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At Maharani Weddings, we believe that every bride deserves the fairytale wedding of her dreams! Here at MaharaniWeddings.com you will find glittering seeds of inspiration for every aspect of your upcoming wedding. In addition to profiling some of the most spectacular Indian weddings from around the globe through interviews, pictures, and videos, we also hand-pick and share a list of the best Indian wedding vendors in our Maharani Weddings Platinum Guide. From event planners to photographers, dj's, florists, cinematographers, makeup artists, mehndi artists, you name it... you’ll find connections to every resource you could ever need for all your wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

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Five Ways to Make Certain Your Caterer Is the Right One for Your Modern Indian Wedding

No modern Indian wedding plan is complete without choosing the perfect Indian caters to supply the meals, snacks, and drinks to your friends and family on your special day. A wedding caterer provides the glue that binds all the events surrounding your wedding together. As such – it is essential that you approach this topic with great care. Here are five tips for making certain that your wedding has the caterer it needs in order to go down as a success.

Many Happy References

Experienced caterers will, by definition, have worked with hundreds of clients over the course of years. This should make it easy to figure out which one will work best for your nuptials – just ask for references.

Speak with prior clients to determine the quality of the services provided, and gain insight as to which recipes worked best. Who knows – you may discover the perfect dish to include in your wedding in one of these calls!

Just make certain to extend the same courtesy to future couples. A simple, honest, review from you can do wonders in helping make others’ wedding planning adventures go smoothly.

Exceptional Flexibility

Not every recipe has to be from a world-famous wedding. Sometimes it is your favorite treat from childhood that deserves a place at the table. Skilled caterers will be willing to incorporate your family recipes into the meal plan, making adding the special touch your wedding needs as easy as handing over a recipe card.

Good Recipes from Around the World

The dishes don’t have to be from New Delhi in order to amaze your guests. The best wedding caterers have on hand recipes from around the globe, making it possible to build meal plans that simultaneously tackle dietary issues, preferences, and wedding themes without breaking a swat (or your bank).

The decision as to the dishes you want is best made after deciding upon the wedding theme. This crucial piece of information will help direct your search for the perfect caterer – and the recipes that he brings to the table.

Food Safety Certification

Cooking and serving food for hundreds of people requires greater care than preparing dinner for a small family. Numerous industry groups have formed over the years to ensure that their members have the skills and education needed to safely tackle such challenges.

Check to see what certification the prospective wedding caterer posses. Just seeing the certificate isn’t enough – research the issuing body to ensure that it is fully legitimate. A simple phone call can help you plan your wedding dinner with confidence!

Experience with Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are larger, more complex, and filled with more joy than any other marriage ceremony in the modern world. A caterer needs to have experience in tackling the unique challenges posed with keeping hundreds of people fed, especially considering the numerous dietary differences that comes with large gatherings.

You can avoid dealing with the “growing pains” that comes with new experience by limiting your search to catering groups that have worked with Indian weddings in the past.

Discover the Perfect Indian Wedding Caterer Today

There are numerous Indian caterers located throughout the nation. Sorting through them doesn’t have to be a monumental challenge – when you use the online vendor guide provided by the friendly team at MaharaniWeddings.com.

It is our mission to make planning your wedding an easy and enjoyable experience. Visit our online guide today to see how simple it is to find qualified help with everything from choosing the venue to finding a DJ – or even the caterer!

Wedding Tips

Three Ways You Can Make Certain Your Indian Wedding DJ Is Perfect

Planning the perfect modern Indian wedding requires an understanding of how all the small decisions add up to shaping how the attendees will remember the event for years to come. One of the most important of the “small” decisions you will have to make is in determining which set of Indian wedding DJs to use.

This decision is not to be taken lightly – for it directly impacts how well the Indian wedding venue will be viewed by attendees and what even the most talented of Indian wedding planners can do to make your wedding match your dreams.

Here are three ways you can make certain that your wedding will have the wedding DJ it needs – guaranteed.

Get a Sample Playlist

Determining what will be playing is essential for figuring out how to tackle everything else. Some couples even start with the music, basing their wedding theme around a favorite song or band. When it comes to finding the perfect DJ, having an understanding as to what is possible is key for guaranteeing that what is played meshes finely with the theme you have chosen for your special day.

Sit down with the artist and ask what music he typically plays at modern Indian weddings. Negotiate from there to create a perfect list, taking home the initial draft to see for yourself whether or not all the songs pair well.

An experienced DJ will be willing to guide you to the best songs, mentioning pieces that you may have missed out on otherwise. It is this willingness to help you expand your musical palate that will set the regular DJ out from the perfect musical artist.

