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Springfield, IL Indian Fusion Wedding by Lauren Westrich Photography


Miami, FL Indian Wedding by Michael J. Scott Productions

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At Maharani Weddings, we believe that every bride deserves the fairytale wedding of her dreams! Here at MaharaniWeddings.com you will find glittering seeds of inspiration for every aspect of your upcoming wedding. In addition to profiling some of the most spectacular Indian weddings from around the globe through interviews, pictures, and videos, we also hand-pick and share a list of the best Indian wedding vendors in our Maharani Weddings Platinum Guide. From event planners to photographers, dj's, florists, cinematographers, makeup artists, mehndi artists, you name it... you’ll find connections to every resource you could ever need for all your wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

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Agoura Hills, CA Indian Fusion Wedding by Eliza Jane Photography

Welcome back, ladies! We are happy you could join us at Elizabeth & Randeep's wedding reception! We know that it has been a day full of emotions and beautiful ceremonies, and we want you to have some fun at this reception party, so let's head off to the gardens of the Brookview Ranch to enjoy this wedding reception! As soon as you step in, you will notice that the lovely and peaceful natural environment was beautifully enhanced with the multicolored floral arrangements that FlowerShop818 created for this event. They were simply amazing! Definitely, this was the most perfect scenario to host the event that will conclude the wedding activities. This reception was a rollercoaster of emotions that combined an incredible atmosphere with emotional speeches that made our lovebirds drop a couple of tears of happiness and gratitude. After this emotive moment, the reception transitioned into a party thanks to the amazing talent of Vox DJs. They were major contributors to take this event to the next level and played the perfect melodies to liven up this reception. This was a great reception that we wish didn't have to come to an end, however, you can always be transported back to it, by taking a look at the gallery that we have prepared for you. But before you go, don't forget to take a piece of the delicious cake that SusieCakes prepared for this event. You are going to love it! 

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cake,details,indian bride,venue
maharani,venue,details,indian bride
guests,venue,details,indian bride
maharani,venue,details,indian bride
indian bride,indian groom,maharani,venue

We hope you have enjoyed this celebration of love! Have a great weekend, and we see you on Monday for more! 

Hindu Ceremony Venue: Malibu Hindu Temple | Mexican Catholic/Jewish Ceremony Venue: Brookview Ranch | Reception Venue: Brookview Ranch | Planning & Design: Haley Simon Events | Floral & Decor: FlowerShop818 | Catering: LA Roots Catering | DJ: Vox DJs | Cake & Treats: SusieCakes | Cinematography: LaJoy Photography | Tuxedos: TopMan | Photography: Eliza Jane Photography

New Orleans, LA Indian Wedding by Brenda & Tim Sison

Hello, Maharanis! It is great to be back with a new love story for you. Today, we will bring you an insight into the colorful and captivating wedding celebration of our lovely couple Shreya & Neal. For this first installment, we will be joining Shreya at her traditional Mehndi ceremony. As you can tell by the incredible shots taken by Brenda & Tim Sison Photography, Shreya looked ravishing on her dual color lehenga that was draped and tied by Mandap Creations. This breathtaking look was beautifully complemented with the delicate makeup and hairstyle that Glam on Location LLC created for this pre-wedding celebration. This was a fun night full of vibrant colors that evidenced all the skills, talent and expertise of Henna by Mehwish as all the guests witnessed the delicate and beautiful Mehendi design that was carefully applied to our lovely Shreya. And after taking a peek to the final artwork, we are speechless. It is impressive! The color combination, the magical atmosphere, and the smiles created a memorable moment for this pre-wedding ceremony that we are loving so much. So, get ready to take a peek to the full gallery and join us on this love story!

photo #235604
photo #235629
photo #235610
photo #235611
photo #235630
photo #235607
photo #235613

This colorful pre-wedding ceremony is just the preamble for what is yet to come! Stay close if you don't want to miss any detail of this colorful celebration of love. 

