Searching for the perfect outfit ideas for an Indian wedding? Brides worldwide are constantly looking for interesting ways to put their personal touch on their special day by wearing the most amazing dresses possible. Here are four outfit ideas there are certain to inspire you as you determine what custom ensemble will be perfect for your special day.


A fundamental component of both modern and traditional Indian weddings is the desire to help the young couple attract luck and ward off “evil” throughout all the celebrations and ceremonies. Haldi, known to westerners as turmeric, is used to both give the couple a delightful “glow” and to ward off evil forces.

This bright color can be easily paired with nearly every pattern and muted shade imaginable, making it an easy way to start planning your wedding ensemble and color theme.


The Sangeet event is held at night, making the colors darker and bluer. Use this as a springboard for your wedding by incorporating themes like the night sky or deep ocean into your wedding.

This simple choice can help you stand out from the rest of the weddings being held this season by creating a marked contrast to what most people expect. Of course, this works best if you are willing to go all out when planning the wedding ceremony and follow up reception. Speak with an experienced wedding planner to see how darker colors can add a splash of elegance to your big day!

Cocktail Party Wear

For couples bridging cultures, this presents an opportunity to incorporate colors and themes typically found in western events into your otherwise “traditional” Indian wedding. Some popular colors to consider include champagne, oyster white, or delicate pink. These are common at high-end cocktail parties and can be easily “ported” to your wedding with ease.

All it takes is an amazing event planner and tailor to craft the finest lehenga design imaginable. Especially if you are thinking of including non-traditional ceremonies to your wedding plans. After all, you are bringing together family and friends with experience in cultures from around the world. Why not celebrate this diversity by making it easy for them to attend functions they are familiar with, while wearing clothing that they view as stylish? A simple color choice on your part can open more doors than you can imagine!

Peacock Blue

Peacock blue is simultaneously one of the most iconic shades of blue and one most suitable for pairing with nearly any color on the spectrum. It can be paired with even the most complex of jewelry designs to help create a look that stands out from the rest!

For those seeking to add a bit of tradition to a modern wedding, this enables you to quickly connect the past with the future.

With regards to the chosen venue, peacock blue pairs beautifully with locations famed for clear skies. If you are having a destination wedding in an area famed for its crystal blue skies, you should definitely give this color a consideration!

Start Cleaning Your Custom Lahenga Today

Designing the finest lehenga can be a fun challenge for even the most inexperienced of clothing designers. Once you have found a selection of outfit ideas for an Indian wedding turn to an experienced wedding consultant who can help you find the perfect clothing designer. Reach out to our team today to discover the finest consultants. At is our mission to provide you with access to all the resources you need to guarantee that your wedding is an elegant affair that will be remembered for years to come!

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