Lakshmi and Manoj found the ideal locale in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; they knew it was the right place to tie the knot! The couple experienced everything the Dominican Republic had to offer, thanks to  Indian Destination Wedding. The travel concierge experts assisted the pair in creating their perfect Caribbean destination wedding and helped the couple book the fabulous Hard Rock Punta Cana! They put together a vivid open-air Sangeet bash to kick off the wedding spree. It was a big celebration under the stars that included Luau dancers and a fun limbo dance! In addition to the warm string lights, the Sangeet scenery showcased large marquee AMOR (love in Spanish) letters that lit up the venue even more! Lakshmi & Manoj wanted a tropical motif for their ceremony and reception events. They chose a palette of bright colors such as pink, fuchsia, purple blossoms, and green palm leaves that evokes a botanical paradise! Mercaflor recreated the Island's flora inside the Hard Rock Punta Cana's ballroom, and I must confess I love the bridal entry under a bougainvillea Phoolon ki chadar. What a beautiful entrance! While Manoj went classy for his Baraat and entered the cermeony in a vintage car! Premier bridal hair and makeup agency Styling Trio beautified Lakshmi with natural makeup and a classic southern floral Jada hairstyle for her ceremony. She finished the look with an enchanting Radhika Jewelers' jewels set. She was indeed the ultimate Southern Indian Maharani! World-class Indian DJ Mohnish Tandon ensured the wedding reception was a success, playing the best Bollywood beats. While a two-tiered fondant cake adorned with bright florals standing in an acrylic base also decorated with bright blooms and foliage was the final touch to an already tasty menu provided by Pranama! Artistic Punta Cana wedding photographer Photo Cine Art watched Lakshmi and Manoj promise each other a forever together and captured all elements that made this a unique destination union! The decorations, dances, and how all guests had the whole Punta Cana experience! Check our full gallery and unveil all snaps of this charming South Indian wedding in the Dominican Republic.

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Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding | Sangeet Venue: Hard Rock Punta Cana | Ceremony Venue: Hard Rock Punta Cana | Reception Venue: Hard Rock Punta Cana | Floral & Decor: Mercaflor | Hair & Makeup: Styling Trio | Catering: Pranama | DJ: Mohnish Tandon | Bridal Fashions: Santhana Silks | Bridal Fashions: Tijore | Bridal Jewelry: Radhika Jewelers | Cinematography: Photo Cine Art | Live Music: Hots Productions | Photography: Photo Cine Art