Attend a Performance

A good playlist only goes so far. How the DJ acts during the event can make all the difference between an elegant evening and one that leaves your guests irked. Avoid this issue by fishing for an invitation to an event that the DJ will be performing at.

Now – this doesn’t mean you will have to go to a stranger’s wedding. Most DJs perform at a wide variety of events, ranging from open mic night at a comedy club to birthday parties. All it takes is one quick appearance to determine the level of professionality the potential artist will bring to your event.

See What Artists the DJ Knows

One of the greatest ways to determine if a DJ can help you with your wedding reception is to see whether or not he is aware of the sort of music you require. Have a frank discussion about your favorite singers and bands, taking the time to cover everything that you want to see covered.

The ideal DJ will have a wide range of experience with music from a diverse array of cultures. Listen to his advice to discover the perfect songs to include in the wedding day playlist. Music can serve to bridge cultures and generations, making it essential that you find the perfect songs to include for all the celebrations surrounding your nuptials.

Visit Our Online Vendor Guide Today

At MaharaniWeddings.com it is our goal to provide you with access to the best Indian wedding DJs, through the use of our innovative online vendor guide. Our team works around the clock to guarantee that every vendor – be it an experienced Indian wedding planner or the largest Indian wedding venue, has been thoroughly vetted and is ready to help you plan your wedding. 

Wedding Tips

Why Getting Event Insurance Should Be an Essential Part of Planning Your Wedding

Life happens. That simple statement covers everything from being called up for jury duty to having a tree fall on your house. Why should you expect your wedding to be immune to this simple fact? Planning a wedding involves plotting out several interconnecting events, all building up to the actual ceremony and the honeymoon beyond. Anything can happen during that time – from storms to political developments – making it necessary to either cancel or radically change your wedding plans. That is where Indian wedding event insurance steps in to provide financial coverage when you need it most.

Here are some tips that help you decide if you need to get wedding insurance before speaking to an Indian wedding travel concierge.

Protects Against Liability Issues

Accidents happen, as do the resultant lawsuits. Protect yourself from them by taking the time to obtain an insurance policy dedicated specifically to the event.

How is this different than the umbrella policy many families carry nowadays? Well, by intentionally relegating the risk to a separate policy you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that in the event of an unfortunate accident you will not be forced to tap your last lines of fiscal defense.

Depending upon your actual policy, it may be necessary to obtain a dedicated event insurance contract before the umbrella policy can even help. Speak with your insurance agent to determine if getting event insurance is a smart move for your unique situation.

Provides Financial Coverage for Unexpected Plan Changes

There are few things more annoying than arriving at your destination only to find that a tornado had moved the venue to the next county. Especially when the move renders the venue unsuitable for a wedding.

That is when event insurance can step in to help make things right – quickly. With the help of both your insurance agent and your wedding planner, a substitute venue can be found and put into service quickly. While it won’t completely fix the problem – it will help make certain that your special day isn’t ruined by a nasty storm!

Helps You Sleep at Night

There are few things more troublesome than having to fret about money – especially when the lack thereof poses a systemic risk to your plans. Having event insurance will protect you from situations where unexpected problems (as long as they are covered) suddenly balloon the costs well beyond what you were willing to pay.

Speak with an experienced wedding planner to determine which specific parts of your wedding need to be covered. A small investment now will help guarantee that financial calamity will not strike your special day.

Get Help Planning Your Wedding Today

Planning your wedding should not open yourself up to financial risk. Discuss finding the right Indian wedding event insurance plan when you sit down to speak with a highly experienced wedding travel concierge. At MaharaniWeddings.com, it is our mission to provide you with access to the best modern Indian wedding vendors available.

We do this by providing you with the finest online vendor guide available worldwide. Our team diligently seeks out only the finest vendors that can help you tackle every aspect of your wedding from choosing the perfect Indian wedding travel concierge to identifying the ideal venue for your nuptials.

Wedding Tips

Five Tips for Finding the Best Indian Wedding Decorators

Discovering the finest Indian wedding decorators does not have to be an exercise in futility. There are many ways you can ensure that finding the perfect wedding decorator will be a pleasurable experience for you, your spouse, and your family. Here are five tips for making certain that you find the right decorator to bring out the finest features of the Indian wedding venue you choose to hold your wedding ceremony in.

Read Online Reviews

This is the first thing you should do whenever you have the opportunity to choose a new vendor, regardless of the purpose. Online reviews give people the opportunity to openly discuss things they may not feel comfortable revealing in a face-to-face chat, highlighting challenges that you may not even know exists.

Just remember to take the reviews with a grain of salt. It is human nature to spend more time complaining than complimenting.

Speak with a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is something you get better at with practice. As such, it makes sense to turn to those that do it every day for expert advice as to what you need to focus on, and who to choose.

