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Dearborn, MI Indian Wedding by Sky Films and Productions


Woodland Park, NJ Indian Wedding by Studio KSD

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At Maharani Weddings, we believe that every bride deserves the fairytale wedding of her dreams! Here at MaharaniWeddings.com you will find glittering seeds of inspiration for every aspect of your upcoming wedding. In addition to profiling some of the most spectacular Indian weddings from around the globe through interviews, pictures, and videos, we also hand-pick and share a list of the best Indian wedding vendors in our Maharani Weddings Platinum Guide. From event planners to photographers, dj's, florists, cinematographers, makeup artists, mehndi artists, you name it... you’ll find connections to every resource you could ever need for all your wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

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Cancun, MX Sikh Wedding by Amrit Photography

Happy Friday, beautiful Maharanis! We are excited to share with you the charming and magical wedding of our lovely couple Parmeet & Jay that was held in no better place than Cancun Mexico at the Planet Hollywood Cancun. So, get yourself comfortable and enjoy this wedding bash thoroughly orchestrated by Destawed. They designed beautiful decors that mirrored the glamorous looks of our gorgeous Maharani, who always looked like a goddess after being pampered by Varaich Vanity by Aman. Parmeet wore a lengha that merged a couple of red tones and silver incrustations, supplied by Pithambra by Manisha and Frontier Heritage. And in case you were wondering where she got the spectacular dazzling pieces of jewelry, they came from the all-famous Her Fashion Vault collection. After the wedding ceremonies, there was time to celebrate the newlyweds with a vibrant reception party enlivened by DJ Hans and Dj Raw, who owned the stage playing upbeat melodies that put everyone on their feet. The smiles, kisses, and good vibes were captured by Amrit Photography, who witnessed the loving atmosphere present during the celebration. You will love it!

photo #352392
photo #352385
photo #352435
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photo #352582

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We first noticed each other in college while we were with our friends. We finally ended up meeting through mutual friends. We both had different classes at 9 am, so one day he asked me for breakfast after class. Funny thing, he did not wake up in time for his class and missed his class. However, he still managed to make it on time and "walk out with his class" when it was dismissed, pretending he had just gotten out of class. He didn't know that I could see him from my class window walking from the parking lot to his class. That's when I knew he was the one.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
It was two weeks before his brother's wedding, and he asked to go to Waldorf Astoria for the weekend to relax before all the festivities. He had planned a rooftop dinner that night and once I walked up with a beautiful 'Marry Me' sign with flower petals and candles and our favorite song playing. When I was standing there, I look over and our siblings and our friends were standing just smiling. I was on cloud nine and nervous because I did not remember a word he said out of the speech that he said to me besides 'Will You Marry Me.'
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I did have a color in mind way before getting proposed to and it was pastels, I was so against doing red because to me that just didn't stick and I wanted my color to look different. But when I did start lengha shopping I tried on a red lengha because I liked the design of it and not the red color. Let me just say, when I tried the red lengha on I just fell in love completely, and from that moment on I knew I wanted to do red but still to keep it a little different, I found the anarkali style that caught my eye.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The most enjoyable part of our wedding was taking our family to Cancun and having them be part of our wedding week. None of our parents and even most of our relatives had been to Cancun or let alone out to another country. Seeing them in Cancun enjoying themselves during the wedding and relaxing just brought joy to us. We were one of the first ones in our families to have a destination wedding and having our families there as part of our special day was just amazing.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
I think something that highlighted and tied our whole wedding week together was having Amrit Mann at our reception and seeing everyone's faces lit up and enjoying themselves. We have never had so much fun!
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
I think I would just say take a breath and take it slow. I had so much leading up to the wedding. The two months before were just all wedding planning with the family and packing and as much as I was annoyed, I look back and remember those moments. Enjoy your wedding week because it will be over in a blink of an eye.
Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
Floral Vendor: ftulipania

I hope you have enjoyed this incredible wedding held in Cancun, MX.  So come back for more stories!

Sangeet Venue: Planet Hollywood Cancun | Ceremony Venue: Planet Hollywood Cancun | Reception Venue: Planet Hollywood Cancun | Planning & Design: Destawed | Hair & Makeup: Varaich Vanity by Aman | Catering: Planet Hollywood Cancun | DJ: Dj Hans | DJ: Dj Raw | Bridal Fashions: Pithambra by Manisha | Bidal Fashions: Frontier Heritage | Bridal Jewelry: Her Fashion Vault | Cinematography: Brellow | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Varaich Vanity by Aman | Event Designer: Destawed | Live Music: Amrit Mann | Mehndi Artist: Loto Mehndi | Maharaja Turban: Kirpan | Groom's Reception Outfit: Mander by Karn | Photographer Company: Amrit Photography

Harrisonburg, VA Indian Wedding by Akbar Sayed Photography

These two are sweet. And we say that, not just because they met in college while getting ice cream, but because along their dating path of tough exams, job interviews, successes, disappointments, and milestones, they realized they are each other’s home. The bride’s best friend and a photographer asked the pair to model for her portfolio and suddenly in the middle of posing in a variety of dips and twirls, the groom got down on one knee and popped the question. Family and friends surprised them shortly after and tears of happiness were running down their faces.

