Happy Monday, darlings! We hope you have had a marvelous weekend full of inspiring ideas! Today, we are excited to share Nilima & Nate's fusion wedding celebration with you, as we know that is one you are going to love! Seeing two soulmates coming from different backgrounds and traditions, mingle together through love is something we absolutely adore! And that's what we have for you today, so get ready to enjoy it! For this first installment, we'll be taking you inside the halls of the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel so you can take part in the first wedding ceremony that united this lovely pair in marriage. Oh, didn't we mentioned it before? These lucky guys had not one, but two wedding ceremonies! How amazing is that! For the opening wedding ceremony, Nilima burst into the room, looking like a vision of beauty! She slipped into a white bridal gown after having spent some time with Makeup By JHobby, who glamorized her to the brim, praising her innate beauty and giving her that dreamy look we all aspire for our wedding day! So much beauty and so many emotions surrounding this magical moment that it is almost impossible to describe it. Thankfully, Jobst Media was there to capture every moment, and they have shared the fantastic shots with us. If you want to take a peek at those visual masterpieces, make sure to visit today's full gallery! It is worth the while!

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photo #278709
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What a great way to start the week, isn't it ladies? And make sure to stay close as there is still more to come!