Getting married is often considered one of the most special times in a couple’s lives. The celebrations, ceremonies, and time spent with loved ones truly make it a unique experience second to none. The trick is discovering the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony. Here are five things you need to keep in mind when determining which Indian wedding venue is right for you.


Traditional Indian weddings are massive affairs that brings in family and friends from around the world. As such, it is essential that you select a venue large enough to accommodate everyone. Here are some of the variables you need to keep in mind when selecting the perfect Indian wedding venue:

Close to Major Roads

Traveling to and from the venue will be a critical component on whether or not people will be able to attend. Check to see how the local roads are - is it an area prone to major traffic jams? How about potholes… Any there big enough to destroy a tire? The last thing you need is for the family to get stuck down the block due to a nasty blown tire!

Appropriate Accommodations for Special Needs

Many facilities are focusing on the needs of the elderly and infirm. Check to see that your venue has things like ramps, ample seating, and rails to make certain that everyone can enjoy your wedding without behind hindered by a handicap. The more handicap-accessible the location the more people can attend.


This is something few people consider when selecting a venue, though it is essential. If there are not enough restroom facilities on the premises for everyone (especially for the parts held outdoors) then the events could be marred by unfortunate life incidents. Make sure the facilities have diaper changing stations for children and are plentiful enough to prevent lines.


Finding the right caterer often leads to determining the location of the venue due to travel distance. After comparing quotes and tasting dishes, see where the winners can easily reach. Use that information to determine which venues to compare when it comes time to make a selection.


Location, location, location. While it is in the middle of the list, is should be at the top of your mind when deciding which Indian wedding venue is right for you. After deciding on the date check with the local government and economic council to determine if anything is going on that might make a specific area problematic to host a wedding. With that in mind, you can avoid “double booking” your wedding with a marathon or a sports convention!

Parking and Valet

A venue that can hold a hundred people but only provides parking for twenty is not a good place to host a large gathering. Figure out how your guests will be traveling to your wedding and account for that when deciding which facility to use. Parking is often an after-thought, however it can be a true nightmare when no one can attend since the nearest free parking spot is in the next neighborhood!


There are good, affordable places to host large gatherings in any community. After determining all the other variables take a look at what is available in your community. Collecting this information not only allows you to pick the most budget friendly option; it also enables you to start a “bidding war” among the venues eager for your business.

Discovering the perfect Indian wedding venue doesn’t have to be a major inconvenience. You will be able to quickly determine which facilities are out of the question well in advance by simply knowing what you need. Take your time and carefully consider each wedding venue - the perfect one is often the last you expect!

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