It always begins with a smile, a nervous stare. One never knows where love might be. It can be hiding in plain sight and that is the beauty of it. Then, it unfolds and the journey begins. Archana & Kailash's journey starts here and lucky for us, our next feature gives us a peek of the highlights of the most important day of their lives. Indian weddings have the characteristic of not being just one day, there are a series of events that culminate with the couple uniting their lives forever under an always beautiful mandap and surrounded by their loved ones. The Marigold housed this lovely union and each and every one of the rituals has something special as you will see, and Archana & Kailash's wedding has that wow factor. JF Photography Studio brings for us part one of their ravishing South Asian wedding in our gallery. Shall we take a look?

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Stay with us for part number two! We count on you! 

South Indian
Photography: JF Photography Studio | Venues: The Marigold