There are few moments more memorable in a modern Indian wedding than the bride and groom arriving at the ceremony. Make certain that your wedding is one to remember by choosing the finest Indian wedding transportation method possible. Here are five ideas that you can use when planning your own special entrance!

By Train

This works best if you live in an area with a great deal of light rail or can reserve a train platform. A popular fan of the Harry Potter series, arriving by train can be a magical experience second to none. For the well-experienced wedding conductor, arranging everything is as simple as pulling an air horn. Hop aboard for such amenities as dining car pre-wedding photos, conductor priests, and a custom toot to let your guests know that you have arrived!

A Luxury Car

This is perfect for situations in which animals or public transportation-like solutions are out of the question. A favorite for the fiscally well off, a luxury (or antique) car can bring in automotive aficionados from around the world seeking a glimpse of something unlike any other.

Jump behind the wheel and speed into your lives as a married couple today! All you need is a keen eye for style and a wedding planner with the experience needed to find you the perfect car!

Gallop in on a Horse-Drawn Carriage

There are few things more classic in western weddings than horses and horse-drawn carriages. As such, this is a perfect option for those seeking to merge Western elements into their wedding. While not as flamboyant as some other Indian wedding transportation methods, it is a classy and fun way to make an appearance!

There are many companies in cities throughout [State] that offer horse-drawn carriages. One of our skilled associates can help you pick the right one to help you gallop into your marriage in style.

Take a Humble Stroll

You have spent a great deal of time making certain that your wedding is the epitome of class and style. Why not turn the tables when you walk down the aisle?

A simple walk will give your attendees the opportunity to look at your dress and suit. Imagine it – stepping under the tarps covering your outdoor wedding, a gentle breeze bringing the gentle scent of lilies and roses on the air… It is the true symbol of starting your marriage from a position of love, equality, and trust.

Stand Above the Rest on an Elephant

What is the one thing westerners say, without fail, when they are asked to describe a traditional Indian wedding? Elephants.

Such things go hand and hand with the common imagination, making it even more surprising when you actually choose to go this route with your own wedding. Imagine it – you have highlighted the latest, most modern, designs and technology throughout all the parties and celebrations only to go the complete opposite direction when you arrive to say “I do.”

It is a guaranteed way to grab everyone’s attention, even if your elephant behaves and doesn’t trumpet his horn upon spotting all your family and friend!


Get Started Today

At it is our mission to help you handle all of the details that goes into planning the perfect Indian wedding. Speak with a member of our team today to see how our wedding vendor guide can make your Indian wedding transportation dreams a reality. After all – why waste time calling companies at random when you can turn to the source with the most experience in finding the most luxurious and custom transportation methods imaginable?

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