Good morning, darlings! We missed you so much during the weekend, but we are glad to have you back so we can continue enjoying magical and captivating love stories together. And we hope you are ready because today's featured wedding is so enchanting that it seeks like`taken out from a fairytale! There is so much to admire that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have your notebook and pen handy because Sanjana & Harjot's wedding celebration is about to blow your mind with tons of beauty and inspiring ideas. From the vibrant and colorful Sangeet held at The Yellow Chilli Restaurant to the mesmerizing ceremony and luxurious reception, this entire wedding bash was a cornucopia of elegance and traditional flair. And all that we can say is that we are happy beyond words to see this lovely duo fulfill their dream of becoming husband and wife because it is easy to tell that theirs is going to be an everlasting love story! On the day of the Sikh wedding ceremony, the halls of the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Malton mirrored the beauty of our gorgeous Maharani who burst into the room dressed in a traditional but glamorous attire featuring soft-pasteli hues, that made her look like royalty. So much beauty that more than one of the guests dropped a couple of tears of joy when seeing her incommensurable beauty! Once the ceremony concluded, it was time to celebrate the newlyweds in a fabulous reception party hosted at the MGM Banquet Hall, and o boy, this was the best way to bring this magical wedding celebration to an end! All the guests had the time of their lives dancing and tasting the mouth-melting food prepared by The Spice Garden right before having a bite at the marvelous and delicious cake baked by My Field Of Blooms. Hands down, a sweet ending for a sweet and charming love story! If you can't get enough of this lovely couple, don't miss this jaw-dropping gallery and the blockbuster film featured in today's Video Blog. Both are visual masterpieces created by none other than the talented team from Indian Wedding Snap, who delivered nothing but utter perfection in every shot. So, don't think twice and go check them all out!

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What a great way to start the first week of May, isn't it ladies? If you enjoy these types of stories as much as we do, don't forget to join us tomorrow for more!

Sangeet Venue: The Yellow Chilli Restaurant | Ceremony Venue: Sri Guru Singh Sabha Malton | Reception Venue: MGM Banquet Hall | Catering: The Spice Garden | Cake & Treats: My Field Of Blooms | Cinematography: Indian Wedding Snap | Photography: Indian Wedding Snap