Who's the hottest girl in the world? For Raja Neil, that would be his one and only Desi girl, Maharani Kalgi! This adorable duo are too cute for words, and their incredible Indian wedding in Lubbock, Texas, will melt your heart! K.I. Weddings planned and designed this exquisite and exciting event, which included a jet ski ceremony exit and some seriously out-of-this-world pre-wedding moments! Fortunately, for those of us who weren't lucky enough to score an invite, Kalgi and Neil called on Memories Films to create a stunning highlight reel for them, and the cinemagraphic team delivered something incredibly unforgettable! From the mehndi party, to the nuptials at Ransom Canyon Ranch and the sensational reception, every second of this fabulous film will make you smile! We're told that the talented Hiram Trillo Photography was there to capture the day's details in photographs, and we're hoping they'll share some of those with us!

Maharani Kalgi, on how she met the Raja of her dreams, Neil:

"I was working on my MBA when a friend of mine told me to email Neil Pithadia for an internship in the Pediatrics clinic. So, in September, I sent him an email, but I never heard back from him. Naturally, I Googled him to see who he was and then forgot about it. Fast forward to February, I arrived at a friend's birthday party. I took the only seat open and introduced myself. The guy introduced himself as "Neil." We started talking and I thought he looked familiar (thank you Google). Few minutes later, I asked him for his last name, which he told me, and in front of all of our friends, I said "You are that guy that never replied to my email." He kept denying receiving any email so I pulled it up on my phone and passed it around the table to show everyone.

In the next few months we kept running into each other and finally one day he sent me an email: "Hey, wanna grab lunch sometime." I thought he was going to offer me an internship but it just ended up being a lunch and nonstop talking!"

On her Raja's romantic proposal:

"We had been designing the ring for a year so I knew it was coming! We were also planning a trip to Paris at the same time so I also figured it would happen there, but I just didn't know when and where. While we were in Paris, we were supposed to be spend the day at Sacre Coeur and Opera Garnier but Neil said that it's pretty outside, let's go check out the Eiffel Tower. I told him we already bought tickets to go up to the Tower and it wasn't until later in the week. But, he insisted we go checkout the outside at least. So relentlessly I went. We got to the Trocadero, which is the garden across from the Tower and we kept walking aimlessly. Finally, after a while, he stopped me, kneeled down, and popped the question!

The reason we were walking around aimlessly was because he had hired a photographer to capture the moment and she was carrying a red bag so he was trying to find her in the crowd. We have the most beautiful pictures of the proposal with the Eiffel Tower in the background!"

On her wedding style:

"I knew I wanted my reception colors to be champagne and gold from the beginning. That's all mattered to me. And, I wanted a party. I didn't care about decor, venue, or flowers. All I wanted was people to dance the entire weekend and that's exactly what our guests did (including me and Neil)"

On shopping for her dream wedding lenghas:

"I had a Pinterest board full of style ideas, but it all went out the window, when I saw my dress at the boutique. I just knew it was the one. I spent more time finding Sangeet and Reception outfits, than my wedding outfit."

Have a beautiful rest of the day, lovelies!

Planning & Design: K.I. Weddings | Photography: Hiram Trillo Art Photography | Cinematography: Memories Films | Venue (Ceremony): Ransom Canyon Ranch | Venue (Reception): Lubbock Memorial Civic Center | Floral & Decor: Decor One | DJs & Entertainment: DJ Prashant | Hair & Makeup: Ishnae & Co.