Welcome, sweeties, to a tale woven with love and splendor, encapsulating the enchanting union of Jankee & Nihar. Their wedding, held at the Boston Marriott Quincy, was a fairy tale orchestrated beautifully by Firgun EventsWedding Design's exquisite floral arrangements turned the venue into a blooming paradise. Jankee's allure was perfected by the talented hands of Glam by Hitesha, while intricate mehndi designs by Bridgette Bartlett added an essence of tradition and artistry. The atmosphere buzzed with melodies curated by Premier Entertainment, setting a rhythmic heartbeat to the night. Each moment, each smile, and each tender glance between Jankee & Nihar was immortalized by Park Street Weddings, whose lenses captured the magic in its purest form. We invite you, our dear Maharanis, to lose yourselves in the visual storytelling found in our gallery. Enjoy

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Venue: Boston Marriott Quincy | Planning & Design: Firgun Events | Floral & Decor: Wedding Design | Hair & Makeup: Glam by Hitesha | DJ: Premier Entertainment | Mehndi Artist: Bridgette Bartlett | Photography: Park Street Weddings