top of that, when I walked down the aisle, even after already have seen me, tears filled his eyes once again. That was the moment that I knew, I was certainly marrying my best friend.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
We had five events: Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception. For each event we carefully planned out unique decorations that fit our vision for that event. We had a joint mehndi event which we absolutely loved. This was the event that kicked off the whole weekend. The concept behind having our first event joint was also the ability to treat it as a gathering for both sides of the family to meet. After all, this event is bringing two families together, what better way than to allow everyone the opportunity to get to know one another from day one! Our sangeet event was very special to us because we had a chance to really incorporate some of our family decoration and food preferences that evening. We had food from all around the world which our guests very much enjoyed. Most of our performances were also this night which allowed us more time to enjoy the dance floor and open bar during our reception! Our concept around the reception was set up as a production. Our performances were intertwined to be an enjoyable experience for our guests which led into a night filled with hours of dancing and partying!

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Enjoy the moment and let go of all expectations the weekend of. Without any hesitation, I can say I enjoyed every single second of our wedding. When I look back at our wedding weekend, we have nothing but positive and happy memories. When the weekend comes, most things are out of your hands at that point. Focus on being surrounded by your loved ones, enjoying the food, dancing to the music! It truly is such a special time and it goes by so quickly.

Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed today's story as much as I did. Do not forget to come back for more!

Bridal Fashions: Custumise | Sangeet Venue: Chicago Marriott Schaumburg | Ceremony Venue: Chicago Marriott Schaumburg | Reception Venue: Chicago Marriott Schaumburg | Floral & Decor: Dream Occassions | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Sonu Patel | Catering: Adda Indian Cuisine | DJ: Holly Bolly Unlimited | Baraat: Holly Bolly Unlimited | Bridal Jewelry: Radha Jewelry | Cake & Treats: The Baking Institute | Cinematography: A&A Video Productions | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Makeup by Sonu Patel | Lighting: Dream Occasions | Lighting: Holly Bolly Unlimited | Live Music: Holly Bolly Unlimited | Mehndi Artist: Henna Tattoo Chicago | Rentals: ABC Parade Floats | Planning & Guidance: JD Eventz | Choreography: Shakti Queen Beats | Hair & Makeup: SKM Artistry | Food Truck: Billy Bricks | Catering: Uru-Swati | Catering: China Wok | Snacks: Nothing Bundt Cakes | Photography: Alfaaz Photography

New Rochelle, NY Indian Fusion Wedding by Jashim Jalal Photography

Good morning my queens! What a beautiful day we have ahead of us, and, as always, it is my pleasure to share with you a new story to be inspired. Our sweethearts, Christine & Jerin, celebrated their lovely union at the VIP Country Club surrounded by their special ones and the gorgeous sun during a perfect summer day. The delightful colors of the decor Stylish Events provided were the perfect contrast for the delicate ones our Maharani chose for her lengha. Her elegant white dress was perfect. I adore it! But my favorite part about her look was the stunning shades Heena Das Beauty applied for her makeup. Christine was glorious! I am sure you won't believe how incredible the couple looked standing together. The traditional attires were just the beginning of a magical night for everyone. Of course, with the joyful music M4U Events brought, the guests couldn't be kept away from the dancefloor. There is no better companion to a happily ever after than a vibrant soundtrack. Now, ladies, I know that minor aspects during one's special day can be overwhelming at times. That's why our bride contacted the professional team from L&B Events to keep everything in check. This fabulous wedding couldn't be possible without them taking care of every feature, giving our lovebirds all the time to enjoy the beauty of their forever. Jashim Jalal Photography's pictures captured all the love and adoration Christine and Jerin have for each other. My wonderful Maharanis, I have a dazzling gallery for you. Go check it out and be enchanted by this phenomenal love story.

photo #342381
photo #342391
photo #342394
photo #342396
photo #342382
photo #342403
photo #342405
photo #342409
photo #342414
photo #342417
photo #342425
photo #342422
photo #342432
photo #342383
photo #342446
photo #342444
photo #342452
photo #342385
photo #342456
photo #342477
photo #342479
photo #342438
photo #342469
photo #342470
photo #342459
photo #342455

My loves, that's it for this entry. I'll see for the next love story!

Floral & Decor: Stylish Events | DJ: M4U Events | Planning & Design: L&B Events | Ceremony Venue: St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church | Reception Venue: VIP Country Club | Cinematography: Live Picture Studios | Hotel: Radisson Hotel New Rochelle | Transportation: NJ Limo Bus LLC | Lead Clergy: Rev. Mathew Varghese | Photography: Jashim Jalal Studios | Hair and Makeup: Heena Das Beauty

Chantilly, VA Indian Wedding by Photographick Studios

Happy Friday, darlings! We are wrapping up another week in which we have enjoyed beautiful and inspiring stories, and we want to close it with a flourish! So get ready for a full-inspiring weekend by taking a look at Jessica & Sanket's wedding festivities! As soon as we took a glance at the magnificent shots captured by the talented folks from Photographick Studios, we knew that this was a story that you were going to enjoy. So let's check it out together! For this first installment, we'll be taking you inside the halls of the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles so we can witness the lovely wedding ceremony that united these lovebirds in marriage! Hands down, this fabulous ceremony was one for the books! Thoroughly designed and executed by Project Bride DC, and decored by the talented team from Yaadein Weddings, this ceremony bordered the line of perfection, exceeding all expectations and becoming that dreamy wedding Jessica & Sanket always imagined. The grandeur of the occasion also reflected in Jessica's ravishing look, which echoed on the flawless hairstyle and makeup designed by Makeup by Mala. If you want to take a closer look at this lovely ceremony, don't miss today's gallery. Every shot is a visual masterpiece that you are going to love, so go check it out!

photo #272726
photo #272723
photo #272727
photo #272719
photo #272729
photo #272731
photo #272698
More coming in a bit, so make sure to stick around!
Photography: Photographick Studios | Venues: Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles | Photography: Photographick Studios | DJ: Dynasty AVE | Planning & Design: Project Bride DC | Floral & Decor: Yaadein Weddings | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Mala | Catering: Rasoi | Cake & Treats: Fluffy Thoughts


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