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How to Know the Wedding Trends by Consulting Indian Wedding Resources for Fashion

Do you want to have the finest wedding of the social year? All it takes is understanding what the current trends are and being flexible enough to integrate them with the cherished traditions expected by your family and friends. Here are some of the finest Indian wedding resources for fashion you can turn to when figuring out what the upcoming trends are!

Wed Me Good

Want to discover some of the finest articles on modern Indian weddings? Wed Me Good is the premier launching point for many people seeking Indian wedding resources for fashion design, be they are brides and grooms or seasoned wedding planners.

We personally use this site when we are looking for inspiration on upcoming trends and heartedly recommend it for people seeking a good place to draw inspiration from when starting planning their wedding. Just make certain that you bring your ideas to an experienced wedding planner to discover how best to turn your dreams into reality!

Weddings Online

Want to know what is going on in the Indian wedding scene? This site provides a wealth of information about what is coming into, and out of, season throughout India. This site connects future couples with resources on everything from suppliers and venue hosts to competitions on innovative ways to make certain that your wedding is unique.

While it is directed mainly to people still living in India, its wealth of information will prove exceptionally valuable as you go throughout the wedding planning process. Make certain to visit this site often to discover the latest articles full of tips that will be a blast to read!

Witty Vows

Want an inside scoop on the upcoming trends in Indian wedding fashion? Witty Vows brings you articles and more from experienced wedding planners. From them, you will learn what is going on in real weddings in real time.

You can use this information to quickly get a jump on other wedding planners. Someone ordering in a helicopter? Turn to a speedboat. Someone going to travel in by train? Why seems like a lovely day to drop in via parachute.

This goes well beyond transportation, of course. Everything from clothing designs to color themes is discussed, making this the source you can turn to before selecting a wedding planner.

The Knot

Look to The Knot when it is time to start planning on tying the knot. From selecting a venue to choosing the right lehenga design, this site provides you with a wealth of information that is second to none. For instance, this link takes you straight into an article covering lighting options for your wedding.

Not the first thing you think of when considering fashion, though an essential part of any competent wedding plan. After all, you can look stunning, but it will be all for nothing if no one can see you or your spouse exchange your vows.

Planning your wedding starts with a single decision – what you will be wearing. Everything else is just a continuation of this line of thought, thus it is essential that you turn to the best resources on wedding fashion and event planning available. When it comes down to it, they are one and the same.

Contact Us Today

At MaharaniWeddings.com it is our mission to provide you with the finest support in your quest to plan the perfect Indian wedding. As a part of our mission, we strive to offer the finest Indian wedding resources for fashion possible. Contact a member of our team today to see what other resources we have available. Our team has the experience and the connections needed to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch!

Wedding Tips

How to Choose the Best Option When It Comes to Indian Wedding Transportation

There are a few things you will remember more fondly about your wedding day than the moment you arrive at the ceremony and see your bride waiting. Share how important this special moment is with your guests by finding the finest Indian wedding transportation option possible. At MaharaniWeddings.com we have the experience and dedication needed to help you find the right transportation company and method. All you need is the desire to find the transportation solution perfect for you! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Speak with Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will have ample experience in helping other Indian couples figure out the perfect form of transportation to use during their weddings. See what typically works best in your community and use that to inform your decision about what will be considered the best possible option.

After all, the last thing you need is to pick something that will guarantee that you will be late to your own wedding. Unless you wish to make a statement about time, though few will probably appreciate the means which you had chosen to make it!

Ask for Suggestions from Your Family

Statistically speaking, you are not the first couple in your family that had decided to get married. Speak to your parents, aunts, and uncles, and grandparents to see what they chose for their wedding. Not only will this give you an idea as to what they expect, it will present you with the opportunity to potentially continue a cherished family tradition.

For instance, there have been times where families all have ridden horses. You can use this piece of information to not only decide on the form of transportation but which venue you will use to host the ceremony. After all, the last thing you want to do is be ticketed for taking a horse into a (strange as it may sound) designated horse-free zone!

Talk with Each Other About Your Favorite Things

Very few people have never daydreamed about their wedding day. Have an honest and frank discussion about what each of you wants in a wedding and use that to create a plan. You may be amazed to discover things about each other that will inform everything from the color choices to where to spend your honeymoon – so use this simple discussion as a springboard to building a long and happy life together!