Planning a wedding in the fall of 2020 was tumultuous due to the uncertainty around the pandemic, and what began as an optimistic guest count of 400 pared down to 150 people. As difficult as it was and heartbroken we were, we made the most of it!

The couple picked their priorities and built their wedding celebration around them. At the top of their list was an outdoor ceremony and a pleasant, destination type experience for their family & guests. A minimalist mandap allowed the venue to show off it’s 360 degree view of rolling hills and trees. Rustic and simple details were immersed throughout and the couple created a unique experience that was very reflective of themselves.

The bride knew she wanted to wear a saree for the wedding because of her Kannada/Marathi background. With travel to India out of the question, she relied heavily on our relatives in India and Whatsapp video calls with designers and shops. After several early morning / late night calls she selected a dark coral saree, which sometimes showed more red or pink or orange depending on the camera and lighting! A bit stressful to say the least but when the beloved saree arrived it turned out absolutely gorgeous!

This inventive bride was adamant about DIYing the signs, pamphlets, and other stationary herself on her iPad. The effort and time were well worth it and she created her own custom wedding stationery suite. For her Garba, her creative brain took over again and perused the aisles of Home Goods finding several statement pieces giving the wedding a tailored, personalized style.

“At Haldi, my marathi family was insistent on doing a Lezim entrance for me, where all of them do a Lezim procession to welcome me into the Haldi stage. Being more of a lowkey person, I was hesitant, but am SO GLAD that I said yes. It was so fun and unique since Kunal's side is Gujarati and had never seen anything like it. They loved it so much that they had us do another Lezim processing to bring Kunal into his Grah Shantak ceremony later that day!”

Congratulations Sachi & Kunal!

photo #339224
photo #339225
photo #340143
photo #339229
photo #339237
photo #339255
photo #339241
photo #339262
photo #339283
photo #339305
photo #340144
photo #339314
photo #339310
photo #339312
photo #339308

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
I met Kunal our Freshman year at Virginia Tech, while both of us were in line to get ice cream at an on-campus coffee shop. Just by chance, we got to talking and hung out together with friends the rest of the night! We dated throughout college, supported each other through tough exams, job interviews, celebrated each of our successes and milestones. Some where along the way we realized that we were each other's home. He truly became my person and continues to be my biggest champion!

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
My best friend, Manali, a wedding photographer by profession, reached out to me in June 2020, asking if Kunal and I would be willing to model for a styled shoot to build her portfolio - something not out of the ordinary because we had done this for her in the past. The morning of the shoot, we got ready and drove to the location to meet Manali. She had us do a few routine poses, twirls, dips, the works and then led us to a scenic place along the water and backed up for a “wide shot”. Before I knew it, Kunal got down on one knee and popped the question, to which of course I said yes! After some moments, some of our family and friends emerged from around the corner (this is precisely when I started bawling) to join in on the celebration!

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Planning a wedding in the fall of 2020 was a little rough to say the least mainly due to the uncertainty around the pandemic, what it would mean for gathering with larger groups in a safe environment. However, we began the process with an optimistic mindset, planning for a 400 guest wedding. A few months later, we re-evaluated and for the safety of our family and friends, decided to cut our guest list down to 150 people. As difficult as it was and heartbroken we were, we made the most of it! Both of us had three priorities: an outdoor ceremony in the fresh air, a pleasant experience for us & our families, and a lot of fun for our guests. Thanks to our beautiful venues (hotel & farm), fabulous vendors and our parents, our dreams absolutely came true! Hotel Madison and On Sunny Slope Farm, our venues were especially incredibly efficient, flexible and understanding throughout the entire planning process. From the initial reach out and tour till the day we left the venue the morning after our reception, our venues were gracious, accommodating, and really strived to ensure that our weekend was absolutely perfect. We found most of our vendors though referrals from friends or Instagram and secured them within the first two months of planning. Another extremely important aspect of planning was walking through the entire weekend in painstaking detail with our parents, noting down every item that needed to be acquired, how much of it, by whom, by when, etc. Our parents were so vital to the detailed planning and were on top of the organization, labeling, delegating, while Kunal and I were more focused on confirming our vision with vendors, designing our favors, coordinating with guests and venue. It truly was a team effort and each of us played to our strengths, which is why it was a relatively stress free weekend for us and tons of fun for our guests!

