Planning a modern Indian wedding shouldn’t be a time sink. After all, modern couples are constantly busy building professional, social, and personal lives. Who has the time to worry about every little detail? Destination weddings provide you with the opportunity to eliminate much of the legwork involved in wedding planning while also guaranteeing an excellent experience for all involved. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of having a destination wedding.

Speak with a Travel Agent

One of the greatest ways to get started is by speaking with those with the most experience in setting up destination weddings – travel agents. While they are fewer on the ground than in times past, those that do remain are able to do so because they specialize in arrangements you won’t get through a plan ticket website.

Speak with a couple of agents about who they would recommend to help you in setting up a destination wedding. You may be surprised to discover that the perfect event planner located down the street can help you figure out all the details with great ease!

Ask Your Friends and Family Members

Speak with your friends and family members to discover who else has already hosted or attended a destination wedding. They will probably be glad to point you in the direction of someone that can help you select a destination and handle all of the issues surrounding planning such an event. After all, while you are eliminating a great deal of the stress there are still plenty of options you have to consider.

Especially once it sinks in that everyone, including you and your spouse, will have to make transportation arrangements!

Speak with an Experienced Wedding Planner

Wedding planners have the hands-on expertise to help organize the perfect modern Indian wedding. Regardless if you are hosting it at a local hotel or clear across the world, the first stop you should make is to a wedding planner’s office.

Even if you wind up going elsewhere, the questions and suggestions you receive will help inform your decision and guarantee that your wedding day goes perfectly!

Professional wedding planners have the experience and dedication needed to help you get the most out of your wedding. Thus, it is a good idea to have one locally that can help deal with the preliminary details (including finding one at the destination) in order to guarantee that the planning process is done properly.

Speak with Destination Hotels Directly

Popular resorts and hotels entertain wedding parties throughout the year. They have experience with the vendors and wedding planners and will gladly help you figure out the best people to approach. If they are not helpful, take it as a sign and go elsewhere.

Why should you risk them being unhelpful to your wedding planner when it comes time to make the reservations?

If they are helpful, you will discover options that you may never have considered. Take for instance transportation. They may only advertise road access, though if you ask you may discover that there is a nearby marina that can be used by rented boats.

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Planning the perfect modern Indian wedding should not be an insurmountable challenge. At we take pride in helping couples find the resources they need to plan the perfect modern Indian wedding. We have found that destination weddings offer couples a great experience while removing a large chunk of the stress that comes with handling the logistics of a large ceremony. Contact Us today to discover how we can help you organize a modern Indian wedding today.

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