Planning the perfect modern Indian wedding requires an understanding of how all the small decisions add up to shaping how the attendees will remember the event for years to come. One of the most important of the “small” decisions you will have to make is in determining which set of Indian wedding DJs to use.

This decision is not to be taken lightly – for it directly impacts how well the Indian wedding venue will be viewed by attendees and what even the most talented of Indian wedding planners can do to make your wedding match your dreams.

Here are three ways you can make certain that your wedding will have the wedding DJ it needs – guaranteed.

Get a Sample Playlist

Determining what will be playing is essential for figuring out how to tackle everything else. Some couples even start with the music, basing their wedding theme around a favorite song or band. When it comes to finding the perfect DJ, having an understanding as to what is possible is key for guaranteeing that what is played meshes finely with the theme you have chosen for your special day.

Sit down with the artist and ask what music he typically plays at modern Indian weddings. Negotiate from there to create a perfect list, taking home the initial draft to see for yourself whether or not all the songs pair well.

An experienced DJ will be willing to guide you to the best songs, mentioning pieces that you may have missed out on otherwise. It is this willingness to help you expand your musical palate that will set the regular DJ out from the perfect musical artist.

Attend a Performance

A good playlist only goes so far. How the DJ acts during the event can make all the difference between an elegant evening and one that leaves your guests irked. Avoid this issue by fishing for an invitation to an event that the DJ will be performing at.

Now – this doesn’t mean you will have to go to a stranger’s wedding. Most DJs perform at a wide variety of events, ranging from open mic night at a comedy club to birthday parties. All it takes is one quick appearance to determine the level of professionality the potential artist will bring to your event.

See What Artists the DJ Knows

One of the greatest ways to determine if a DJ can help you with your wedding reception is to see whether or not he is aware of the sort of music you require. Have a frank discussion about your favorite singers and bands, taking the time to cover everything that you want to see covered.

The ideal DJ will have a wide range of experience with music from a diverse array of cultures. Listen to his advice to discover the perfect songs to include in the wedding day playlist. Music can serve to bridge cultures and generations, making it essential that you find the perfect songs to include for all the celebrations surrounding your nuptials.

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