Ready for some out-of-this-world wedding highlights, ladies? Take a look at this beautiful Gujarati ceremony courtesy of Robles Video Productions and Salwa Photography. Set in charming New England, the vibrant wedding colors of our bride and groom lend such a perfect punch of brightness to the day's events. Our flawless Maharani Bijal looks perfect against a gorgeous backdrop of floating tea lights and fabulous florals imagined by the talented team at Design House Decor. I could just eat up all the amazing energy and love between these two! If only it were possible to step into the video and experience this celebration. Is that considered wedding crashing? A girl can dream. 

From the bride, on her groom's romantic proposal:

"On Friday, I came home from work and thought I was going out to dinner in Providence with my parents and my sister, Hinal, at this new restaurant near the water called Jacky's. Hinal tried to get me to “look nice” and put on make-up (haha) so we could take pictures…but I was lazy and didn’t put on make-up. I said “whatever, it’s just dinner – I don’t have to dress up that much for it.” Little did I know…My Dad said he needed to meet us at dinner after because he also had to go to a friend’s birthday dinner at another restaurant in Providence (meanwhile, he was with Amish driving him to Providence, near the restaurant). When we got there, me, my Mom and Hinal started walking to the restaurant, which is right near the water and the bridge in Providence. We had to go down some steps…there was no one there! Then I saw a random man standing behind this pillar looking out onto the water (I only saw his back, couldn’t see his face). I was scared because it was dark outside and it was just us three girls – I thought "this guy looks shady and he might have a knife or a gun." Just as I was about to tell my Mom and Hinal to turn around and that we should walk another way, the man turned around and it was Amish!
I was sooo beyond shocked! Back story – we see each other once a month and I had just seen him two weeks ago, so I wasn’t expecting to see him until April! I walked over and he gave me a hug and we started walking towards the center of the bridge. My Dad, Mom and Hinal went off and disappeared (Hinal took pictures of this from behind a tree or something). I honestly don’t even remember the words we exchanged because I was still in shock mode – I obviously put two and two together and figured out why he was here and surprising me. Though, at some point, in the middle of all that, I did say “What are you doing here?!” And he goes “What do you think I’m doing here?” and laughed. We walked a little bit towards the center of the bridge and that’s where he got down on one knee and popped the question! It was cold outside so I had gloves on and after I said yes, I was like “wait, let me take my gloves off” – and then he put the ring on my finger. I was so excited and happy, I didn’t even look at the ring but just wanted to give him a great big hug! I couldn’t help it but I had tears in my eyes (which I never imagined I would – I knew I would be super excited but didn’t think I would ever cry). Then after, my parents and Hinal came back out and we took some pictures. Then we all went to get a drink at The Water Place restaurant. That’s when I realized I hadn’t even seen the beautiful ring Amish gave to me and saw it for the first time."

On her wedding style:

"I always knew that I wanted fresh flowers and the wedding to have a very romantic feel to it.
I wanted the mandap to be more modern/floral rather than have the traditional Indian touches to it (because everything else would be very traditional Indian).
And my favorite color is PINK, so I knew I wanted to focus on that color without it being too overwhelming - so with our decorators, we went with soft pinks, creams, golds, etc.
My bridal bouquet was a mix of the creams, pinks and the maroon/red that was in my panetaar - so it pulled together all aspects."

On choosing her lengha:

"We went shopping in India. I did spend a decent amount of time on the internet - but I learned very quickly that when you are actually doing the shopping, you have to let go of everything you thought you would be able to find and just have to go with the flow. For example, I always thought (for years) that my reception lengha would be fuschia or magenta pink - and it ended up being all white. You just never know!"

On her memorable, stand-out moment:

"I think the entire reception was the most fun part of the whole wedding week! It was when Amish and I were both just able to relax, spend non-stressful time with family and friends and dance the night away. We just had a lot of fun and this is the part I miss the most about the wedding."

On her hair and makeup:

"I always knew I wanted matte makeup without anything crazy - I worked with my makeup artist to figure out all the small details (i.e. I didn't want a whole row of fake lashes, no glittery eye shadow and shimmery blush). Most of my looks were very matte and I wasn't afraid to try color on my lips."

On help from her friends and family:

"None of this would have been possible without the help of sooo many family members and friends. I can't even begin to list the people and the tasks they helped with."

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Photography: Salwa Photography | Planning & Design: Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants | Hair & Makeup: Sonia C | Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel Warwick | Catering: Raman Bhairson Catering | DJ: DJ Gaurav | Mendhi Artist: Henna Sue | Cakes & Treats: Sin Desserts | Cakes & Treats: Scialo's Bakery | Floral & Decor: Golden Gate Studios