Sometimes love is shy, and this is how today's Sunday Sweetheart story begins! Maharani-to-be Simanta and fiancee met a few years ago at a football viewing party, but they only made eyes at each other. It wasn't until after several chance run-ins that these two lovebirds managed to have a real conversation. Three years later, and this couple is getting prepared to take the next step! With Dyuti Majumdar Photography following along, the duo head to the piers for this lovely shoot. These pictures display their fun-loving spirit and casual style -- I love it!
Indian bride and groom take engagement photos
Indian bride to be in her engagement photos.
Indian bride and groom in engagement photo shoot.
Engagement photo shoot ideas for Indian bride and groom fiancees.
Indian bride and groom take engagement photos.
Fusion Indian bride and groom engagement photos. Indian bride and groom engagement photo idea inspiration.
Congrats to Simanta and Brian! For the rest of you Maharanis, make sure to stop by tomorrow when we kick off a brand new week of Indian wedding inspiration!