Determining which of the many Indian wedding lighting options to choose can be a monumental challenge for even the most diligent of brides or grooms. You have to be an expert photographer, landscape developer, and host to appreciate how something as simple as a LED light can completely change how a room is viewed. We have collected an assortment of lighting options to help you determine which option will be right for you. Which one is your favorite?

Twinkling Lights

Want to bring the joy of lighting bugs or stars in evening sky into your wedding? Turn to twinkling lights to bring the beauty of these ephemeral sources of light to your guests without having to run the project by an electrician before getting started!

These lights work best as accent pieces, with more traditional light sources being used in places where it is vital that the guests can see every detail. For instance, where you and your spouse are exchanging vows.

LED Bulbs

Want to make certain that everything is well lit without having the venue host experience a heart attack over the light bill? Use LED bulbs to enjoy a well-lit environment while using environmentally friendly technology that will tell your guests you value efficiency and the future of the environment.

These bulbs work everywhere. There are models that can be integrated into smart systems, making it easy to create scenes perfect for everything from arriving to shooing the final guests out at the end of the night.

Stage Lights

Want to guarantee that not a single shadow is present when you tie the knot? Use bright stage lights to make certain that everything is well lit without fail. It is a good idea to use softer lights on spots where people will be spending a decent chunk of time. After all, you do not want the one thing they all remember to be the blinding headache they received while waiting for you to arrive.

Speak with a wedding planner about where to best put these lights for the best possible impact. Many things go into the ideal placement, from the time of day to how long you will be underneath them. After all – they are called “paint melting nuisances” by many in the entertainment industry for a very good reason!


Perfect for situations where you want to create a tight-knit, intimate, environment. For instance, at the reception after the initial toasts, the overhead lights can be dimmed so that tea lights provide a majority of the available light.

This will not only calm down the crowd but give you an opportunity to slip away to tackle clothing changes and what-not if needed. After all, if they can’t see you slip away it is like you never left.


Similar to tea-lights, though best used in situations where there are fewer people and can easily extinguish them. It is best to use them outside and always have a couple of glasses of water nearby. Doing so will add a lovely touch to your wedding while also ensuring the safety of yourself and your guests. After all – a knocked over candle is one thing. The wedding gazebo going up in flames is something else entirely!

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