DJ: Nachle DJ Entertainment | Lighting: Nachle DJ Entertainment | Baraat: Nachle DJ Entertainment | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport Hotel | Sangeet Venue: Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport Hotel | Planning & Design: The Story Book Events | Floral & Decor: Mandap Creations | Hair & Makeup: Glam on Location LLC | Catering: India's Baton Rouge | Cake & Treats: Chez Pierre French Bakery & Cafe | Cinematography: Montoto Productions | Draping/Styling: Mandap Creations | Mehndi Artist: Henna by Mehwish | Photography: Brenda & Tim Sison Photography

Ontario, CA Indian Wedding by Peter Nguyen Studio

Good Morning, Maharanis! It is a pleasure to bring you an insight into the wedding celebration of Purvi & Vishal. This is an event that you are definitely going to love! To start, we wanted to make you feel part of the fun-loving and colorful Garba that was held at the imposing DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Ontario Airport. We are blown away by the decoration and the colors that B Unique & Elegant selected for this event and how well they complement each other to create a captivating, romantic and fun atmosphere. However, it was the presence, love, and joy of Purvi & Vishal that stole the scene. Our beautiful Maharani wore an elegant and stylish teal lengha with golden accents that matched perfectly with the attire chosen by Vishal. And you know how much we love when we see the couples wearing matching outfits! And what about the impressive makeup and hairstyle that Purvi was rocking. She looks breathtaking thanks to the stylish and exquisite makeup selection by Bridal By Nisha. The nude colors combined with the refined and classy hairstyle enhanced the delicate and natural beauty of our lovely Maharani and makes her look like a goddess. And if you were thinking that the photos were already amazing on their own, wait until you take a look at the film created by Peter Nguyen Studio feature on our Video Blog, it is the perfect complement for this top of the line session. So, get ready to enjoy this colorful gallery that we have prepared or you. You are going to love it!

maharani,venue,details,indian bride
indian wedding,decor,venue,maharani
bride,groom,maharani,indian wedding
details,venue,decor,indian wedding
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raja,venue,details,indian bride
indian wedding,details,maharani,venue
groom,venue,details,indian bride
How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We were introduced to each other by his sister. He got my phone number and we talked for 7 hours that night. The next day he booked a flight out to meet me and from that connection from our first date, we knew it was meant to be. 
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Vishal told me he was on call at the hospital so I would not call him and my best friend, Tamanna, told me she needed girl time so she wanted to hang out with me and do brunch in the morning. Vishal then took a late night flight out to California and spent the night at a hotel in Orange County. In the morning, he bought flowers and laid them out in the shape of a heart on Crystal Cove beach. My friend then took me to the brunch spot on the beach and I see Vishal out of the corner of my eye next to big heart shaped flower petals on the sand. I immediately curse him out and walk towards him. He asks me to marry him. My parents and other friend are on the side videotaping everything.
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
My best friend, Tamanna, helped a lot throughout the process. She is very organized and made me excel spreadsheets to help guide me through the process. 
The Venue has never done a full on indian wedding and they kept changing things they said they would do originally. Would not recommend Doubletree Ontario.
Hair and Makeup: LuLu was great and very professional, she was always on time and does great work
Outfits: I loved all my outfits, they were all from India and my foi helped do last minute alterations
Decor: This took the most amount of time, I spent a lot of time picking colors and centerpieces. Everything turned out well.
DJ: Krish from FusionSounds was amazing and did an amazing job with lighting, dhol, and DJ. He played all the music my husband loved. I would recommend him to everyone. 
Food: Mantra catered garba and reception, Sumit is very professional and gave great food and service. Swaminarayan mandir did the wedding, the food was good but they increased their price last minute during the event without letting us know.
Photography: would not recommend Peter Nguyen. His team was great, but he himself gets distracted very easily and you have to actively tell him what photos to take. He did not get any pictures of the food and during the events instead of taking photos, he was wandering around. His team members though are very focused and captured the best photos. He also promised to give us our video by March 27 and documentary edit by May 4 and still have not received anything.
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I went shopping in India and had my foi and cousins help me. We went to several shops and I had red in my mind. It was very hard to shop in India, but I ended up falling in love with a red wine colored lehenga. As soon as my cousins saw it on me, they instantly said this was the one. It did take a couple days to find it and I almost settled on another one. 
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
Spending time with family for the different parts of the process. I got to spend lots of time with my cousins from India, who I rarely get to see because they are so far away. 
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
They loved the entertainment at the reception and the food from Mantra during garba and reception.
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
Our first dance, we recreated the Hero No. 1 song Sona kitna Sona and had the original music video playing on the projector.
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Pick the better vendors with the better reviews.
We have more of this lovely wedding for you. Join us on our next post, to attend the traditional and solemn wedding ceremony. You don't want to miss it! 
DJ: Fusion Sounds | Hair & Makeup: Dolled up by Lulu | Photography: Peter Nguyen Studio | Hair & Makeup: Bridal By Nisha | Cinematography: Peter Nguyen Studio | Sangeet Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Ontario Airport | Ceremony & Reception Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Ontario Airport | Planning & Design: Nika Events | Decor: B Unique & Elegant | Catering: Mantra Indian Cuisine | Photo Booth: The PhotoBooth Guy

