There are a zillion decisions to make when planning a wedding, and every Rani wants to be sure that not even the smallest detail is overlooked — especially when it comes to your Maharani style! The "mehndi shot" is a must and a favorite in Indian wedding portraiture, and while we like to imagine how perfect our hair and makeup will be, we mustn't forget those close up shots of our hands and feet! To assist our dreamy brides we rounded up nine of the best nail polishes to wear with bridal mehndi! These shades are absolutely swoon-worthy! Check them out!

From left to right, and top to bottom:

1. OPI's Funny Bunny

This beautiful, pearl white lacquer is perfect for a variety of skin tones and would work well with anything from a red lengha to a white wedding dress! Warning: with such a gorgeous shade, you might find yourself staring at your engagement ring even more!

2. Essie's Topless and Barefoot  

This beachy neutral is anything but boring, and sporting this version of nude would make even Olivia Pope proud!

3. Zoya's Trixie

A silver grey that gets the party started! Imagine how perfect this shimmery shade would look with your reception lengha!

4. Essie's Leading Lady 

A favorite around the office at MW HQ, this sparkly shade is the ultimate red for a dulhan!

5. OPI's Malaga Wine

Timeless classic comes to mind when we envision this Marliyn Monroe of nail polishes. Any season, any lengha, any bride, this shade is sure to shine!

6. Estée Lauder's Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Smashed

This glittery purple is for the Maharani with a bit of edge, so it's no wonder it’s a favorite among celebs like Kendall Jenner!

7. Chanel's Terrana

A brilliant bronze meets a rich, chocolaty brown in this beautiful shade that will bring out the deep color of your bridal mehndi

8. Tom Ford's Nail Laquer in Indian Pink

If it passes Tom’s test, it passes ours! And the name says it all!

9. OPI's Gwen Stefani Collection in "Don't Speak"

Why should the bling stop at your jewelry? And why wouldn't you want an 18K gold top coat? With this luxurious lacquer, you can dazzle to the very tips of your fingers and toes! After all you are the bride!

Did you pick a fave, or two? We're sure that any of these gorgeous nail colors will make you and your mehndi shine!