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Costa Mujeres, MX Indian Wedding by Ptaufiq Photography


Florham Park, NJ Indian Wedding by Lightyear Studio

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Chantilly, VA Fusion Wedding by Tyler Boye Photography

Experience the captivating story of Camila & Harsh's awe-inspiring wedding! Let's immerse in the fascinating tale amidst the splendor of The Bellevue Conference & Event Center. On Friday, Camila walked down the aisle in a stunning ensemble from Nazranaa, NJ. Then, she transformed into a regal bride on Saturday, adorning herself in the elegant creations by Roya Old TownCamila's bridal journey was a masterpiece, thanks to the talented Hair by Mimi and Malia's Makeup Artistry. Bhavna's Henna & Arts adorned the bride's hands with intricate mehndi designs, symbolizing love. Lucky Events LLC waved their magic wand, transforming the venue into a wonderland of blooms and decor, making every moment feel like a fairytale. The enchanting floral arrangements and exquisite decor supported the couple's love story, creating an ambiance that genuinely felt like a dream. The planning and design by Hitched By TBP ensured that every aspect of this grand celebration ran seamlessly. DJ Shiv, DJ Roel, and MC Joshua Thomas took over, creating a magical atmosphere with everyone on their feet. Tyler Boye Photography captured every candid moment, stolen glance, and heartfelt emotion. Darlings, look at the gallery, where you can relive the magic of this wedding. You will love it!

photo #397215
photo #397203
photo #397172
photo #397196
photo #397176
photo #397179
photo #397211
photo #397132
photo #397118
photo #397214

My loves, this magnificent wedding was such a delight to see. I'll see you tomorrow.

Floral & Decor: Lucky Events | Floral & Decor: Lucky Events | Sangeet Venue: Hilton Washington Dulles Airport | Reception Venue: The Bellevue Conference & Event Center | Planning & Design: Jessica Thorum / Hitched By TBP | Hair & Makeup: Hair by Mimi | Hair & Makeup: Malia's Makeup Artistry | Catering: Mama Tigre | Catering: IndAroma | Catering: Botanero | DJ: DJ Shiv | DJ: DJ Roel | DJ: MC Joshua Thomas (JT) | Baraat: Arshdip | Bridal Fashions: Nazranaa NJ | Bridal Fashions: Elegance by Roya Old Town | Bridal Jewelry: Nazranaa Jewelry | Cake & Treats: Mama Tigre | Cake & Treats: IndAroma | Cinematography: Hitched Productions | Favors: Etsy | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Minted | Lighting: ShiVish Entertainment | Lighting: Bright Consultation Wedding & Events at The Bellevue Conference & Event Center | Live Music: Eddie | Mehndi Artist: Bhavna's Henna & Arts | Transportation: Turo | Transportation: Reston Coach Transportation | Tuxedos: Miguel Wilson Collection | Photographer: Tyler Boye Photography

Phoenix, AZ Indian Wedding by Weddings by Shooting Stars

Sowmya & Madhav's love story is the epitome of friendship blossoming into love. The journey from their first meeting at Case Western Reserve University to becoming life partners is woven with threads of understanding, companionship, and unwavering support. Still, it wasn't until a Thanksgiving Facetime call, alive with laughter and seamless interactions, that illuminated the profound connection between them. It wasn't just Sowmya & Madhav anymore; it was a union waiting to be solemnized.

Juggling the rigors of medical school and wedding planning with the help of Meant 2 Be Events, Sowmya found solace in creating a celebration that was a true reflection of their journey. Every detail, from the vibrant décor to the thematic color schemes, bore the imprint of their love story. Madhav, with his penchant for organization, made the meticulous planning seem like a dance, graceful and in step with Sowmya's creative vision. Together, they weaved magic, turning each aspect of their nuptials into a narrative of love, unity, and celebration.

The wedding celebrated at the Chateau Luxe Phoenix, was not just a union of two souls but a confluence of two families, two journeys, and myriad aspirations. While the dances, the laughter, and the jubilations marked the festivities, it was the silent, profound moments that held the essence. Madhav's tears, as Sowmya, radiant and resplendent, walked down the aisle, marked the transcendence of a love that had grown, matured, and was now ready to step into eternity.