Whippany, NJ Indian Wedding by Raj Sarma Photography

Good day Maharanis, we are back with Bhavita & Sumved! This time we will transport you into the vibrant and fabulous ceremony that was hosted on the beautiful gardens of the Birchwood Manor. The majestic view and the colorful design done by Events by Sparkles gave life to the perfect plot for this lovebirds to share their love and to start this journey of a lifetime together. Every single shot that was captured by the lens of Raj Sarma Photography reflects how vivid, joyful and memorable this ceremony was. Not to mention that they were able to capture all the beauty of our lovely couple. A beauty that was highlighted in Bhavita thanks to the stylish and elegant hair and makeup done by Beautiful Brides by Vesta. If you want to take a peek to this love story and put a smile on your face, don't hesitate to visit our gallery. You are going to be amazed! 

photo #230641
photo #230636
photo #230643
photo #230660
photo #230645
photo #230654
photo #230647
photo #230656
photo #231033

I'm sure that you are loving this story and want to hear more about it. So don't worry, there is more to come!

Hair & Makeup: Beautiful Brides by Vesta | Cinematography: Raj Sarma Photography | Photography: Raj Sarma Photography | Ceremony Venue: Birchwood Manor | Reception Venue: Birchwood Manor | Planning & Design: Events by Sparkles | Floral & Decor: Ratna Shilpa Talluru | Mehndi Catering: Lombardi Pizza Truck | Wedding/Reception Catering: Chef Gaurav Anand | DJ: DJ Karan Verma | Mehndi Artist: Anjum

Whippany, NJ Indian Wedding by Raj Sarma Photography

Happy Monday, Maharanis! We are starting this week with Bhavita's & Sumved's love story. If the amazing cinematography by Raj Sarma Photography previously featured in our Films Blog delighted you, now you are going to be blown away with this new post! Get ready because we will walk you through the insights of this colorful and vibrant event. Just by taking a glance at this marvelous photoshoot, you will have a smile on your face as the love and happiness of this sweet couple is contagious. The lovely Bhavita looks breathtaking thanks to the exceptional work done by Beautiful Brides by Vesta. The delicate color selection on the shades and makeup enlighted the natural beauty of the bride and were the perfect complement for this outdoor photoshoot that took place on the marvelous gardens of the Birchwood Manor, a perfect place for a memorable event. If you want to take a closer look into this love story, head into our gallery. You are going to love it!  

photo #231031
photo #230667
photo #230669
photo #230673
photo #231032
photo #230668
photo #230675
photo #230674
photo #230670

Remember, the wedding spree just started, so stay tuned for more! 

Hair & Makeup: Beautiful Brides by Vesta | Cinematography: Raj Sarma Photography | Photography: Raj Sarma Photography | Ceremony Venue: Birchwood Manor | Reception Venue: Birchwood Manor | Planning & Design: Events by Sparkles | Floral & Decor: Ratna Shilpa Talluru | Mehndi Catering: Lombardi Pizza Truck | Wedding/Reception Catering: Chef Gaurav Anand / | DJ: DJ Karan Verma | Mehndi Artist: Anjum


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