We are back and going over the big wedding celebrations of Sheeva and Nish in Texas! Ecstatic by their new life together, these two decided to go indoors to continue with their wedding soiree at the grand Hilton Garden Inn Dallas Lewisville! The great hall was illuminated by the creative lights of DJ Riz Entertainment that combined with the phenomenal wedding stage built by Creative Wedding Décor gave a romantic mood to the scene. With the right sounds of DJ Riz Entertainment and the couple’s fantastic first dance, the party kicked off while The Propixels caught all the best moments of the couple at the dance floor. The newlyweds not only showed off their awesome dance moves but also flaunted their bests styles. The new Mrs. wore an exquisite maroon lehenga that she brilliantly paired with high heel gold strappy sandals that made her mehndi designs by Sanober's Henna Creations to stand out even more! The cherry on top of this fabulous reception was the pretty soft-iced cake with white roses delivered by Natalie Bakery that flawlessly matched the romantic vibe of the wedding theme! Get a closer view of this gorgeous union in our full gallery now!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
After meeting on Shaadi.com and talking online and on the phone for a while, Nish and I decided to meet face to face. He came to visit me in Dallas. He was quite a trooper, he not only met me but met my mom on the same day. I knew he was the one from just how he was that first weekend. He was caring and sweet, he went out of his way to not just get to know me, but also my mom. We both just kind of knew it was right when we met each other.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
From Grooms perspective: I had originally thought about renting a boat in Toronto during our visit there in August and thought I would propose to Sheeva as the sunset in front of the skyline. However, that was nearly 2 months away and having to wait that long would have killed me. After brainstorming with my bestie, Sajanee, on ideas on where and how to pop the question in Dallas, the perfect plan hit us at the same time! I would surprise her with a hot air balloon ride and someone would pull out a "Will you marry me?" banner halfway through the ride as I got down on one knee. A few days had passed and I got a call from Sandy, asking me what my plan was? Again, not listening to Sajanee for the second time, I went ahead and told her the plan and that I had planned to do it on July 4th.
As July 3rd rolled around, Sheeva surprised me by taking me to a Rangers game, knowing how much I love baseball. However, I didn't get to enjoy it one bit as I had just received a call from the hot air balloon company saying they would have to cancel because there were morning showers. I'm pretty sure Sheeva wanted to kill me at the time for not being appreciative for all the trouble she went through (thank God she found out why later because I would have lost a limb).
Determined to find a way to purpose to her that weekend and doing some last-minute research, I finally had put plan C into effect. I told Sheeva that I wanted to explore the city and that we would spend the day at the NYLO hotel in Dallas, which had this amazing rooftop pool overlooking the city. It would be perfect – a proposal on the roof with a backdrop of the Dallas skyline. Of course, you must have guessed by now that wasn't going to work as they had a rooftop party that was going to run late into the night. As we relaxed in the pool, we had an amazing conversation about life and how we want to spend it together. It was at that point where I realized that I didn't have to have the perfect proposal. All I needed was to ask her the question and make her a permanent part of my life.
So, Plan D: I made reservations at Fearing's Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton and planned to pop the question in their beautiful garden. During dinner, I made a few mysterious bathroom breaks in order to coordinate with the hostess and have the garden closed off for us and for her to take a few pictures. After dinner, I took Sheeva's hand and instead of leaving the restaurant, I led her to the garden. She gave me this look of confusion and I started getting nervous about the possibility of her saying no. I knelt down on one knee and asked her to be my wife! Nothing like how I planned it to be, yet it was perfect. And best of all…. she said yes!!!
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Planning the wedding and getting venues was relatively easy for us because I had planned my sister's entire wedding on my own 3 years prior. We have lived in Dallas our entire lives, so a lot of the vendors are family friends or people that my parents have used in the past for events.
Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville was the perfect venue for our main wedding events because 1) Cole Malone is absolutely amazing at ensuring everything for the events were just as I wanted, He understood my vision. 2)It allowed for indoor and outdoor events as I imagined as a child and 3)accommodating for all the changes in events or what the decorator and everyone needed.
Hair & Makeup: Christina Thomas, was someone that I had never known before and didn't really know anyone that had used her in the past, however, she built a trusting relationship with me and my mom. She understood my vision and the balance of the simplicity I wanted and the fact that my mom wanted to make sure I looked like a true bride. 
Outfits: Divya Agarwal (Studio D) - is a family friend but also has a phenomenal collection. I have been buying Indian outfits from her for many years. So when she told me she had something especially for me after me just mentioning what I wanted just once - I knew she had something perfect. My absolutely favorite outfit from her is actually my Sangeet outfit. I found this outfit even before my reception outfit, and I was worried I wouldn't find anything to find it. Of course, Divya had something else up her sleeve and new that she had something even more spectacular for the reception. The attention to detail of each of her outfits and the individualized care she gives to her brides is what makes getting an outfit from her truly worth it. She ensured that every detail of my outfit, the fitting, and my draping was to my expectations. My mom drapes sari's as a hobby, but obviously didn't have time to do my outfits while managing the rest of the wedding, so it was truly thoughtful of Divya to go out of her way to make sure I looked like an amazing bride in my outfits.
Decor - working with Creative Wedding Decor (Belu Singh)- a family friend who we have worked with since she started her business. We have watched how she has grown and how exquisite her work is. Her attention to detail and the ability to transform a room is spectacular. She ensured that my vision of simple elegance was truly portrayed in every event from our home decor to all the main events of Sangeet/Wedding/Reception.  