Every moment and every detail of the wedding sang a melody of unity; amidst the lively celebrations, Sowmya & Madhav found their 'home' within each other. Each touch and glance affirmed a silent vow – "Two paths, two souls, one heartbeat!"

Congratulations Sowmya & Madhav!

photo #395612
photo #395606
photo #395582
photo #395684
photo #395586
photo #395696
photo #395688
photo #395689
photo #395682
photo #395697
photo #395619

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
I first met Madhav in college (Case Western Reserve University) as a freshman in January of 2016. We hit it off as friends, and we became each other's confidants: we went to each other for advice, coffee, and honestly venting. It was nice having such a wonderful friend in my life, and our friendship naturally progressed into the next stage a few years later. I am so happy and grateful (I know it’s cliché), but I really do feel like I married my best friend.

I knew he was "The One" when I was Facetiming him during Thanksgiving with my family. To me, family is more important than anything, and I’m extremely close with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. So naturally, whoever I end up with must gel and understand our weird and niche sense of humor. When my cousins jumped on Facetime and started chatting with him, I was literally so shocked because it felt like they had known each other for YEARS. This was the biggest green flag, and honestly, it solidified everything I knew I wanted in a partner. I remember thinking to myself at that moment, “damn, I want this person here every Thanksgiving, not just on Facetime.” I definitely had a ton more “aha” moments after that where I felt the vibes time and time again, but I’ll keep this entry short ;)

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
It happened on October 16, 2021, at the River Walk in Chicago. All my favorite people in the universe coordinated a flash mob for me, and Madhav proposed at the end. It was truly my favorite day until my wedding day naturally took that title. I would describe the whole proposal here, but this video will explain it all. I edited it myself, and it tells the story beautifully <3 My husband went all out for it, and he had my friends and family record little mini vlogs documenting each detail as the day unfolded. I’m super proud of everyone that came together for this wonderful event. 10/10 must watch!!!


Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
Planning my wedding was definitely a challenge that I was prepared for if that makes sense. I knew I wanted the full, big, fat Indian wedding from day 1, so I understood that a lot of work would have to go into it. The number one thing I wanted for my wedding was to feel my creative thumbprint on all the events whenever I looked back on those days. I wanted to feel like I had contributed something. Looking back at our fantastic photos and videos now, I can confidently say I was able to do just that (special shoutout to our incredible photo/video team).

I planned my wedding throughout my 2nd year of medical school, which was challenging but doable. I used it as a good break between studying sessions and found solace in choreographing the dances, picking the décor, and organizing color schemes. Channeling creative energy into each event made the process a lot more fun and less painful in the long run. Sometimes, brides and grooms get so caught up in making all the decisions that they forget to really enjoy the fun stuff. For me, once all the tough choices were made early on in the year (aka the venue, caterer, and hair and makeup), I really enjoyed getting friends and family on board to help out with the process. It brought me a lot closer to my friends today, and I am so thankful for their support throughout the process. Choosing all my vendors was fairly painless, mostly because my lovely husband handled the Excel spreadsheets and cost/budget calculations. Plus, I didn’t have many specifics because I knew whatever I chose would fit with a color scheme and performances that Madhav I felt exemplified our personalities. In the end, I opted for a location that was easy to plan around and vendors that were popular in that area.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
Color was the first thing I picked. I have been obsessed with teal since I was 7, back when it was super “in” and every little girl’s room was that color in 2011 (maybe this was just me and my friends, lol). Once I picked that, my wonderful tailor helped me decide the fabric I wanted. While I was in her cute little shop in Bangalore, I had some downtime waiting around between her clients, so I started sketching some designs. I love to draw, so I drew some figures and design themes that I would love in my eventual lehenga. Sonam Didi was incredible and immediately helped me channel my sketches into something we could incorporate into the lehenga. Both Sonam Didi and her mom, Poonam Aunty, were so respectful and patient; they designed my absolute dream lehenga and bridal sari blouse. I definitely miss them both and can’t thank them enough! !!! Sending so much love to both of you.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I really enjoyed spending time with my fiancée and our friends, trying to figure out how to make it the most entertaining weekend possible. We had one goal – how can we make this the most fun for everyone and keep people entertained? There were definitely some moments where that would not be possible, but hey, we tried super hard. I also loved choreographing the dances and would honestly love to do this for other weddings. Something about making a personalized routine that encapsulates a couple’s vibe. Bringing everyone together is so fun! Also, the honeymoon planning meetings were wonderful. Since I did a good chunk of the creative planning for the wedding, my amazing husband took the lead and literally planned the entire honeymoon with weekly presentations to get my opinion on certain activities, resorts, and locations. When we left the day after our wedding, I was shocked at how much thought and detail he put into each day, and I am so thankful to have him in my life (ew, this is so mushy).

