Good morning, Maharanis! It is great to be back to share a new love story with all of you! Today, we will join our two lovebirds Jessica & Parampreet, in their charming wedding festivities, and we are excited because this time, there is not one but two wedding ceremonies that marked the start of a lifetime love story for this sweet couple. Lucky guys! While we were taking a glance at the spectacular shots captured by Jiju Mathew Photography, our heart exploded with joy as every single image is a visual masterpiece that allows us to enjoy the beautiful ceremonies and the elegant and impressive reception! So, let's not wait any longer and get ready to dive into it! We are starting by taking you to the Guru Nanak Sikh Society of Lehigh Valley to enjoy the solemn Sikh wedding ceremony that marked the start of Jessica & Parampreet's everlasting married life. For this installment, Jessica embraced a traditional style donning a red lengha with golden embroidery that made her look flawless. And we cannot stress how much we loved her Maharani style! For the second wedding ceremony, we are taking you to the gardens of the Bear Creek Mountain Resort for you to witness an outdoor Christian wedding ceremony that will surely take your breath away. There were so much beauty and flair surrounding the scene that we don't have enough words to describe it. All we have to say is that it was utter perfection! After both wedding ceremonies, it was time to celebrate this life milestone with a fabulous reception party thoroughly decored by Garden of Eden Florist, and fully animated by DJ Ronak Entertainment. Hands down, it was the best way to bring these wedding festivities to an end! If you want to check more of this lovely couple, don't miss today's full gallery!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We initially met at work but didn't talk to one another.  I made a comment to a co-worker about him, and she tried to get us talking through a messenger system we used at work, but I was too shy and had little to say. One weekend she decided the three of us plus a few other co-workers would go out to a restaurant and bar one night. To make a long story short, she was supposed to pick me up, but made a billion excuses as to why she couldn't, until Param ended up picking me up. She told us she would meet us there. When we got there, she and everyone else was nowhere to be found, phones going straight to voicemail. She set us up and we both fell for it :)
In the beginning, I think is a testament to how strong of a foundation we have created.  We would never break up but did go through bouts of uncertainty (coming from two completely different cultures, and me being kept a secret.  I think I truly knew he was the one, when things were getting a little rocky and I was about to put an end to our relationship (again, uncertainty, I KNEW I wanted a future with him, but he was unsure I guess how he should pursue a future with ME with the religious and cultural differences).  He showed up at my door and we went for a long walk and got ice cream and talked all night.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
We had a family vacation planned to go to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Everything was delayed a ton, due to last minute speeches I had to do and packing that wasn't done.  We had a long drive, got there around 4pm, but still had to unpack and get groceries, etc.  It was around 10pm I think on August 1st 2015, and nothing was open and I was on edge and super hungry.  He insisted we walk and take the long way, over a little bridge, and through the sand on the beach.  I gave him a run for his money, and fought him tooth and nail to NOT go on the beach before we eat.  Needless to say, he persuaded me to get on the beach where he popped the question!  I don't remember if he even got to ask the full question, I just started bawling, I couldn't even see through my tears.
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
We were engaged for four years because we continued to change the date for financial reasons.  We had two ceremonies and one reception.  On Saturday August 17th 2019 we had the Punjabi wedding ceremony and on Sunday August 18th 2019 we had the "American" or "White Dress" ceremony followed by our reception.  The Saturday ceremony was very easy as far as planning goes because all we had to do was book the location, get the catering figured out and a few other small details.  We were both incredibly nervous.  I was not familiar with the ceremony and watched a YouTube video on my way there.  We got through it and it was a very beautiful ceremony.  There was also a renaming ceremony for me, to which I was named Harleen.  Harleen is what his family calls me today.  Some of my friends actually went out and bought suits or saris, my mom, son, brother, and grandmother all went shopping with us in Edison, NJ and got suits of their own!  As far as make-up.... My husband told me NO MAKE UP AT THE GURDWARA! SO I showed up in no make-up, respectably. It turns out family wanted me in make-up so someone else did it for me, unfortunately.  I wish I could have done my own because I look awful (in a full day's worth of pictures, too) but what's done is done, and that doesn't change the fact that our day was special and beautiful no matter what! 
