We get it. Everything about getting married is exciting, and attending a wedding is just as memorable. We all just want to capture and share those moments with others. Whether you're freshly-engaged and itching to post a pic of your new rock on Facebook, or you're a wedding guest gushing about the bride's stunning lengha via Instagram, today we're giving you a rundown on the dos and don'ts of social media etiquette for South Asian weddings — so you can put your best foot forward, and turn those "um, don'ts" into "please, dos"! 

1. First, let's talk about the best way to share your happy news.

So, the Raja of your dreams just popped the question and slipped a sparkly new symbol of his love for you on your ring finger. OMG! Must. Share. Right? Before snapping a pic and blasting the exciting news all over everyone's feeds, think about those closest to you. Parents? Siblings? Besties? We're sure they'd love to be the first to know. Save that post for later and pick up a phone (or text/email if you must...) and break the joyous announcement to them first. One, it's way more memorable, and two, it'll mean a lot to them. Once those individuals have all been notified, feel free to throw your happiness into the rest of our faces! We promise we'll like your picture!

2. Sharing wedding plans

Not everyone will be inviting the entire village, which, let's face it, is great because no one will ever question you about why they haven't received their invitation yet. If you're narrowing down your guest list, and know that there are some folks who may wonder why they weren't invited, it's best to keep your wedding planning off of status updates. Posting things like, "Thanks to everyone who RSVP'd on time" and "Two more weeks until I'm officially Mrs. Patel!", may rub some people the wrong way — that is, if they truly thought you'd be asking them for their mailing address too. Instead, create a private group where you can share updates and notify actual guests about all things related to your Desi dream wedding in the days, weeks, months, years (?), leading up to it. Once you've actually tied the knot, go ahead and post that happy status and those pics. At that point, it's hard for anyone to remain upset because you didn't rub the plans they weren't made part of in their faces.

3. Don't post pictures of lenghas, saris, anarkalis and any other bridal fashion, yet!

Unless you're already celebrating at your reception, you shouldn't show off what you're going to be wearing when you say I do. Other than your family and/or best pals who are helping you in your search for the perfect outfit(s), keep your choices under wraps. Don't spoil the surprise. One, your Raja may accidentally see it, and two, you just answered the question on everyone's mind. There goes the excitement. Bridesmaids, this goes for you too! Don't post images of what the bride is trying on, what she's picked out and don't share what she's selected for you to wear either. Until she's said I do, you don't.

4. Make sure your flash is off around animals at the baraat

The last thing anyone wants is a for a horse to freak out because you're scary flash just went off in its eye, or for an elephant to trumpet in anger and possibly cause a stampede because you made it panic with your new 12 megapixel iPhone camera. Chances are, the animals won't be affected, but definitely be cautious if you're up close to them and avoid using your flash when photographing them directly around their face. You may send the groom flying before his honeymoon.

5. Don't obstruct the photographers' and other guests' views for that shot

Be mindful that, more than likely, the bride and groom have paid good money for a professional photographer to capture the most unforgettable moments from their special day, and that you standing in the middle of the aisle or with your phone held high above your head or stretched out anywhere else, may obstruct a moment that can never be regained. While possibly keeping the photographers from getting that sweet shot, you may also be in the view of other guests who are trying to take in the ceremony or any other special moment. 

6. Let your guests know what you expect from them. It's your day.

If you're particularly private, don't hesitate to request that your guests refrain from posting anything at all from your big day. On the other hand, if you're a social media butterfly, let everyone know your unique hashtag, remind them not to post unflattering images of you and yeah, don't forget to tag. Put up signs with dos and don'ts for all of your guests, especially near any photo booths that come complete with hilarious props.

Makes sense, right? Stick to to these basic rules and everyone will be happier all around!