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
It was a tough question since I wasn’t a guest, but I would say from their reactions, I think they really loved the performances and games at our sangeet and reception. Also the food!! They loved the presentation and how there was a good mix of authentic south and north Indian vegetarian dishes. Our caterer did an amazing job and made the food look and taste incredible.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Madhav and I watched a lot of wedding social media moments where the groom cries when the bride enters, to the point where neither of us thought we would... We both were 100% sure we were desensitized to it since we were so prepared and expected it to happen. But sure enough, when I came walking down the aisle with both my parents and saw Madhav crying, I was absolutely stunned and thought to myself, “Wow, here come my tears.” Later, Madhav told me he was so surprised, too, and didn’t realize how special that moment would be to him. The tears were given, so it was something that I replay In my mind and will constantly remember.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Build in time for you and your fiancée to check in with each other during the big wedding week. Madhav and I had so much going on around us that those special 10-minute breaks where it was just the two of us were so calming and special. It reminded us that it was one of the most special times in our lives.

Photography: Weddings by Shooting Stars | Cinematography: Weddings by Shooting Stars | All Events Decor + Floral: Lupe A Garden of Roses | Bridal Hair Dresser: Beenu Govindrao | Bridal Hair Dresser: Makiaj Beauty | Bridesmaids Hair Dresser: Hair by Leslie G | Catering: Crafted Cuisine LLC | Ceremony Venue: Chateau Luxe Phoenix | Day of Wedding Planner: Meant 2 Be Events | Mehndi Artist: Henna by Purvi | Outfit Designer: She Temple Boutique | Photo Booth: AZ Signature 360 Photo Booth | Reception Venue: Chateau Luxe Phoenix | Sangeet Venue: Chateau Luxe Phoenix | Wedding Planning and Design: Sowmya Ravi

ChampionsGate, FL Indian Wedding by Sona Photography

Greetings! We're utterly enchanted to share the magical tale of Rhea and Ashwin's wedded bliss amidst the serene embrace of the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate. Ashwin's baraat was an illustrious narrative with Turo, echoing a royal procession infused with today's dynamic pulse. Every detail, meticulously curated by Signature Weddings & Events Inc., burst with elegance. Nikun Events created a whimsical garden filled with fragrant blossoms, weaving tales of love, old and new, that left the guests in awe. Rhea's beauty was accentuated by the ethereal touch of Michele Renee's The Studio; each brush stroke a sonnet, each hue a musical note of an unfolding ballad. This artistry enhanced her physical grace and a soulful representation of the internal alchemy of love and anticipation that brewed within her. The soul-stirring melodies by DJ Dudha Productions served as a prelude to the joys that awaited them. Sona Photography captured the couple's journey with poetic grace, creating a beautiful tableau vivant. Sona Photography captured the couple's journey with poetic grace. Every click of the shutter immortalized their love with tender artistry. The silent echoes of heartbeats synchronizing were all immortalized with artistry as tender as their love. Enjoy it!

photo #394352
photo #394375
photo #394374
photo #394417
photo #394381
photo #394388
photo #394386
photo #394383
photo #394396
photo #394389
photo #394418
photo #394397

I hope you enjoy this feature. Until next time, stay in love and keep celebrating every heartbeat.

Photography: Sona Photography | Hair & Makeup: Michele Renee The Studio | Ceremony Venue: Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate | Planning & Design: Signature Weddings & Events Inc | Florals / Décor / Draping / Wedding Garlands: Nikun Events | DJ / Baraat / Up Lighting / Dhol: Dudha Productions | Cinematography: Riant Films | Lighting: Encore | Clear Chivairi Chairs for Reception: A Chair Affair | Baraat Car: Turo | Officiant: Bhavin Trivedi