For our "White Dress Wedding" on Sunday, was held at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.  Our ceremony was outside and our reception was indoors.  Bear Creek was nothing short of spectacular on their delivery.  The coordination was seamless and they kept ME on track!  My hair and make-up was done at the salon in the resort.  The make-up and hair was natural, classic, and elegant with a modern flare.  I felt as beautiful as I hoped I would on that day.  We did not have a wedding party so we didn't have to worry about outfits.  Our wedding colors were navy blue, gold, and blush pink.  My immediate family coordinated their outfits to those colors.  I don't know what the theme was, it was really just whatever came to my mind.  One night I had a vision for centerpieces in the middle of a store, and literally started grabbing things and making notes to myself, we went to multiple stores that night to get all the supplies I needed to fulfill my vision.  Originally we were going to have centerpieces done by our florist and in a matter of seconds that changed on a whim to my new idea!!  We had faux flowers and dried flowers combined for centerpieces, my gown was elegant and fully hand beaded... I would say the theme was a mix between boho and just a classic elegant look.  Lots of neutrals with pops of blue, gold, champagne, and blush.  Incredibly difficult to describe, just a bunch of different things that blended so well!
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
My lengha was hands down the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted.  I originally wanted something dark, like maroon, dark blue, or dark purple, with turquoise and red/ orange accents here and there.  What came to be the PERFECT lengha for me was a very classic looks with a lot of gold and was bright reddish orange.  There were six of us and once I put that one on there was no turning back!  As far as my American wedding gown goes, it was just me and my mom when I got it.  I got that gown within a year or so of getting engaged, so I literally held on to it for about 2 or 3 years until I got to wear it!! The beading and intricacy was everything I wanted.  I was so scared weeks leading up to the wedding that I might not have wanted it anymore.... but once I got the gown on for the last fitting I knew it was still the one.
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Picking out the cake, going to the bakery and tasting the different flavors and putting the design of the cake together.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The Dholi FOR SURE!!!! Made the reception a lot more fun and exciting and got everyone on the dance floor.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The open hands part of the ceremony and of course our hand written vows for the ceremony, our entrance dance to our reception.
For events other than your ceremony, please tell us as much as you would like about the decor, style, dances, and all the special details.
Our decor was a mix of boho and elegant with a lot of neutral colors and pops of different colors. I was originally going to use the florist for my center pieces, but i ended up making my own and every single center piece was different and unique. Our entrance dance was one of the most memorable moments of our reception. We practiced on three different occasion a week before the wedding. My husband ended up missing a step but no one noticed because he is a good dancer.
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Don't worry about everything being perfect, if something gets messed up no one will notice except for you. Don't rely solely on Pinterest ideas like his and her signs or wedding favors will people will throw away. Invest your money in something that will last or that you can use after the wedding. We did not do a guest because we had pictures taken with everyone and the guest book will just sit in a box collecting dust over time. Spend your money wisely.
Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
We have 2 french bulldogs and they were incorporated in my Mehndi. I also love Palm trees and I was able to incorporate that into my design as well. I loved my overall design of the Mehndi, it was my first experience with Mehndi and it was very unique to my likes. A word of advice stay away from pool because the chlorine will wear it off very fast. My bouquet was a mixture of different wild flowers and personally selected flowers. It was very full and whimsical.

That is all for today, darlings. Have an awesome weekend and don't forget to join us on Monday for more!
Sikh Ceremony Venue: Guru Nanak Sikh Society of Lehigh Valley | Christian Ceremony Venue: Bear Creek Mountain Resort | Floral & Decor: Garden of Eden Florist | DJ: DJ Ronak Entertainment | Photography: Jiju Mathew Photography