Food: all food was catered by Royal Sweets. Bitu ensured that every detail of the food from food carts at the Sangeet to a mix of Gujarati and Punjabi food was perfectly executed. Every meal was ensured to be always warm. Everyone was impressed by the food at every event and still talk about it months later. 
Video/Photography - Shakil and Fida were amazing! They ensured that every moment was captured as we wished. They worked tirelessly to ensure that even our wedding highlights were played with a perfect overview of our wedding. 
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
See above. 
I didn't have a color in mind for my wedding outfit, I knew it would be a shade of red or pink. My mom actually picked it out when we went to India. It was one of the first outfits I tried on and we just knew instantly that it was the one. The bright magenta color worked perfectly with my light skin town and work was exquisite. The only concern was that the dupatta was extremely heavy and I was worried about carrying it on my head. So getting a net dupatta to place on my head with a magenta border was key to not take away from the beauty of the outfit, but allow for ease of wearing. Then to make it stand out even more, I wore a poof underneath the outfit.
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Organizing the details - planning the program, adding little touches to show Nish and I's love and appreciation for everyone. I used Google docs to plan out the program for dances/speeches because I could easily share it with family and friends and make sure things didn't overlap (especially songs that people were dancing too). We ordered paper fans with our hashtag and wedding date on them, as return gifts at the wedding - just a small detail but something people could use for an outdoor wedding. 
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
When we talk to people about our wedding they say that it wasn't the money spent or the extravagance of the wedding that they love and remember, but it was the love that we gave them during the events. Despite being a wedding of almost 450 people, my family ensured that every person felt welcome and included because each person at that wedding meant something to use. Ensuring we had time to greet guests, talk to guests, laugh and dance with guests was essential. So no matter how much was going on we ensure we had time for all of that. 
If I think about other aspects of the wedding - the programs were outstanding, we had amazing dances, speeches and weren't too long to take away from peoples ability to party and enjoy. We wanted to ensure all parts of the program were short and sweet. Especially because people never like when the bar is closed for too long, so making sure that it was just the right amount of time.
For the wedding ceremony itself - I think it was my entrance. My husband and I actually made the entrance piece that my brothers held on my own. We put together PVC pipes, spray painted and glued on the floral arrangements. I feel like that only amplified my entrance, and is something that everyone was WOW'ed by.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The wedding ceremony itself. I remember walking in and just seeing Nishit. I thought I would be more nervous than I was but really it just felt right. It was an emotional time because of the symbolism of leaving my parents home, but knowing how much Nish loves my family and that we would be staying in Dallas, made it easy. 
For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
The decor idea for the Sangeet was to make it as colorful as possible. Belu's vision for the stage was an earring/jumka - and it really came to life. My biggest pet peeve at weddings is having tall centerpieces that guests can't see pass to enjoy the program, so Belu made sure to has creative wedding decorations that were of varying sizes but really exuded all that I was looking for. The reception, on the other hand, I wanted simple elegances with touches of plum, white and gold - and I gave Belu the freedom to make it what she pleased. I asked for the backdrop to have candle panels. She was able to incorporate what we wanted with a show-stopping piece- The floral peacock! It amplified the elegance of our reception!
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Enjoy the moment as much as you can and STAY ORGANIZED! Google docs were my best friend during wedding planning. I had tables and charts to keep me organized and that really relieved the stress. The only thing I wish is that someone outside the family understood it to relieve the stress on the day of events. Be sure to assign and delegate things to people you trust to ensure that everything is executed as planned. We had my close friends but also a team of family friends (aunties and uncles) that had assignments for ensuring the bar always had drinks flowing, the food was delivered and constantly available for people, someone in charge of the program and entrances, etc. Without those family friends, I don't think things would have been as successful as they were.
Also, have a backup plan and be prepared for anything. The week of our wedding, we were worried it was going to rain and we had a plan to have the wedding inside. What we didn't plan or even think about was the WIND. it was so windy on our wedding day that things were falling or blowing away. IF you consider the option of an outdoor wedding, be sure to have the decorator decorate as if ANYTHING could happen and have everything secured!
Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
My mehndi was complete by Sanober. She has been doing mendhi for our family for small and large events since I was a kid, so my family felt comfortable and confident that she would make my vision come to life. Her attention to detail is exquisite and she took her time to make sure that it was exactly what I wanted, from the shape of the elephants to the Raja and Rani I asked for on my hands. It took 8 hours and she was focused the entire time!
Guneeta made my mendhi outfit as well as my sisters/moms outfits. We were able to explain a description of what we wanted on the phone along with images of what we liked online and guneeta was able to bring it to life. When I went to visit the ONE time - we had minor adjustments but everything was OUTSTANDING. My sister's outfits were GORGEOUS and they really looked like the sisters of the bride! 
Cake was from Natalie's Bakery! Cakes are known to be delicious because they are moist and spongy but flavorful! They did everything with icing and no fondant or anything, It was beautiful and added to the simple elegance I was going for.
Horse - Old Tyme was easy to set up and organize for the baraat. My husband had a blast in the baraat. The horse was there on time, they were flexible with our schedule, and let the family even feed the horse!
Our car for the vidaii - my husband is a lover of cars and we wanted something unique. We thought about renting a fancy car, but then my cousin showed us hit Cobra kit car and my husband fell in love! It honestly was a huge memorable show-stopping piece of the wedding! People still message us asking about the car from our vidaii!

I still get goosebumps about this lovely union! Don’t you?  Let me know!  

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