I just can't believe this wedding's elegance. Our gorgeous couple truly knew what they wanted for their big day and thanks to Dawid Bilski Photography's photos reflect their vision of grandeur and ravishing taste. Maharani Sandeep was everything a true Maharani is for her nuptials. The glittering jewelry, the color, and the smiles were just a few of the elements that made these lovebirds one of our favorites of the week. The Grand 1401 greeted the newlyweds and their guests for the grand reception and the couple didn't disappoint with their look and flair. The stunning bride's outfit was this champagne and beige gem with details in light coral and gold that truly floated as she made her way to the dance floor. Seriously, this couple has it all! Want to experience the rest of the details of today's spree? You know what to do, click here and have a unique and exclusive glimpse of Sandeep & Parmbir's grand reception!

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Photography: Dawid Bilski Photography | Ceremony Venue: Sikh Center of Orange County | Reception Venue: The Grand 1401