Good Morning, ladies! Pour yourself a hot beverage, grab your notebook, and get ready to enjoy today's stylized photoshoot! For this first installment, we'll be taking you inside the halls of the Willow Heights Mansion at the Live+Love+Léal to take a look at how fantastic you can make your Mehndi photoshoot look like! Christina Raie from Live+Love+Léal planned this stylized photoshoot with impressive attention to detail that got us utterly amazed! A perfect demonstration of how you can use a minimalist decor to create awesome shoots that will make you look splendid. And talking about looks, what about the beauty of this model? Simply breathtaking! But there is no surprise here as she had the best allies to take care of her beauty needs: Mitasha Singh, Shontalee Cruz, Pratixa Shrestha, and the all-famous M-Sutra Bride! And there is no better way to praise a head-turning look like the one we see in this photoshoot than rocking an artistic Mehndi design from Henna Creations by Alapi! In case you were wondering who is the mastermind behind such beautiful shots, it is nonother than MPSingh Photography! The way they portrayed the beauty of this model is fantastic! Regardless if she is on the lovely swing from R&R Event Rentals or sitting on a bench, she looks gorgeous on every shot! And we have more amazing shots in today's gallery, so go check them out!

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photo #263373
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Don't go just yet! This has just begun!

Hair & Makeup: M-Sutra Bride | Hair & Makeup: M-Sutra Bride | Venue: Live+Love+Léal | Planner of Stylized Shoot: Christina Raie from Live+Love+Léal | Decor Designer: R&R Event Rentals | Floral & Decor: Deluxe + Design + Décor | Hair & Makeup: Shontalee Cruz | Hair & Makeup: Pratixa Shrestha | Bridal Fashion: Kalki Fashion | Bridal Fashion: Panihari | Bridal Fashion: Aza Fashions | Bridal Fashion: Bharti’s | Bridal Jewelry: SIA Jewellery | Cake & Treats: Live+Love+Léal | Mehndi Artist: Henna Creations by Alapi | Rentals: R&R Event Rentals | Florist: Sukhy Johal | Garland Necklaces: Nazooq Petals | Photography: MPSingh Photography