Every Maharani has a top to-do list when it comes to planning her wedding. Among the most important details is who her bridesmaids will be AND...what are they going to wear? A bridal party is the ultimate wedding day accessory. Not to take away from all the other important elements like the jewelry, the venue and the guests, but seriously, your gals are there to represent you — so, you better make sure they look good doing it! Here are some of our favorite bridemaids' fashions from the past. Everything from traditional to contemporary, these bridal party looks are sure to give you more than just a few ideas about what to put your besties in on your big day. From saris to suits to salwar kameez, you'll find them all here. Some are bright and bold, others are solid and sophisticated. There's even a group of gals in ombre! The sky is the limit when it comes to picking out your bridesmaids' outfits, so don't stop at these examples. This is just the tip of the Indian wedding iceberg!

Hope you picked up some great inspiration from these amazing bridal party bests!