Dearborn, MI Wedding by Rosy & Shaun Wedding Photography

Maharanis, Pooja & Prateek's ethereal union was a harmonious blend of tradition and modern elegance in the enchanting The HenrySky Films and Productions dazzled guests with their masterful cinematography, turning each moment into a timeless visual narrative. They skillfully transformed each capture into a moving piece of art, ensuring that this ethereal union would resonate through time! The esteemed Shastriji of Bharatiya Temple expertly orchestrated the intricate rituals with a touch as gentle as the complex patterns that Pavi Henna Art etched on Pooja's delicate hands. Marigold Wedding Planners coordinated the evening with meticulous precision and a touch of charm, transforming every moment into a timeless memory, etching the joyous celebration into the annals of eternal reminiscence. Pooja's beauty was enhanced by Amanie Mokdad's makeup and Naz Stylez's hairstyling. The melodies spun by the talented DJ Ice & Fresh Productions evoked the vibrant tapestry of emotions interwoven in the intricate dance of their union. They were incredible! Punjab Indian Cuisine indulged guests with an unforgettable culinary experience. Rosy & Shaun Wedding Photography transformed their magical moments into eternal keepsakes. Check out the gallery

photo #393323
photo #393341
photo #393368
photo #393395
photo #393459
photo #393463
photo #393514
photo #393407
photo #393375

We hope you enjoy today's feature, darlings. Cheers to love and the endless possibilities it brings!

DJ: DJ Ice & Fresh Productions | Planning & Design: Marigold Wedding Planners | Cinematography: Sky Films and Productions | Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Henry | Makeup: Amanie Mokdad | Hair: Naz Stylez | Catering: Punjab Indian Cuisine | Baraat Car: Hagerty Driveshare | Cake: Sweet Heather Anne | Mehndi Artist: Pavi Henna Art | Photo Booth: Poppe Fun Entertainment | Pandit Ji: Shastriji Bharatiya Temple | Photography: Rosy & Shaun Wedding Photography

Princeton, NJ Indian Wedding by Lightyear Studio

Hello, darlings! Journey with me through Eshita & Alex's mesmerizing nuptial celebration. Nestled in the grandeur of the Hyatt Regency Princeton, this dreamy union was nothing short of a fairytale. The spacious ballrooms, with their high ceilings draped in shimmering lights, echoed with melodies of happiness, while the meticulously manicured outdoor spaces provided an idyllic setting for intimate moments and photographs. Eshita entered the scene, donning a breathtaking ensemble from Chamee and Palak. She was further enhanced by the magical touch of Cinderella Bridez for her hair and makeup. The finesse of Tum Hi Ho Events in planning and design echoed throughout the venue, seamlessly transitioning into the lavish floral and decor orchestrated by Wedding Design. The ambiance sprouted right out of a love-infused dream. As guests mingled, the tantalizing aromas of delectable dishes catered by Moghul Catering teased their senses, promising a feast fit for royalty. Eshita, radiant and beaming, danced the night away, entranced by the beats of Platinum Roadshow, who ensured that the musical vibes kept everyone on their toes. And capturing every stolen glance, every smile, and every tear of joy was the ever-vigilant team from Lightyear Studio. Enjoy the gallery!

photo #387636
photo #387645
photo #387745
photo #387752
photo #387769
photo #387733
photo #387723
photo #387706
photo #387676
photo #387689