Do a Web Search for Other Local Indian Weddings

Look up other Indian weddings that have taken place in your community to see what has been done before. After all, one of the most common things inherent to many modern Indian weddings is a desire to stand out as unique. Five couples rode in on elephants? Change that up and take a helicopter. Too many planes in the sky? Take a boat.

This is your wedding, and thus your opportunity to truly stick out from the pack and make a unique statement about the love you and your spouse-to-be share. Don’t be afraid to pick something unusual – after all, you will only get married this once!

Work with Experienced Professionals Today

At MaharaniWeddings.com it is our mission to help you make certain your Indian wedding is the talking point of the social year. Our team members have the connections with planners, vendors, and service providers needed to ensure that everything is handled properly. Speak with a member of our team today to discover how easy it is to handle things like finding the perfect Indian wedding transportation can be!

Wedding Tips

Indian Wedding Photo Booths That are Trending This Year

Selfies are great for many special occasions, though in a crowded and busy wedding they can be problematic. That is where photo booths come in – providing a safe and fun spot to take photos without upsetting other wedding guests. At MaharaniWeddings.com we have the experience needed to help you find the perfect Indian wedding photo booths. Here are some of the highest trending options we have encountered so far in 2018.

Graffiti Filled

Want to allow your wedding guests to add a special message in their photos? Allow them to write messages on the backdrop for the booth. This will result in many people going back multiple times, to take new photos as the wall fills with loving messages as the night goes on. It can even be taken to multiple events, making it possible to collects notes throughout the entire wedding process.

A fringe benefit of this is the fact that you will be able to keep the backdrop afterward. It will be an extra present, a sign of support as you start your lives as a married couple.

Bring the Scenery Inside

Did you decide to have a destination wedding at a tropical locale? Or high up in the mountains? Make your photobooth represent this by choosing a backdrop and props that bring in the best elements of the environment inside. For instance, have a small boat parked near the camera with seats inside for weddings set on a tropical island.

Or you can have mountaineering gear tacked on the wall if you are in the mountains. Those are just some examples… Speak with locales and your wedding planner for more ideas. It is amazing at how easy it is to create a custom photo booth that will keep people coming back for more!

Highlight the Social Media Aspect of the Photobooth

You and everyone around you know that your wedding will be shared on social media. Why not take it up a notch by providing a prop themed like a social media post? Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook booths can be made available so that your guests can take pictures for the platform of their choice.

This is guaranteed to get a laugh and convince people to dart between photobooths taking as many pictures as possible.

“Frame” Your Pictures

We have all seen those props at tourist destinations – stick your head in and have someone take a picture of you “lifting” a whale or some other silliness. You can do something similar here by providing a wall filled with open-framed spots where people can simply stick their head in and shoot a quick photo.

This will enable them to enjoy framed photos on the device of their choice – a luxury increasingly rare as the number of photos taken begin to dwarf those printed out and stuck on a wall.

You can even bring in your guests on designing this photobooth. Ask for donations of frames that have not been used in some time, or to lend you cherished frames that normally hold old pictures of loved ones long since passed on.

Doing this will enable you to bring in an old tradition with the latest in technology and social conventions.

Reach Out Today

Reach out to a member of the MaharaniWeddings.com team today to discover which Indian wedding photo booth will be best for your upcoming nuptials. We stand alone as the premier provider of quality assistance when planning and hosting Indian weddings. From the vehicles used to find the perfect Indian wedding photo booths, we are ready to make certain that your special days go perfectly. Contact Us to learn more and get started today.

Wedding Tips

4 Types of Indian Engagement Rings to “Die For”

Finding the perfect engagement ring should not feel like an insurmountable task. With the right help, discovering the perfect ring is as simple as a friendly and honest chat. Here are four types of Indian engagement rings you can use as starting points for your conversation.

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

This cut design has been around for nearly thirty years and can be found on the fingers of major celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. Starting with a simple square design, it branches out with cropped corners to add a sense of depth that is second to none.

This is perfect for those seeking a ring that is guaranteed to stand out in the years to come and be passed down to your children and grandchildren. The design is not tied to any period and since it is the stones themselves that are custom, they can be repurposed in other rings and pieces of jewelry. Thus – when you select this style you are choosing to create a true family heirloom.

Stone-Less Flat Bands

Want to avoid the issues that come with diamonds and other rare stones? Tired of having to replace chipped pieces or constantly be asked if you vetted the source? Flat banded wedding rings provide you with the opportunity to enjoy elegant, modern designs without having to sacrifice style.

