Happy Friday, my beloved Maharanis. The last day of the week is here, and an incredible story comes to you to make you fall in love. Reshma & Davide is a young and gorgeous couple who has been together for over eleven years. They have built not only a relationship but the best version of themselves. Maharanis, I think Reshma & Davide's journey will last forever as they move forward to grow in life, and the best part is they do it together. These two high school sweethearts decided to celebrate their love in an intimate yet elegant ceremony at the temple our Maharani has been going to her entire life. The wedding of her dreams became a reality, along with lots of memories. I know our couple felt blessed and happy to have all their loved ones near them to help with every detail. Our lovebirds decided to wear burgundy and gold palettes for their big day, and we all can agree that their beauty combined perfectly with the colors they chose. The bridal fashions were in charge of a magnificent team, Manyavar. Traditional yet spectacular was the dress our Maharani wore, and she looked phenomenal. Reshma & Davide wanted to make this day an exceptional one; that is why they decided to call Kleber Basso to record the best moments of their big day, and the result is perfect! A beautiful film was produced to relive the celebration of their love. You know how challenging planning a wedding could be, but Reshma got the inspiration she needed from Maharani Weddings. Now we want to get you all inspired with the best photographs Tammara Jade Media captured during this beautiful event. A spectacular gallery is waiting for you, and I'm sure you will love every image!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Davide and I are highschool sweethearts and met our Junior year! As we started to get to know each other at such a young age I realized that not only were we growing into our own individual selves but we were growing up together and helping each other become the best version of themselves. It was these moments very early on that I think we both knew we were moving forward to grow a life together.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
My favorite part of the wedding preparation was having my mother get me ready for the ceremony which was so personal and meaningful to me. Especially so because I knew that with all of the help we hired for our original wedding, we would not have had this moment.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The moment that replays in my mind is during the Kanya Aagman when the veil finally lowers and we get a glimpse of each other for the first time. The moment our eyes locked and we smiled, I swear time stopped for me for a split second.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
I had spent a full year planning what I thought was going to be the most perfect wedding day of my life, and as real life happened my plans changed…but the wedding I had was more meaningful to me than I could have ever planned. My advice, would be to take some time before jumping into planning to really think about what you and your groom want because it is very easy to get swept away in the grandeur of it all. Also during our planning we worked with great local vendors who really took the time to get to know Davi and I and our story before the day, so I would recommend finding a team that cares about you and telling your story!

That is all for today, my beloved Maharanis. Come back on Monday for more.

Bridal Fashions: Manyavar | Cinematography: Kleber Basso | Photography: Tammara Jade Media