Hi there, beauty queens! We are wrapping up Sanjana & Roshan's wedding festivities by joining them at the elegant and luxurious reception party held inside the halls of the Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest. And as it could not be otherwise, this reception party followed the line of amazingness that characterized this entire wedding celebration. When Sanjana & Roshan started planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to bring their wedding festivities to an end with a flourish! To make that happened, they decided to bring the fantastic team of Marigold Wedding Planners on board to take care of the planning, design, and decor of this gala! And what a great decision it was! The color palette, the beautiful floral arrangements, and the detail placement of all ornaments was a winning combination that resulted in a fabulous reception party! All of the guests had a great time, and enjoyed the delicious cake and treats that Sweet Dreams Bakery prepared for this wedding reception! We wish we have had a bit as well, as the cake looks so delicious that our mouth is melting! In between dances, and sweet treats this night was coming to an end. And we can't stop thinking, how lucky these two are to have crossed their ways. There is no doubt that they are soulmates meant to live an everlasting love story. If you want to relive every moment of this wedding celebration, you cannot miss the gallery that we have prepared for today! The good friends from Killer Creations Photography and Cinematography shared their talent with us, to create a fantastic compilation that will leave you speechless, so go check it out!

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We hope you have a great weekend full of love and inspiration. And remember to tune in next week: same place, same time!