Hey there, Maharanis! Lucid Lens Filmmakers takes us on a journey to the Garden State when two lovebirds make their love official at a fusion wedding ceremony at The Mansion on Main Street! With all sorts of lively festivities, Maharani Saman is beaming with joy at her Raja's side while celebrations have guests dizzy with delight! These sweethearts are just too precious, so press play and join in on the fun!

From the bride, on how she met "the one":

"Joel and I first met at a concert. In an enormous crowded room, I saw him standing on a couch surveying the scene. In his white jacket, he seemed to stand out amongst the rest of the people. We made eye contact and stole flitting glances and smiles at each other until he walked over to me. I greeted him, a virtual stranger, with a bright smile and a hearty, 'Hey!' Alas, Joel gave me a quick nervous grin and walked past me. Luckily, later on in the evening, we found each other again and introduced ourselves. We've been together ever since then, which was nearly six years ago.

After six months of getting to know Joel, I could safely judge his character to be full of incredible kindness, intelligence and thoughtfulness. It was not one specific thing that tipped me off to the depth of my feelings for him, but many small moments that made me realize that I loved him and would always love him."

On the proposal story:

"One warm summer day in early August, I came home to dimmed lights and Joel wearing his new brown suit. I asked him what the occasion was, and he merely smiled and pointed to a large silver box topped with a shimmery silver bow. As I opened the box, memories came flooding back to me as I found all sorts of mementos that Joel had saved from when we first met and all the years after. I got so caught up in rediscovering all the little knickknacks that I missed the ring box in the middle. When I opened the black velvet box, a little tag said emphatically, 'Marry me!'

On the wedding style:

"Since we were going to have two weddings - a Pakistani one for my side of the family and an American one for Joel's family, I really wanted to stick to a budget for both events and use reusable/natural items for decoration.

For the Pakistani wedding in the summer (my favorite season), I chose a warm palette of orange, red and yellow. I used fresh fruit for the centerpieces alternating oranges and lemons on each table with red carnations.

In contrast, the American wedding took place in the fall (Joel's favorite season) and utilized more autumnal colors such forest green, brown and orange. We used different types of gourds for the centerpieces, which were illuminated by numerous candles."

On magic moments:

"There are two moments that stand out to me most: when Joel and I had our "first look" at each other all dressed up in our wedding finest. Joel had his back to me as I walked up him and tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, he looked wonderful in his traditional white shirwani. He didn't seem uncomfortable in this outfit or as if he were wearing a costume. He wore the suit with a casual confidence, and it made me happy to realize that he actually enjoyed wearing the shirwani. Afterwards, upon viewing pictures online, even my extended family in Pakistan complimented how natural Joel looked in the Pakistani clothes.

The second moment was listening to speeches from my brother and sister, and Joel's brother. The words were at times humorous, heartfelt and incredibly sincere. I felt loved."

On special details:

"I wanted to include photos of the important people in my life - my parents and my grandmother. My parents supplied some old photos of my grandmother and from when they first got married. Everyone at the wedding looked upon the youthful pictures with delight."

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, my loves!

Cinematography: Lucid Lens Filmmakers | Venues: The Mansion on Main Street | Wedding Stage Design: Abhishek Decorators | Mehndi/Wedding Dresses/Jewelry: Fauzia Waseem | Mehndi Decor: Rosie Ahmad | Catering: Shahnawaz | Hair: Chinere Wright | Mehndi Venue: The Royal Palace Banquet | Hotel: Hampton Inn Cherry Hill | Engagement Ring: Catbird | Wedding Ring: Bario-Neal Jewelry | DJ: Regional Pros Entertainment