How did you meet your Groom, and when did you know he was "the one"?
I met Alex when I was in college, but it wasn't until after college that we started to date. Honestly, after starting to date Alex, it didn't take me long to realize he was the one though. I can't recall the exact moment, but on one of our dates we were driving down from New Hampshire. I had just had the best weekend of my life, and I looked at Alex and realized that I was happy and he was the reason I was so happy. I wanted that feeling forever.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Alex and I went to a museum in Boston - he wanted to show me a cool view of Boston, and it was a beautiful day. We went onboard a ship there to explore before getting to the view. When that ship was done, Alex forced me to go to another ship to check it out, too. He was acting weird, but I didn't really think much of it. Little did I know that he was trying to get me to follow a specific route to propose. After the second ship, we walked along the water and looked at Boston. When the view came, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Tell us how you went about planning your wedding and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair and makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
I live in Boston, as does Alex, and we are an interracial couple. My family lives down in PA. Knowing we wanted an Indian wedding closer to PA since my family is so much larger than Alex's, we went about trying to find a wedding planner first. We found Hiren and his team at Tum Hi Ho Events, and they were absolutely incredible to work with. From helping us with our vendors to keeping us sane and on track - I truly do not know how we would've planned this wedding without them. Hiren introduced us to a lot of our vendors. The Hyatt Regency Princeton was beautiful, and it was perfect for us as we were looking for a venue to have our wedding and also host all our guests coming from Boston. Moghul Caterers were incredible - we had so many guests come up to us after and talk about the food. We were also very impressed with the choices they had and how we were able to adapt certain pieces to better fit our tastes. Cinderella Bridez was fun to work with. Not only were they extremely organized, they made everyone feel beautiful, and it was fun to make videos while waiting for parts of the day. It kept the event less stressful and fun. My bridal outfits were from Chamee and Palak - I actually had to ask for a few customizations, including my blouses, which they were very accommodating about. I never went to India, and instead, I took my measurements from Boston and sent videos so they could confirm that I was doing it correctly. All of my outfits fit perfectly, which is amazing. Mortantra was great to work with as well for my wedding jewelry. We went through the outfits and what I wanted via WhatsApp, and I was able to find pieces that fit my vision. I didn't really keep a full theme for the wedding; however, I wanted the reception to feel more of a closer/romantic vibe. I was inspired by a bar in Disney World that I went to, where it was a library theme based on Beauty and the Beast. I used that inspiration to pick the decor for the night and our outfits. Ravi at Wedding Design Decor was amazing to work with and provided advice while also helping me get to my vision. Part of the vision was also the bridal party outfits and the groom's outfit. Ishan, from Rivesse, helped Alex pick his outfits, and they were stunning. This was Alex's first time with Indian clothes, and he had such a good time trying them on and customizing them with Ishan. Ishan also helped us in designing the groomsmen outfits, and Bhavika, from Shaanti, created these beautiful and versatile bridesmaid outfits. A lot of thought went into all this, and the finishes turned out perfectly in all the photos and videos Lightyear Studios captured. We had so much fun working with Nathan and his team during the entire day. It was funny and creative, and I felt comfortable with the team instead of feeling like I was posing constantly. They knew what they were doing, and it really showed. Finally, the Platinum Roadshow brought a fun time throughout the day. The baraat was epic, and the reception dance floor never stopped. We were truly blessed to have worked with such an outstanding team.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Do you have a favorite color in mind?
I really wanted to have a red bridal lengha. It is traditional from an Indian standpoint, but also red is a very lucky color for my in-laws as well. I was also very particular about the red being a brighter red to stand out because I loved how it looked with gold and my skin. It was special for me to wear a color that represented both of our cultures, and I was thankful to find something that fit all my requirements.

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I really enjoyed meeting the people on the teams I worked with. I have a lot of appreciation and respect for people who love what they do, and I felt like I was learning something new every day. Wedding planning is hard - you want to make the day special for you and your significant other, but also respect your family, your budget, and the visions you had for yourself. When you meet people who really want to help you do this, it makes the process a whole lot better and enjoyable.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
The food was a hit for all of our guests by far - even months later, the guests keep bringing it up and how they have never had food like that before. Considering the amount of different ethnicities at this wedding, I am so happy everyone was so satisfied.

Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
During the reception, our same-day edit started to play. I'm not sure why, but at that moment, it felt like everything about the wedding and the wedding planning process came together. I had this moment of clarity like, "Wow, this really happened," and as we watched the video, we went through so many emotions together. It was beautiful and full of happiness and love. Watching this process during the reception and seeing your partner is something that is really hard to describe in words. I realized that this was my life and that there was so much joy and love in it - it really hit home.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
For any bride-to-be, organization, frequent walks, and patience are your best friends. But really, the best decision (outside of picking your husband) that you can make is picking a team of vendors that you can trust and want to have as part of your day. I know I wouldn't have been able to be so happy during my wedding if I didn't have the team that I did, and I am thankful.

Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed today's story as much as I did. Do not forget to come back for more!

Venues: Hyatt Regency Princeton | Cinematographer & Photographer: Lightyear Studio | Planning & Design: Tum Hi Ho Events | Floral & Decor: Wedding Design | Hair & Makeup: Cinderella Bridez | Catering: Moghul Catering | DJs: Platinum Roadshow | Bridal Fashions: Chamee and Palak | Bridal Jewelry: Mortantra


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