Plus, the fact that they are much harder to break than traditional, stone-studded, rings is a factor that you cannot overlook.

This design is perfect for modern couples who wish to embrace the traditional wedding ring without being sucked into the history surrounding the traditional ring. You can enjoy an elegant piece of jewelry without being forced to make a statement every time you shake someone’s hand!

Colored-Gem Rings

Not every ring has to be sparkling clear. Use colored stones to add a touch of class that can match your wedding theme perfectly. The one thing you have to be on the lookout for is finding replacement stones. Since these are non-traditional, it can be a challenge finding a jeweler with the right materials to replace any missing pieces.

Many couples that go this route will invest in a variety of replacement stones that they store in a safety deposit box. It may add to the expense now, however, it will guarantee that a missing stone doesn’t result in a cross-country tour just to get it fixed!

Platinum Rings

Want something to show that you value the future you will be spending with your spouse above all else? Platinum is one of the most valuable metals on Earth, dwarfing gold and silver. Thus, it has become the ring material of choice for couples that wish to truly make a statement with their wedding rings.

There is just one thing to bear in mind – platinum is prone to scratches. They can be easily buffed out, though it is still a good idea to learn how to take care of these rings before deciding to purchase a set.

Contact Us Today

Modern Indian engagement rings often mix traditional Indian traditions with modern Western designs, giving rise to an eclectic selection that is a marvel to behold. At MaharaniWeddings.com it is our mission to provide you with the resources needed to make your wedding a success – the first part of which is the engagement and wedding ring set. Turn to us for help in selecting the right ring for your marriage, reflecting both your communities and individual histories in a way that shows love, respect, and harmony for all.

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5 Useful Tips for Hiring a Makeup Artist for Your Modern Indian Wedding

Finding the right makeup artist for a modern Indian wedding shouldn’t be an overbearing ordeal. Here are five tips to help you discover the perfect artist that has the experience and training needed to help you look your best, guaranteed.

Speak with an Experienced Wedding Planner

Experienced wedding planners often have years of experience working with seasoned makeup artists. Thus, they are often your best resource when reaching someone best qualified to help you look your best on your special day.

Feel free to reach out to multiple planners as you get started – after all, they will be helping you with nearly every decision regarding your wedding. The information they provide at this stage can often inform you about how they will approach your entire wedding.

See Examples of Prior Work

Many happy brides will permit makeup artists to share videos and pictures of their work. Ask to see recent pictures and videos to judge the quality for yourself.

Doing this will help separate those just starting out from those with genuine real-world experience. However, it is essential that you do not discount prospective artists because they do not have any on hand. Give them time to collect a sample of their work to share with you. Many artists prefer to keep their work confidential, thus a bit of caution is to be expected.

Have a “Sample” Run

Commission a sample makeover to see how well you and the artist can get along. Many makeup artists will gladly schedule you a makeover in the weeks running up to your wedding. While it may seem a bit of an expense up front, the results will inform you as to which artist you should choose for your big day.

Just make certain to have your decision ready well in advance! A good artist is in high demand and may require months of advance notice to guarantee that he or she is available for your wedding.

Chat with Other Brides

Ask for references from prospective makeup artists after your initial meeting. There are plenty of reasons for this, ranging from getting tips about excellent hairstyles to identifying potential issues that you need to address up front.

If you take this route it is essential that you be willing to do the same for future brides. After all, paying it forward is one of the hallmarks of polite society and will help those that follow enjoy the services provided by the finest makeup artists available.

Read Online Reviews

This is a tricky one, due to a combination of the numerous review sites available and the disposition of the average online reviewer. In short, you risk walking into the weeds and hearing nothing but foul things that may not accurately reflect the skills and experience of a prospective makeup artist.

Use these reviews, however, to formulate basic questions to ask when you arrive. Both good reviews and bad may showcase possibilities for your makeover that you would not have considered otherwise. Like with talking to a bride, make a point of leaving a review of your own afterward to help future couples find the right artist for their perfect day.

Learn More Today

Planning a modern Indian wedding involves thousands of details – all with the exact same level of importance. Don’t let the little ones take up too much of your time. Contact us today to discover how we can help you select the perfect makeup artist so that you can concentrate on the larger pieces to the marriage ceremony puzzle. Remember – at MaharaniWeddings.com it is our mission to help make certain that your special day goes perfectly, guaranteed.

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