Happy Monday, ladies! We hope you have had an awesome weekend! It feels great to be back as we were dying to share today's story with you! So let's not wait any longer and jump right into it! First of all, let us introduce you to our beautiful young couple: Snehal & Sudhir. When these lovebirds decided to unite their lives in marriage, they knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted a big wedding celebration, full of elegance, flair, and tradition, and they nailed it! Just take a look at the beautiful photoshoot they had right before their big wedding ceremony planned and executed by Utsav Planners, Inc. Every single shot captured by Irvin Sidhu Fine Art Photography Studio is an absolute visual delight capable of transmitting tons of emotions and inspiring ideas to us, the viewers! And that, my friends, is a talent available to only a handful of artists! So much beauty and so much charm were present in this outdoor photoshoot, but nothing was quite as mesmerizing as the looks of our lovely Maharani! She was a vision of beauty, and we want to make a big shoutout to Vandana as they were the masterminds behind the fabulous makeup and sleek hairstyle that took her beauty to the next level! For more amazing shots, make sure to visit today's gallery! You'll love it!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We have the world of yoga to thank for allowing us to meet! I have been going to Thrive Hot Yoga in Farmington Hills for many years and became friends with Linda Kay during one of the yoga center's Mexico retreats. Linda's friend, Mara Hoffert, is best friend's with the groom, and mentioned to Linda that he was looking to meet a nice Indian woman. Linda and Mara set us up on our first date and we took it from there! There was no specific moment that led me to know he was "the one." Rather, it was over many special moments that told me that he loved me and I loved him.
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
When we started dating, we liked to go for walks at local parks. On our third date, we decided to go to the Novi Tree Farm and met in the Novi Emagine parking lot before going there together. As we started the walk, Sudhir mentioned that it was getting dark and that maybe we can go on the trail some other time. However, I said we would be okay. Before we knew it, the Tree Farm was completely dark and we got lost! We ended up getting out of the park and then walked toward a bright light. The bright light ended up being the Novi Emagine parking lot where we had left Sudhir's car! As we walked back to Emagine, I was worried that Sudhir would be upset with me since he mentioned the darkness before we started the walk. However, he was very nice about it and I felt so happy not to be yelled at. We ended up sitting on a bench outside of Emagine and shared our first real kiss while talking about what transpired.
When Sudhir was ready to propose, we went to see Free Solo at Emagine and after the movie took a walk to the same bench outside of Emagine. He asked me to recall what happened the last time we were there. Then he got down on one knee and proposed to me on the same spot.
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
We wanted our wedding to be in a central location which could accommodate our guests without having to require transportation to events. We also knew we needed to have an experienced and accomplished wedding planner. My sister-in-law had used Rupali Bedi from Utsav Planners for her wedding and were fortunate to have her available to help plan our wedding.  Rupali and her team recommended the MGM Grand due to its excellent facilities, including large ballroom and spacious hotel rooms. The service provided by the MGM Grand was excellent in all regards! Rupali worked very closely with my mother-in-law and mother to ensure both Gujurati and Konkani styles were incorporated in designing the wedding weekend. We had excellent catering through Mohit Dhawan at Punjab Cuisine in Auburn Hills. Mohit was very easy to work with and able to accommodate any of our requests. We also had great floral designs and centerpieces provided by Christopher and his team at Christopher's Personal Touch in Commerce Township. Rupali and her team did a great job coordinating all of the vendors we used and made sure the venue looked spectacular with many of their authentic Indian items. Our wedding outfits were purchased in India when our families traveled there in the fall. My Sangeeth and bridal makeup was done by Christine Azzo.  My hair styling for the weekend and reception makeup and saree draping was done by Vandana Gupta of The Vandana Beauty Center in Rochester Hills. For the reception, we had a beautiful ice sculpture of a dancing couple by Ice Dreams Sculptures from Plymouth. We had two excellent DJs for the wedding weekend.  DJ Mickey Singh performed at the Sangeeth while DJ Nirmal Pathak led our wedding reception. Finally, we had excellent photography from Irvin Sidhu and videography from Everlasting Moments, both based in Canada.
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Our guests loved how well planned the entire wedding weekend turned out. Everyone appreciated that all the events were at the MGM Grand and did not have to travel back and forth in the city. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food for each event. Punjab Cuisine provided the Indian food and MGM Grand catered some American food and the reception desserts, which were amazing!  Our friends and family also mentioned how everyone was very nice and friendly. Everyone had a great time! My mother-in-law was such a great help and inspiration during the planning of the wedding. She is the main reason everything went so smoothly! My mother and sisters were very supportive throughout this time too.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Our first dance as husband and wife is the moment that I replay in my mind every day.  We spent months choreographing and practicing the dance with our teacher, Fernando Caducio. We executed the dance perfectly during the reception! It was such a special moment for us.

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Planning & Design: Utsav Planners,Inc. | Planning & Design: Utsav Planners,Inc. | Venues: MGM Grand Detroit | Floral & Decor: Christopher & Co. | Hair & Makeup: Vandana | Catering: Punjab Indian Cuisine | DJ: Micky Singh | DJ: DJ Nimz Entertainment | Cake & Treats: MGM Grand Detroit | Cinematography: Everlasting Moments Detroit | Photography: Irvin Sidhu Fine Art Photography Studio