Make a point to ask the planner what his experience is with sourcing vendors at the start – knowing how much help you can expect can make the difference between having the support you need and being left to your own devices when it comes time to find the perfect Indian wedding decorator.

Review Samples

Like with many things in life – especially wedding planning – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes time to select a wedding planner, take the time to ask for numerous samples from all. It is best to see the results that come from planning weddings with different themes.

Make certain that the samples come in both picture and video form – alongside descriptions as to what the client requested. Seeing the plan and the implementation together will make it vastly easier to see if the prospective decorator has the talent and experience needed to take your wedding theme dream and turn it into a reality.

Speak with a Venue Director

Wedding venues see hundreds of decorators cross their doors every year. The directors will, obviously, notice which decorators are capable of tackling the most difficult of wedding themes. Take advantage of this experience by asking which decorators they would recommend to you.

Just make certain that you exercise due diligence if you go this route. Consider this an opportunity to narrow the field – not completely eliminate the need to search. Review samples, get quotes and speak with prior clients.

Try Out the Decorator

The average wedding decorator often provides their services for a wide variety of different events. If possible, use this to your advantage by having the decorator work with you on a party or special occasion. This will give you hands-on experience with tackling every detail of planning a special gathering without the stress that comes with a wedding ceremony.

Discover the Best Indian Wedding Decorators Today

Finding the perfect wedding decorator is never been easier. MaharaniWeddings.com provides you with access to a comprehensive online vendor guide that makes it easy to find the best Indian wedding decorators.

It is our mission to make it as easy as possible to plan and host the wedding of your dreams. Our online vendor guide connects you to everything you need from the perfect Indian wedding venue to the most experienced wedding planners around. Browse our online guide today to get started, or contact a member of our team if you have any questions. Enjoying the wedding of your dreams as never been so easy! Get started today!

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Five Reasons Why You Should Turn to a Wedding Travel Concierge When Planning Your Reception

Need help discovering the freshest Indian reception ideas for your big day? Why not turn to an experienced Indian wedding travel concierge to see if hosting your wedding reception in an exotic locale may help make your nuptials a cherished event that will be discussed by your loved ones for years to come. Here are five reasons why turning to a travel concierge can help minimize the stress that comes with planning and hosting a wedding with hundreds of guests – regardless of where you say, “I do”!

Local Access to Experts

You are going to need help with everything from transportation to catering. A wedding travel concierge has access to the most highly rated experts at your destination – making it easy to find the best people possible to tackle every detail.

Think about it this way – why would a wedding planner in Los Angeles know about venues in Hawaii?

Better Deals

You can do a lot of legwork planning a modern wedding from the comfort of your couch. However, to find the best deals you need to know the right people to contact. That is where a wedding travel concierge comes in. He will be able to quickly find you the best deal, factoring in your desires, timelines, and budget.

The sooner you find a travel concierge, the more he can do on your behalf. Need to find accommodations for several hundred people? Try to reach out at least six months, if not a year, in advance.

Better Information Regarding the Locale

For all the blathering that meteorologists say on the television about four seasons, it can be taken as a universal truth that there are actually only two: construction and non-construction. Your concierge will be able to inform you as to when it would be best to plan your wedding, in order to avoid the headaches that come with bringing in hundreds of people right when the main streets are being repaved.

Start off the conversation by asking, explicitly, when you shouldn’t plan to host an Indian wedding at the destination. The rest of the conversation should flow naturally from there.

Help Getting Permits

Red tape is what separates an orderly town and a rowdy destination filled with constant gridlock and pollution. A wedding travel concierge can help you identify the permits you need in order to post every element of your party without interfering with the daily lives of the local residents.

For instance, you may be required to obtain permits for large animals if you wish to integrate horses or elephants. Boats may require licensing, as may helicopters. Regardless of what you wish to include in your wedding, there is a process involved in making sure everything is handled safely and legally.

Provide Support for Local Customs

Planning a large reception requires an understanding of how the local population will view the gathering, and how best to integrate the convergence of all your friends and loved ones together without raising the local populations' ire. By obtaining the services of a wedding travel concierge you will be able to identify potential pitfalls and plan around them with ease.

For instance, if your destination observes a traditional siesta then it may be wise to schedule most travel during this time in order to minimize the impact on traffic.

Find the Perfect Wedding Travel Concierge Today

Turn to MaharaniWeddings.com and discover how easy it is to find the perfect Indian wedding travel concierge. It is our mission to provide you with access to the most highly regarded vendors capable of turning even the most unique of Indian reception ideas into a reality that will be discussed for years to come.

Our vendor guide provides you with access to the most experienced and well-vouched vendors serving couples seeking to host the most amazing modern Indian wedding. Turn to us to make finding the help you need a simple and enjoyable experience!

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