A New Year is getting closer, and we are excited! Maharanis, to celebrate love, Tuesday brought with it a new engagement photo session, and I am pretty sure you will adore it as much as I do! Let's begin! Amina & Saif got engaged and chose to do an extraordinary photo session to capture the best moments of their love to commemorate their big decision! This event took place in Tampa, surrounded by fantastic weather and incredible views. Maharanis, one detail we must mention is the couple's looks! The color palette they chose perfectly combined with their personality: A passionate red dress and an elegant black suit. I adore their fashion style! I think they look phenomenal! Our lovely Amina wore subtle makeup that made her look like the cutie she is, and the handsome groom couldn't stop staring at her! In every picture, the love they feel is evident. I believe their life as a future married couple has lots of blessings and so much tenderness! Maharanis, the team in charge of capturing these fantastic pictures, was the well-known Hakim's StudioAs you can see, they preserve memories with elegance, class, and style. If you check out the gallery we have put together for you, I guarantee you will adore every picture! So, wait no more, scroll down below, and get ready to enjoy all the beauty and flair surrounding this engagement photoshoot. It'll take your breath away!

photo #333814
photo #333824
photo #333819
photo #333829
photo #333882
photo #333831
photo #333837
photo #333834
photo #333844
photo #333845
photo #333847
photo #333856
photo #333884

That is all for today, darings! See you tomorrow for more.

Photography: Hakim's Studio