Selfies are great for many special occasions, though in a crowded and busy wedding they can be problematic. That is where photo booths come in – providing a safe and fun spot to take photos without upsetting other wedding guests. At we have the experience needed to help you find the perfect Indian wedding photo booths. Here are some of the highest trending options we have encountered so far in 2018.

Graffiti Filled

Want to allow your wedding guests to add a special message in their photos? Allow them to write messages on the backdrop for the booth. This will result in many people going back multiple times, to take new photos as the wall fills with loving messages as the night goes on. It can even be taken to multiple events, making it possible to collects notes throughout the entire wedding process.

A fringe benefit of this is the fact that you will be able to keep the backdrop afterward. It will be an extra present, a sign of support as you start your lives as a married couple.

Bring the Scenery Inside

Did you decide to have a destination wedding at a tropical locale? Or high up in the mountains? Make your photobooth represent this by choosing a backdrop and props that bring in the best elements of the environment inside. For instance, have a small boat parked near the camera with seats inside for weddings set on a tropical island.

Or you can have mountaineering gear tacked on the wall if you are in the mountains. Those are just some examples… Speak with locales and your wedding planner for more ideas. It is amazing at how easy it is to create a custom photo booth that will keep people coming back for more!

Highlight the Social Media Aspect of the Photobooth

You and everyone around you know that your wedding will be shared on social media. Why not take it up a notch by providing a prop themed like a social media post? Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook booths can be made available so that your guests can take pictures for the platform of their choice.

This is guaranteed to get a laugh and convince people to dart between photobooths taking as many pictures as possible.

“Frame” Your Pictures

We have all seen those props at tourist destinations – stick your head in and have someone take a picture of you “lifting” a whale or some other silliness. You can do something similar here by providing a wall filled with open-framed spots where people can simply stick their head in and shoot a quick photo.

This will enable them to enjoy framed photos on the device of their choice – a luxury increasingly rare as the number of photos taken begin to dwarf those printed out and stuck on a wall.

You can even bring in your guests on designing this photobooth. Ask for donations of frames that have not been used in some time, or to lend you cherished frames that normally hold old pictures of loved ones long since passed on.

Doing this will enable you to bring in an old tradition with the latest in technology and social conventions.

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