Finding the perfect outfit to wear at an Indian wedding is one of the most fun problems to have. Indian weddings are filled to the rim with beautifully designed dresses made with a wide variety of fabrics and in nearly every conceivable color. Here are six possible outfits you can use as inspiration when facing the mind-boggling question, “What should I wear to an Indian wedding?”

Something Simply Blue

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This fetching dress shows that it is possible to look amazing without being uncomfortable. This blue dress, paired with the brown leggings, is perfect for warm weather.


Celebrate Nature’s Greenery

Indian weddings often highlights nature. Showcase this by wearing an elegant lime-green dress. It is a perfect way to look amazing while supporting the couple!


Anarkali Suit

This traditional outfit is the perfect companion to even the most complex of Henna tattoos. It is a must-have dress for any woman attending an Indian wedding this year!


Kurta Suit

This elegant suit is perfect for any man wishing to make a respectful statement at the next Indian cultural event he is invited to. For weddings, this outfit symbolizes tradition at its finest.


A Dash of Yellow Perfect for a Sunny Wedding

This dashing yellow suit is perfect for weddings held during colder weather. Its long sleeves and thicker material protect against the chill while providing the wearer plenty of fabric to customize with unique patterns and symbols. For men, this can be a close second to the women-only Henna tattoo!


A Western Suit

Western clothing has rapidly become acceptable to wear during Indian weddings. This is perfect for the cash-strapped wedding guest, or those simply without enough free time to expand his wardrobe. Just make certain to wear something that is wedding-appropriate and avoid the color red. That color is reserved for the bride!

Finding the perfect outfit to wear to an Indian wedding should not be something to be scared of. Instead, it is the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty behind Indian customs and clothing. Discover how the perfect Sari can help you look amazing - and learn how it can add a special extra to your daily wardrobe.

As with anything connected with an Indian wedding, reach out to the newlyweds if you have any questions. A simple heads up may provide you with the directions you need in order to guarantee that you look your best, and do the couples justice, on their wedding day.

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