Today, we've got a fantastic KIS (cubed) Eventsplanned Indian wedding taking place at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel in North Carolina! Prepare yourselves to be blown away by this breathtaking bride as she gets all gussied up by the talented Belladev Hair and Makeup ArtistryMaharani Priya looks stunning in shimmering beige and brown eye shadows paired with a burgundy lip! And, her silky jet black hair is tied back in an intricate updo. Jasmin Hejazi Photography brilliantly captures every enticing getting ready detail—from the gorgeous jewelry to the marvelous mehndi work! Don't you dare move a muscle because we've got more coming up, including fabulous floral and decor by the one and only Weddings InStyle, as well as great music from Indaglow Productions! While you eagerly wait, take a trip to the gallery to see their quaint ceremony!

getting ready,bridal jewelry
getting ready,bridal jewelry,mehndi
getting ready
getting ready,bridal jewelry
getting ready,bridal jewelry
getting ready,bridal jewelry
getting ready

From the bride, on the proposal:

"Khylam lured me to New York City in the summer of 2013 to propose. I had no idea what he had in store nor did I know that he got my best friend, Devi, involved! After arriving in New York, Devi and I began window-shopping. She dropped hints of visiting a beauty salon for extra primping, which I didn’t think twice about since this was our go-to activity when we were younger. Later in the day, Devi and I went back to her apartment to get ready for dinner with Khylam and Devi’s boyfriend, Shrey. As Devi and I are getting ready, I realize that Devi’s outfit that was the complete opposite of mine. I was wearing a semi-formal dress and sky-high heels, while Devi was taking a much more casual approach to the night. I didn’t have anything else to wear, so I went with it. As soon as we walked outside, it began to rain! Rain and I have a hate-hate relationship as my hair turns into a curly mess. After meeting Khylam at a chic rooftop restaurant, everyone thought it would be a great idea to walk through Central Park. Reluctantly, I went along with the plan even though it started raining again. As we crossed the beautiful and iconic Bow Bridge, Khylam asked me to hold the umbrella for a second so he could tie his shoe. When I looked down, I saw Khylam on one knee with a dazzling ring in his hand. Everything that came after is a dazed blur, but I know there were tears galore and an abundance of every wonderful emotion in the world. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes, of course. As I look back on it, I couldn’t have pictured a better proposal: rain, heels, and all. The umbrella in our engagement picture was a theme that we carried throughout our wedding. We included a logo with a couple under an umbrella on items such as the welcome bags, ice cream served during the ceremony and our seating charts."

On the wedding style:

"From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to have décor and style that was simple, elegant and chic. It is crazy how a year ago, I was using Maharani Weddings as inspiration for my wedding look. I spent countless hours on the Maharani Weddings website and Pinterest during my breaks from studying from the bar. I saved so many pictures that things started to become a blur. My Masi was also amazing in helping me choose color palettes that coordinated with my outfits. I also enlisted the help of my best friend, who I knew would be brutally honest with me. I am also so thankful for Ragini from Weddings InStyle for helping me hone in on my vision. We also used a logo of a couple standing under an umbrella as a theme for the events. The logo was placed on labels for everything handed out during the wedding events and was even the cake topper for our amazing suspended cake!"

On a special moment:

"The most magical moment from my wedding that stands out is when I heard my bridal processional song and the doors opened for me to walk out. I was first escorted to the mandap by two of my Mama’s. Seeing all the people in the audience, my bridesmaids and brothers on the stage and knowing my husband is just down the aisle was so overwhelmingly beautiful. Ragini from Weddings InStyle did an amazing job with my mandap. Once I got to the base of my raised aisle, my Dad and Masa led me to the mandap. I couldn’t help but shed a couple of happy tears as I walked towards my forever!"

The reception celebration is still ahead!

Planning & Design: KIS (cubed) Events | Floral & Decor: Weddings InStyle | DJ: Indaglow Productions | Hair & Makeup: Belladev Hair and Makeup Artistry | Photography: Jasmin Hejazi Photography | Venue: Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel | Cinematography: Merigo Films | Cakes & Treats: Polka Dot Bake Shop | Catering: Jyoti's Catering Service | Bridal Fashion: Eneez Studio Line | Lighting: Indaglow Productions