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I knew I wanted to wear a saree for the wedding because of my Kannada/Marathi background. I did not have a specific color in mind but knew I wanted it to be in the coral to dusty pink range. Due to the pandemic, we weren't able to travel to India and do shopping in person so we relied heavily on our relatives in India and Whatsapp video calls with designers and shops. My Mami had recommended a saree store called Kalanjali and after a several early morning/ late night calls and several saree viewings, I selected a dark coral (sometimes red or pink or orange) saree. It was a bit stressful because I couldn't quite make out the exact color over video so I really did not know exactly what color my saree was until it arrived a few weeks before the wedding! It turned out absolutely gorgeous, however.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
I think our guests enjoyed how intimate and stress free it was. Having a guest list of 150 people gave everyone the opportunity to speak with each other and become one big family. As our photographer told us after the wedding, he found it difficult to differentiate between the brides side and the grooms side because everyone was hanging out together and mingling so much!

Also, having the wedding at a "destination location", 95% of our guests had to drive 2+ hours, stay at the venue during the weekend, was key! People felt like they were on a weekend getaway, able to step away from their daily lives for a few days and enjoy with people they had not seen in a long time!

Lastly, I heard that folks really loved the wedding venue! We were determined to have an outdoor wedding and fell in love with On Sunny Slope Farm. At the mandap site, you had a 360 view of rolling hills and trees, as well as a refreshing breeze. We did very minimal mandap decoration, kept it rustic and simple - the environment itself did the rest for us! Our guests found it unique but very fitting to the type of people that Kunal and I are.

For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
We put in so much energy and love into planning all of our events (Haldi, Grah Shantak, Garba, Wedding & Reception) and there were special memories made at each of them. I'll just point a couple things that I'm super glad we did! At Haldi, my marathi family was insistent on doing a Lezim entrance for me, where all of them do a Lezim procession to welcome me into the Haldi stage. Being more of a lowkey person, I was hesitant, but am SO GLAD that I said yes. It was so fun and unique since Kunal's side is Gujarati and had never seen anything like it. They loved it so much that they had us do another Lezim processing to bring Kunal into his Grah Shantak ceremony later that day!

For Garba, I really loved the kitschy look and wanted to have random colorful trinkets hanging above and wanted it to be an explosion of fun color, gravitating away from the traditional brushed bronze/gold look. I worked with my decorator and a vendor in India to secure several random hanging trinkets (kites, lanterns, poofs, etc) and also perused through Home Goods many times and found several awesome statement pieces! The end result was absolutely PERFECT! The decoration was so fun and different and fitted the occasion so well.

Lastly, for all of our events, I was adamant about DIYing the signs, pamphlets, and other stationary myself on my iPad. It was so much effort and took a lot of time, but was well worth it. Our signage, welcome notes, wedding ceremony pamphlets and more were super tailored and exactly how we wanted them!

Mehndi Artists: Bhavna’s Henna and Arts | Photography: Akbar Sayed Photography | Bridal Jewelry: Tarinika | Cake & Treats: Nothing Bundt Cake | Catering: Rasoi | Ceremony Venue: Sunny Slopes Farm | Cinematography: Rimas Films | DJ: Kundan Events | Engagement Ring: Quest Jewelers | Floral & Decor: The Moment Events | Garba Fashion: Manvi Kapoo | Garba Jewelry: Nazranaa | Hair & Makeup: Amola Surya | Planning & Design: Project Bride DC | Reception Bridal Fashion: Blush | Kanak Chandhok | Reception Venue: Hotel Madison | Wedding Dress Designer: Kalanjali

Atlanta, GA Indian Wedding by Hakim's Studio

The middle day of the week comes to lighten your day with a beautiful story. My beautiful Maharanis, Mashal & Omair, are a young and in love couple who decided to join their life as one soul in one path. My dears, let me ask you. How great is it to initiate this new fantastic life along with friends and family? The groom chose to have a special night, Omair's Mehndi Night. A worth mentioning celebration that the groom hosted at the elegant Hilton Atlanta Northeast. This event was phenomenal! To create the perfect ambiance for everyone in the salon, Euphoria Event Decor made sure to put together a decoration full of colors and vibrant details. I am sure Omair felt blessed to see his guests celebrating his new journey along with him! There is nothing better than great music to have a memorable event. DJ Sonny Productions DSPAV played the most exquisite music all night long! Everyone danced and had an incredible time! Maharanis, we all can agree that a night to remember is a must! Our handsome groom knew this, so he decided to call Hakim's Studio. Their team captured and produced an excellent film to relive the happiness reflected on his face during his event. Maharanis, if you and your grooms want to get inspired, click the play button below and fall in love with this blockbuster film. This celebration is an ode to extravaganza you don't want to miss!

