Welcome back, Maharanis! Can you imagine joining your life to the person you've always dreamed of at the most epic beach location? Well, that is exactly what our lovely Maharani Bhrugini and Raja Vishal did! And we can't get enough of their beautiful day! The images of Novia Mia Photography show us every detail of this phenomenal ceremony. Raja Vishal observed with admiration the arrival of his dazzling maharani, who also left everyone in awe for her splendid natural beauty that was certainly enhanced thanks to the talent of Styling Trio. She was a dream come true! Everything was exactly as our lovebirds planned and envisioned thanks to the splendid job of the one and only, Preeti Vasudeva. Thumbs up for her! The venue looked amazing, the aqua and white colors for the mandap matched perfectly with the magical waters of one of the most spectacular beaches in Mexico. There is no doubt that the skills of Alquimia Events made this place look phenomenal. Once the ceremony was over DJ USA turned the night on with fantastic music that made everyone had a blast. Choreographies, great food, family time, and of course, the memories of a unique love were the perfect combination of elements to create a grand celebration. To relive this story, make sure to visit our gallery. You'll get tons of inspiration from this tropical wedding spree!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Vishal and I met through a dating app. On a very cold Wednesday night in March 2016, just like everyone else, I was watching the usual lifeless soaps when my phone beeped. The on-screen notification displayed “Congrats! Vishal is madly in love with you” (or something along those lines ;)). I clicked on Vishal's profile to find he was hollering at me all the way from MX. I was a bit skeptical but decided to msg him anyway and this is how it went...
Bhrugini: “hey how's it going? do you really live in MX?”
Vishal: “Hi there, it’s going well. Wait, is it on my profile because I don't recall adding my location? or Are you a stalker? Because that would be interesting in its own way."

Since day 1 our conversations had a natural flow, followed by an amazing 3-day date in NYC to our first trip to Cabo (which pretty much started off with us missing our flight and Vishal being extremely sick the entire trip); from this very eventful week in Mexico we knew we could get through anything together and I also found out that he is my kind of crazy :)

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
After dating for about a year, Vishal and I planned for our families to meet for the first time in New York. Since Vishal lived in Mexico at the time I had no idea a proposal would even be on the surface because when would he have time to go ring shopping ;). To add to my surprise, Vishal had already custom designed my beautiful engagement ring, asked my dad for permission to marry me and had our families in on the proposal. I’m still amazed at how everyone was able to keep it a secret.  On the proposal day our families met during the day and in the evening Vishal had planned a dinner with both of our siblings at his cousin’s brand new restaurant, Queens Bully.  Vishal being so detailed he even planned where I would sit at the dinner table so that I couldn’t see anyone else coming in. At dinner, Vishal thanked everyone for coming and then moved on to saying some of the sweetest things about me/us (and I was still so clueless about what was to come) until he got down on one knee and popped the question....I was completely shocked and couldn’t stop smiling and after a few seconds Vishal asked “so is it a yes?” And I said of course YES! I then turn around to find our families standing there and slowly an army of his friends joined in on the celebrations. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Vishal mentioned the idea of a destination wedding to make the celebrations even more fun for us and our family and friends. I hadn’t really considered it until then because I wanted all the traditional events and my entire family/friends to be part of my big day. We talked to our parents and after doing some research learned that we could have both, so we decided to move forward with it. We had gone to scope out a venue in Cancun but weren't too happy with it.  Luckily, during the same trip I called the Paradisus wedding department to request an appointment and they were able to accommodate us the same day.  We went to see the venue and instantly fell in love.  Planning a wedding in another country is a challenge in itself, fortunately there have been many Indian weddings in Cancun, MX so it was a matter of finding the right Vendors and getting into the details with each to bring our vision to life.  Our siblings/cousins stepped in and saw everything through each event during the wedding week which was a great help. As far as the decor, Vishal and I are both of the opinion “less is more”. All of our events were held outdoors/in open areas so we could enjoy the deep blue ocean and the resorts Zen garden backdrops. 

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I had a simple red outfit in mind and was pretty sure of the style, etc. However when I actually went shopping in India, after about 3 hours there was no sight of a simple red outfit. I branched out to other colors and as soon as I tried on the wedding outfit, both my parents and I said this is it! Cream with neon green and pink, never would’ve thought of this combination but loved it!

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Vishal and I making decisions together, even if we didn't agree on everything we learned to compromise.   I also appreciated the unconditional support from our families through the process. Lastly, the dessert tasting because we both have a sweet tooth!

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The fact that it was a destination wedding and it was a first Indian destination wedding in both of our families. Everyone loved the resort, the music at the wedding reception (we had lot of wedding crashers from the resort), DJ Juicy from DJUSA is the best DJ ever, a full Gujarati meal after the wedding ceremony (my sister-in-law taught the non-Guju caterers how to make most of the dishes over the phone/txt msgs) and most importantly relaxing which is unheard of at Indian weddings since there are so many events and a lot of sleepless nights and running around.  Finally, the way the days were planned out; with the events all ending on Friday night, most people stuck around for the weekend and we all got to hang out post wedding; instead of flying out the day after the wedding.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
It’s hard to choose one because there were so many moments that actually constantly replay as if it was yesterday... our first look on the day of the wedding (filled with so many emotions), our first dance, the heartfelt speeches, the amazing dance performances, super packed dance floor, the look on Vishal's face when he saw the surprise fireworks, my crazy husband, some of his groomsmen and my brothers jumping in the pool at the reception, and seeing everyone smiling and showering us with love there and from afar. Still feels so surreal...

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Relish every moment of the wedding planning including the stressful ones and when things go awry. The wedding WILL be beautiful! :)


I hope you love this wedding as much as I do! Let me know in the comments below.

Floral & Decor: Alquimia Events | Photography: Novia Mia Photography | Photography: Novia Mia Photography | Planning & Design: Preeti Vasudeva | Hair & Makeup: Styling Trio | Catering: Patravali | DJ / Baraat: DJ USA | Bridal Fashions: Sequinze | Bridal Jewelry: Zevar | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Brendan Gargano | Lighting: Plugin Audiovisual | Mehndi Artist: Sonia Sumaira