Our final feature is a beautifully edited film created by the truly talented team from Paul Ortiz Films. It features breathtaking shots taken from the pre-wedding that will capture your attention right off the bat and keep you glued to each and every single detail to come. From the toasts given by family members to the exciting cuts between the bride, Hetal's, walk down the aisle and her and her new hubby, Kailash's reception entrance, every second will tug at your heartstrings in the best way possible. We adore our Indian bride of the hour's wedding lengha, a white and red outfit with three-quarter, sheer sleeves and the perfect gold details, and her pure-as-snow party sari at the post-ceremony soirée. You'll have a difficult time keeping still once the reception gets going and family and friends hit the dance floor for some choreographed fun with the help of Desi Production. We can only imagine the stunning pics the photographers from JSK Photography captured from this celebration!

Maharani Hetal, on meeting the Raja of her dreams, Kailash:

"I met Kailash about 5 years ago through some mutual friends. I can't say that I had an "aha" moment of when I knew Kailash was the one but, he's always been there for me. As cheesy as it sounds, he really has been my best friend and someone I can talk to about anything. He's been the one person I can count on no matter what."

On her wedding style:

"Our wedding style was traditional yet modern. Both Kailash and myself were very hands on with the decorations and how we saw our events. We kept our wedding colors traditional to gold, red, white and added hints of mauve to modernize it a bit. For our reception were really wanted a simple and clean look and decided to go with hues of purple, silver and white. Overall we were really happy with how everything turned out!"

On what she enjoyed most about planning her dream wedding:

"I think what I enjoyed most was how involved Kailash was and being able to plan together. We chose to do all the planning ourselves with the help of our family. I think having everyones help really made the overall process fun and helped make everyone feel more apart of our special day. We would not have been able to pull off our events without them!"

On the search for her perfect wedding lengha:

"It did not take me long to find my lengha once I actually started shopping. My parents had been waiting to take a trip to India just for this special occasion. Before our trip I had looked on Pinterest and other Indian Wedding sites to get some ideas, one thing was for sure-I wanted to stay traditional with a mostly white lengha with deep red and gold. I had shopped at over a dozen stores in Mumbai and on Day 2 I knew I had found the one-fortunately for me and my parents I am a very decisive person with what I want."

On her most memorable wedding moment:

"The most magical moment from our wedding would have to be the moment the antarpat (cloth that partitions the couple) dropped. In that moment, reality finally hit that we were finally getting married and it was really happening."

On her and Raja Kailash's first dance song:

"Our first dance song was 'Ishq Wala Love'. It was a song that came out while we were together and had both instantly fell in love with it; it was only fitting for us to use it for our first dance and Mr. and Mrs."

On her makeup:

"I had already had my event looks in mind and planned. However, my makeup artist really pushed me to try new looks and I was so glad I did! She really listened to what I wanted and I was able to trust her easily which made it easier to be experimental."

On the role that family and friends played:

"We had a lot of family help throughout the wedding events. Most importantly, Kailash's cousins really helped us with our sound and lighting for our events. With their help we were able to completely transform our wedding venue and execute my vision for the special day."

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Photography: JSK Photography | Venue: White Lotus Banquet Hall | Floral & Decor: I Design Events Studio | DJs & Entertainment: Desi Production | Lighting: California Uplighting