That is it for today, Maharanis! Come back tomorrow for more love and romantic stories. 

Photography: Hakim's Studio | Cinematography: Hakim's Studio | Floral & Decor: Euphoria Event Decor | DJ/AV/Lighting LED/Video Wall: DJ Sonny Productions DSPAV

Newport Beach, CA Indian Wedding by Lin & Jirsa Photography

A brand new week starts today! Maharanis, Monday is the perfect day to read a unique love story, Rishika & Shantan's. These lovebirds joined their path through a magical wedding event hosted at the elegant Hyatt Regency Newport Beach.  The Marigold Company was in charge of every detail regarding the planning of this wedding. Let me tell you, my dears; they went beyond expectations. Another professional team assisted in creating this dreamy event. The Poppy Studio put together the most tasteful décor, worth a thousand applauds. Our couple was proud of their big day! Another part of this event worth mentioning is the Baraat; thanks to Doubletree Carriages, the handsome groom made a triumphant entrance. I think our Maharani fell in love with Shantan all over again! To celebrate the love they have for each other, our lovebirds decided to call  Special Occasions LA, a spectacular team in charge of entertainment. Darlings, all the guests danced, sang, and had a great time! Now, let's talk about beauty and fashion. Rishika has a delicate and natural charm. Makeup by Janet knows their art, and thanks to that, our Maharani looked like the classic Queen she is! I adore every detail of her makeup! We must mention the exclusive draping design Bridal By Nisha created! All looks were on Rishika! Maharanis, I think we all can agree that a crucial piece of every wedding is a good capture of the most important moments. Lin & Jirsa Photography, the group that created a unique style of wedding photography, always take this in mind. For this remarkable wedding, they took the most incredible pictures and recorded a blockbuster film! My dears, if you can't get enough of this wedding, you can visit the gallery we've put together for you, and I promise you'll fall in love. 

photo #329522
photo #329525
photo #329527
photo #329493
photo #329533
photo #329501
photo #329511
photo #329502
photo #329479
photo #329482
photo #329532
photo #329492
photo #329505
photo #329516

Maharanis, that is all for today, come back tomorrow for more! 

Venue: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach | Planning & Design: The Marigold Company | Floral & Decor: The Poppy Studio | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Janet | Catering: My Dosa Place | DJ: Special Occasions LA | Baraat Horse: Doubletree Carriages | Cinematography: Lin & Jirsa Photography | Draping/Styling: Bridal By Nisha | Lighting: Special Occasions LA | In-House Coordinator: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach | Priest: Narsimha | Photography: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Columbus, OH Styled Photoshoot by 3DM Photography

Hello, beautiful ladies!! We are glad to be back because we have a fabulous photoshoot for your today! If you are planning to have your wedding next wedding season, Inniswood Garden is the place to go. Just take a look at the gallery below and picture yourself saying "I do" surrounded by this natural setting overflowing with beauty and greenery. It will be a dream come true! We know from experience that brides always want to feel comfortable while still looking fashionable, so Designer Dream Collection is the way to go! Their fashion and jewelry designs are fantastic, and you will find the perfect combo that will make you look like Royalty. Shraddha Malandkar did the glamorous makeup and hair for all the models and Makeup By Ananya complemented the looks for anjali phougat with beautiful makeup and hair styling. Simply breathtaking! And in case you were wondering who is the mastermind behind such a fantastic and inspiring styled photoshoot, it is none other than Anjali Phougat. And after seeing her excellent work during this entire event, there is no doubt why she is well known for making dreamy weddings come to life. The event's design was in charge of Designer Dream Collection, and oh boy, they delivered nothing but perfection! Maharanis, if you want to start your wedding with amazement and impressive looks, don't miss the gallery below by 3DM Photography. Every single shot is a cornucopia of beauty and inspiration, and we are sure you are going to love it!

photo #323852
photo #323501
photo #323545
photo #323557
photo #323616
photo #323566
photo #323553
photo #323564
photo #323851
photo #323641
photo #323554

What a great way to start this week, ladies! See you tomorrow for a new and inspiring story.

Venue: Inniswood Garden | Planner of Stylized Shoot: Anjali Phougat | Designer: Designer Dream Collection | Hair & Makeup: Shraddha Malandkar | Makeup: Makeup By Ananya | Bridal Fashions: Designer Dream Collection | Bridal Jewelry: Designer Dream Collection | Bridal Draping/Sari Tying & Styling: Shraddha Malandkar | Photography: 3DM Photography


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